Surf City Marathon 2014 Results


So, I decided to start my day with a little run at the beach… I got a surprise in the mail from ProCompression yesterday and opened up  these heart compression socks! LOVE. They are on sale tomorrow – stay tuned! I was a little sad that SkinnyRunner is MIA this weekend. Apparently I like having a friend around. So, I was extra excited when my peep Leann shouted at me on … [Read more...]

Skinny Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe


Happy Sunday Today is Super bowl Sunday! I’m going to a party and wanted to bring some delicious guacamole. Buuuuut, my avocados aren’t ripe yet so I had to think fast and improvise. (I was just asked to bring fruit but I’m feeling like an overachiever today.) I love buffalos and I love dip so I thought a Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe would be perfect. I made a healthy … [Read more...]