Sweet Cinnamon Tortilla Dessert Cups


The other day I was rummaging around the kitchen looking for a treat, but sadly no treats were to be found. Then, I got the idea to make bunuelos – fried tortillas-like disks with cinnamon sugar. Oh yeah. Thennn, I realized frying stuff would make a massive mess and probably result with me getting oil burns on my feet and maybe losing an eyebrow. So, I changed it up to bake … [Read more...]

RER in Runner’s World–Tempo Tuesday


I have something very cool going on for February… I was asked to answer a reader question in Runner’s World magazine! It’s in the February issue which is on stands now (the March issue is out too so check to make sure you have the right one). I’m still taking it easy from the race so I did a few miles to shake out and stretch. But, I do have a great tempo run for ya if you … [Read more...]