Post Marathon Super Bowl Feast


Hola! Today has been a little crazy for me. One of the dogs got a cut on his leg and I had to help my brother take him to the vet first thing this morning. He’s a beast and it was a wrestling match to even get him in the door. Then, I had to rush home for a call before heading to a very cool meeting this afternoon (more soon). But yesterday was all about running and … [Read more...]

Motivation Monday–Run It Out


Happy Monday! How are you feeling this week? Well, if you are feeling less-than-amazing I have some motivation for you to keep sweating! First, I was so weirded out by my weird food picture that some of you caught yesterday! I didn’t realize the picture was distorted and had no idea why. Finally I figured out that I took a bunch of pictures after the race because I was a … [Read more...]