The Best DIET News for the Weekend


Are you in ‘weekend mode’ and ready to have some fun? I’m running the Palm Springs Half Marathon – anyone else? Online reg is closed, but you can register at packet pick up if you’re local. Cindy – here I come! So, here’s the big diet news… You can eat treats on the weekend and still lose weight! (Or drink treats if that’s your thing.) A new study in the journal … [Read more...]

Cascadian Farm Protein Bar Giveaway


Happy Friday! I’m very excited for this weekend since I’ll be spending some QT with my best friend Today I want to address the heated LOVE/HATE relationship I have with yoga. I love how yoga makes me feel. I know it’s good for me. But I have a ton of excuses why not to go… - Too far - It’s an hour and a half!?!?! - I’m busy - I think my dog ate it - I’m too … [Read more...]