Cascadian Farm Protein Bar Giveaway

Happy Friday! I’m very excited for this weekend since I’ll be spending some QT with my best friend Smile

Today I want to address the heated LOVE/HATE relationship I have

karma made me do it (376x502)

with yoga.

I love how yoga makes me feel. I know it’s good for me.

But I have a ton of excuses why not to go…

– Too far

– It’s an hour and a half!?!?!

– I’m busy

– I think my dog ate it

– I’m too stressed

– My toe hurts

But yesterday I found a studio a little closer to home AND they have 1 hour classes!!

Buuuut, the class on my level was around lunch time. Luckily, I was determined and grabbed a protein bar. This is one of the new Cascadian Farms protein bars with pea protein the company sent me.

cascadian farm protein bar (376x502)

You had me at chocolate chips Smile

chocolate chip protein bar (669x502)

Here is the nutrition information – about 250 calories and 9 grams of protein per bar. (There are two flavors, this is the chocolate chip box.)

protein bar nutrition information calories (376x502)

Ingredients I recognize = bonus.

protein bar ingredients (376x502)

And it turns out I really liked this new-to-me yoga class! My hips were very thankful I went – especially during pigeon.

yoga toes (376x502)

I plan on going back twice once a week and I’m saying it here (again) to keep me honest.

i dont know why it took three pictures like this (743x502)

Cascadian Farm Protein Bar Giveaway

The company wants protein to take you places too! They are giving one RER reader a prize pack with the new protein bars, a bag, shirt and portable water bottle.

cascadian farm prize pack blogger giveaway (376x502)

To Enter: Leave a comment on this post answering…

What did you do this week that you’re proud of?

I’m very proud of myself for finally making it to yoga!

Contest closes 2/9/13 at 8pm PST. Open to residents of the US.

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. Blogger received compensation for this post.


  1. Rob Runs says

    We have a yoga instructor who comes to our office once a week for an hour long class on Tuesday evenings, I’m still riding the high from this week’s class. We also got some serious hip opening action on, so stretched out on Tuesday and so sore on Wednesday. Best part is that it’s crazy convenient AND it’s only 5 bucks a class!

    I’m proud of myself for doing our proscribed speed workout on Wednesday even though our outdoor run was cancelled due to weather and I’m still sick. I rocked it out on the treadmill and I kicked my own butt.

  2. Kaitlin says

    I’m also proud that I did some yoga! It was only 20 minutes at home but definitely better than nothing. I’m with you on the love/hate relationship… need to work on it!

  3. says

    Cute sunglasses! I’m in a boot recovering from a tear in my foot. So I’m limited to biking & swimming right now. This week I’m proud of myself because not only did I go to cycle class everyday, I also swam 40 laps in 20 minutes. And if you know me, I’m not a swimmer. It’s grown on me as a result of my injury.

  4. Melissa says

    I forced myself to get to bed early so I could get 7.5/8 hrs of sleep every night! So hard for me because i’d much rather unwind with another glass of wine but it was worth it 😀

    • Shannon in Tustin says

      Fantastic!!! My first full was Surf City last year. :)
      Never more proud–what an accomplishment. Congrats!

  5. Anel says

    I started strength training! I can never bring myself to do it unless I’m in a class or if someone is with me. Finally took it upon myself to start a program. I also ran my fasted 5k , I was so so impressed with my splits – I couldn’t believe it! whoop!

  6. says

    This week, I’m trying to be proud of NOT running a half tomorrow. I’m moping and griping to everyone who will listen, but the course is icy and sounds unsafe and I have a bigger goal in mind (my first full marathon, April 26). So I’m trying to be proud of making the smart choice.

  7. Carol says

    I’m proud I went to yoga this week also. Also proud to get through the numerous appointments, events, and work stuff I had to get through. Bring on the weekend!

  8. Maria says

    I made my own cottage cheese and it was so good, my cat couldn’t get enough of it! (He’s a cottage cheese connoiseur!)

  9. Laura says

    I’m proud that I got up yesterday at 4:30am, and went running 10 miles (hills) in the rain! I wouldn’t have done it myself, but I was meeting a few people from my running group and was so glad I went and got it over with!

  10. says

    because of the snow/ice I ran on the treadmill twice this week instead of outdoors and have to say i’m finding the love for it! I even made it 6 miles which is a distance I never thought I could complete on a treadmill without poking my eyes out from boredom first. YAY! I’m learning how to love it. I won’t have to call it the dreadmill anymore. But don’t worry, you won’t be finding me doing 20 milers on one. That ‘aint happenin’

  11. says

    Being flexible and going with the flow when I’ve had to modify my training due to a winter storm. I hate missing workouts but I know my body appreciates a little extra rest!

  12. Amber S. says

    I am proud of myself for getting a pilates session and speed session in this week. I am trying to diversify my training more in hopes of making me a faster, stronger runner. Hoping these small steps help. By the way have you tried Cascadian Farms vanilla chip granola bars? Amazing! And their cinnamon crunch cereal tastes exactly like cinnamon toast crunch, WIN!

  13. natalie says

    I gave some serious thought to an issue while I was pounding out miles on the treadmill. Being a non-confrontational person, I convinced myself to confront a person about a rumor and found out it wasn’t even true. I’m proud of myself for stepping outside of my comfort zone and confronting an issue instead of passing along rumors and talking about someone behind their back.

  14. says

    I ran my first race of the year this past Sunday… It was just a 5k, but it was snowy and cold! The snow was like sand and made it a very tough 3.1 miles…but I did it in less time than I wanted to. So I’m quite happy about it! :)

  15. Christine says

    I’m 23 weeks pregnant and proud that I was able to exercise 5 times this week and eat relatively healthy! All day nausea makes that hard, but it was a great week for me!

  16. Elaina says

    Not workout related but I am proud I finally followed through & took the time to organize the house to make day to day easier!

  17. says

    I stayed on my bike during both HARD rides this week, and I stayed on the treadmill during my speed workouts. The speed workout on the TM meant short mileage and means easy recovery, but the speed was faster than I’m used to so I have some work to do!

  18. Ashleigh says

    I’m proud of myself for giving my notice at my job and moving on to a new path that will make me happier, plus give me more time to get to the gym and run!

  19. says

    I’m proud of myself for bringing my runs back outside! If I’m on the treadmill I find a million reasons to stop. Running outside makes me run longer and more regularly (though nowhere near as far or as often as your runs :).

  20. says

    I’m training for a challenge run at the end of the month and have to do long back to back runs, so Sunday I did 10 miles and then after working a full day of work on Monday, did another 5 miles. I was tired, achy but felt amazing after words and got it done!

  21. Elizabeth says

    I did ALL of my weekday training runs this week (before work no less)! I’m typically pretty good about long runs on Saturdays but I sometimes let my hill or easy runs fall by the wayside during the week. This week I did both my hill repeat run AND my 50 minute easy run!

  22. Sarah EM says

    I’m proud of myself for taking a rest day when my body said it needed it but my mind tried to deny it. Also proud of myself for adding to my running distance.

  23. says

    I started yoga last week and loved it. Thought it was meditation fake sport, but it was great. And even though I have been flying every day and couldn’t get to yoga class, I found some yoga relaxation beats and did the exercises on my own in my hotel room.

  24. says

    Hmmm I’m proud that I went to the gym when it was 3 degrees outside, even if I only ran 3 miles! I totally agree with you about yoga. I think it’s the timing that drives me nuts – I would love an hour or 45 minute yoga class, but they are very hard to find around here. Most are 90 minutes, and let’s be honest that takes up your whole evening! I need some shameful TV time too :)

  25. Suzanne says

    I am proud that I didn’t completely freak out and cry when my power went out due to the ice storm in PA and my husband couldn’t help me with anything because he was away…especially notable because I am pregnant with twins. And I got in a workout that day, which made me feel better. :)

  26. Alicia Wynn says

    I’m proud that I did a 20-mile training run/walk in preparation for the LA Marathon. Furthest distance ever (at least til the Marathon!).

  27. Robin says

    I’m proud of myself for going to yoga today, too! I have the same relationship with it…love it because I know its good for my body but I have a hard time making myself go because I would rather be doing some sort of other exercise.

  28. becca says

    I really wanted to play “hooky” from work this week, but sucked it up and went in anyway….there is always next week right? :)

  29. Erica says

    I went to the gym every morning this week without excuses! I also am happy I started reading your blog. I relate so much to it and enjoy reading about your adventures with food, fitness, and living a healthy balanced life!

  30. Rhonda says

    I did a 5 mile run/walk on the TM. It’s been hard to do more than 4 during the weekdays, but I did it! Now the other days I won’t talk about how I couldn’t get my arse out of bed, but Thursday..yes Thursday was great!

  31. Nora M. says

    This week a tried the hardest class at my gym which consists of 8×10 barbell exercises on repeat for 20 minutes, break for sprints, back to barbell for 5 minutes, break for sprint, barbell for 3 minute, sprints…

  32. Christine says

    I am proud that although I let my eating get a bit out of control last week (company party, family in town who want to go out to eat, etc.), I reigned it back in this week and got back on track.

  33. Leslie T says

    I’m proud of myself this week! I started weight training and was not afraid (okay- a little afraid but I got over it) to be in the free weight section with all the buff body builders!

  34. Heather says

    i DIDN’T neglect my abs this week AND i foam rolled after a tempo run!! both things that are not typical of me… 😉

  35. Jessica says

    This week I am proud I kept my patience 😀
    Thanks for the giveaway… the bars look really great and I love how high in protein they are,

  36. Emily Feldhake says

    After spending a week frustrated about a stress fracture in my foot, I signed up for a pool membership yesterday and started lap swimming this morning. I am proud of being committed to exercise and doing something about it instead of just sulking.

  37. Taya says

    I am proud I ran twice this week, 30 minutes on Monday and 45 on Thursday…slow but getting back into. And I also went to Yoga this week. My goal this winter is to go once to twice a week.

  38. Melissa says

    I’m proud of myself because a foot of snow fell the other day and I ran 6 miles in pretty freaking cold windchills through slush/ice/snow, etc. When normally I would wimp out and grab a tread.

  39. Tricia says

    Love that brand of bar! I am proud I jumped right back into running after a week off due to to H1N1 flu- 12 miles done so far and hope to get a long run in Sunday!

  40. Maria says

    You won’t believe this — I also very, very strongly dislike yoga …. but I did it yesterday too. First time in a long time. I don’t really enjoy it at all. I know it’s good for me, and the stretching feels good, but for some reason it makes me all sorts of anxious. I’m aiming for once a week too …. We shall see …

  41. Shannon in Tustin says

    I made it through another week. Parenting challenges are rearing their ugly heads in mass right now and just getting through each day is something to be thankful for… :-/
    sadly, it’s not all wine and roses. a nice, long run this evening should help ease some stress. :)

  42. Amanda S. says

    This hasn’t been my most proud week in terms of my own fitness, but I did “run” with my 2 y/o son to his sister’s bus stop every day this week. The smiles and squeals of delight were priceless! I also printed out my next half marathon training plan that starts on Monday :-)

  43. Natalie says

    I am proud of myself this week because I kept ALL of my goals for the week! I got in all of my workouts, completed all of my chores, and even got to bed early!

  44. Courtney says

    I’m proud of myself for running 5 miles today. I haven’t run that long in many, many months, thanks to a hip flexor injury that refuses to completely heal. I was so happy, I nearly cried. Then I stretched for an eternity, so hopefully I can run that distance again (and longer!).

  45. adina says

    I’m 30 weeks pregnant and haven’t been feeling like myself but am proud that I got out and walked around the neighborhood everyday this week.

  46. Brooke says

    I am proud of myself for working out everyday, even though I have been snowed in since Wednesday. Thank goodness for workout videos!!!

  47. says

    I’m proud that I finally got my half marathon training plan together. With a 3 month break from races, I was getting a bit lazy, but now I’m back on schedule!

  48. April Dix says

    I’m proud that I ran four days in a row this week. I’m returning to running after a long back injury and feel super accomplished by recording four runs!

  49. says

    I’m proud that I signed up for Workplace yoga! It’s the first time it’s really worked with my lunch schedule, so beginning next week I’ll be doing yoga instead of reading blogs. :) (and somehow eating my lunch to and from)

  50. Corrine says

    I ran 18 miles this week for marathon training! And I’m going to hit 45 miles for the whole week, which is kind of a big deal for me. I usually hover just under 40!

    Also- non running related- I finally managed to surprise my husband- who has proclaimed himself to be un-surprisable.

  51. Ali C says

    I am proud of my running this week! Training in negative weather means little vitamin D and lots of time with the treadmill so I am always impressed when I manage to get through a week like this.

  52. Alison W says

    When the alarm went off this morning, I hit ‘off’ and wanted SO bad to go back to sleep… BUT I made myself get up for a fantastic workout!

  53. Ellie says

    I am proud that I woke up this morning at 5 to go to a work out class when all I wanted to do was go back to bed!

  54. Kelsey says

    This was some good motivation to do some yoga in the near future! I’m proud that I just finished some of the toughest of my marathon training runs this week, so now the tapering begins!

  55. Amy S. says

    I am proud of myself for not skipping any workouts this week. Its been super cold and I have had a hard time motivating myself to get out there and run but I completed all of my runs this week (including one on the treadmill this morning!)

  56. Ash says

    I started a new strength routine that I’ve kept up for two weeks now! Here’s hoping it keeps me injury free during marathon training!

  57. says

    I’m proud of myself for savoring every bite of my Dunkin’ Donuts chocolate chip muffin this morning, and not beating myself up after it!

  58. Patty C says

    I’m really proud of the fact that despite a horrible stomach bug that left me weak and nauseous, I still managed to get out the door for runs this week!

  59. Erin W says

    I’m proud that I didn’t make myself feel guilty for indulging in a large iced coffee this morning – I totally earned it.

  60. Lexa says

    I am finally getting my energy back (13 weeks prego) and worked out 4 out of 5 days this week. That is much better than what I have been doing.

  61. jennifer olszowy says

    I am proud that I made it to swimming by 5:30 AM once this week. I need to keep this up and add a few more sessions.

  62. Bethany says

    I had a really strong week of workouts, lots of good strength training, so I’m proud of that! Feeling great this week!

  63. Cassie says

    I had a few “off-the-wagon” (read: out of control haha) food days in the beginning of the week, and rather than slapping myself with the usual guilt trip and food regret, I woke up the next morning and embraced a new day. This is actually a HUGE personal gain for me, and I am so proud of that.

  64. marie says

    I’m proud of myself for making it to 5:45 am spinning even though it was 35 degrees–that’s cold for this Southerner!

  65. Stephanie says

    I did intervals with a friend on Tuesday in sub-30 degree temps. It was cold, but it felt really good to work hard!

  66. Jess Thompson says

    Even though I have been sick and have worked out a whopping ZERO times, I still stuck to my healthy eating 100% this week. BIG victory in my book!

  67. says

    This week I’m very proud of myself for stepping way, WAY out of my comfort zone in an attempt to get a new job. If it doesn’t happen, at least I tried my best instead of thinking it was too hard for me.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  68. Zoe says

    Love yoga! Good for you for going :)
    I’m proud because this week was my sorority’s recruitment and it is always a longgggg slog. But, I was determined to keep positive attitude while setting a good example for others and I really feel like something worked for me this time! I was much more able to focus on the positives and be in the moment than last time

  69. says

    I’m proud that I ate healthy this week. It’s been on going struggle over here since Christmas. I’m also happy I was able to get a run in mostly pain free.

  70. Beth S says

    Ice and snow have thrown a wrench in my training plans lately, and though I’ve ordered a treadmill it hasn’t arrived because it is delayed… by… ice and snow! Knowing I needed to run today and knowing I couldn’t do it before or after work, I brought my running gear with me to the office for the first time and set out for a nice 5K around the DC Tidal Basin during lunch. Cleaning up afterwards in the bathroom wasn’t too much fun, but the run was incredible and SO WORTH IT! Why have I never done this before?!?!

  71. Cari says

    I’m proud of myself for making the smart decision to stay home from work yesterday instead of risking it on the black ice all over the roads around here!

  72. Courtney says

    I’m proud that I took a couple rest days this week. I’ve done a full and a half within the last few weeks and my body was telling me it was tired. I listened without feeling guilty.

  73. Steph says

    I got an A on my Kinesology test! Great way to end school this week and keep me motivated to keep doing well in the program!

  74. says

    Dragging my “often sat on” but “rarely running” butt to Pilates yesterday. The class is from 2-3PM and dang I really just want to nap at that time!

  75. says

    I’m proud that I listened to my body last week after feeling pain in my foot and was able to run pain-free this week! I always tell friends to take it easy when they feel something nagging but find it much harder to do that myself. For once I followed my own advice!

  76. Sarah says

    I’m proud of myself for actually taking it easy the week after a race! I always keep up with normal exercise routines and end up with IT band issues or shin issues because I don’t back off a little. But this week I did take it easier and I feel great :)

  77. julie says

    I am proud of myself for making it to the gym three days this week even with working two jobs and trying to get my house together to sell

  78. Emily S says

    I have been eating really clean and avoiding unhealthy late night snacks. I also went to a weights class that I had no motivation to go to and had a great time!

  79. Nicole says

    I was a dancer my whole life and stopped after college because there are no organized classes for 21+ or so I thought until my friend organized a dance class with our old high school coach. It was SO much fun! I’m proud we are going to be back dancing together again :)

  80. Liz Mitchell says

    I’m proud of foam rolling 2x this week! That’s my love/hate relationship. I’d love to do yoga, unfortunately they don’t offer classes in my hillbilly town. We have plenty of dollar stores though.

  81. Donna says

    After about 4 months of making excuses for not working out I am back to it and SO very happy! I did an hour of either Jillian dvds and/or T25 dvds every night for the past 2 weeks. Yay me!

  82. Rachel says

    Cross country skiing! Lots and lots of cross country skiing. I figured if I can’t beat the weather I need to do something to enjoy it!

  83. Lara F says

    I’m proud that I’ve been sticking to my Condition and Tone class for the last, and I’ve finally noticed improvement–especially with those freakin’ burpees. 😉

  84. Shannon says

    I tried a new to me yoga studio! I’ve only done yoga at home or at another group fitness gym that I go to all the time and am comfortable at and know what the class will be like. I got a buddy to go with me and the ppl at the new studio were very welcoming and nice! My friend said it was the best $10 she’s ever spent!

  85. Deb says

    I finished my essay paper EARLY!
    I ran in the dark, in the cold, 5 miles with NEGATIVE splits! (yay)
    I went to the gym 4 times!
    Three things to be proud of.. 😉
    I would <3, <3, <3 to try these protein bars.
    Thanks for the op!!

  86. says

    I am proud of myself because…I actually enjoyed (and did) my speed workout this week. I felt strong during the run and pushed myself throughout the entire run, which has not been happening lately. Anything with choco chips is good in my book!

  87. says

    There are a couple things I am proud of! First off, I got my blog set up in a different fashion which took forever but I got it done! I am also proud of the fact that I stayed consistent with working out this week. I stayed with it, I feel good, and I want to do some more.
    Next week I will probably try to integrate some high intensity interval training into my workouts to get that cardio and vo2max going. :)

  88. says

    I actually took a little break from blogging for once – I’m afraid I may be turning into a blogaholic! So I’m proud of taking a break (not of becoming a blogaholic). :-)

  89. Ashley says

    I’ve been trying to fight off a cold this week and been working late so I’ve slowed down the exercise regimen the last few days. But I’ve been trying to get more sleep and have managed multiple 8 hr nights which is rare for me! I’ve also managed to sneak in some quick resistance training :-)

  90. says

    This week I’ve been riding off the excitement of my 10k on Saturday when I completely defied my expectations of myself and made a big PR. I’m also ridiculously proud of myself that I was able to eat something like a bowl of ice cream and then not go overboard with gluttony afterwards (usually makes me binge). Yay for progress!

  91. alison janecka says

    I’ve been fight a cols, so I’m glad I was able to go to yoga on onday and go for a run. I’m doing a 30 day abs and squats challenge and a plank challenge and I’m gad I have been able to accomplush those even feeling under the weather!

  92. Anastasia says

    I went to a group exercise class by myself. I am fairly introverted and prefer to work out by myself. But I don’t seem to be able to push myself quite like an instructor. I went to my local barre class and had a great workout. I am thinking of making it part of my normal routine.

  93. Kristin H says

    I love cascadia farms products – I eat their granola every day for lunch.

    This week I am very proud I made it to work without crashing in 3 storms, snow, ice and the aftermath!! thats takes some great driving skill :)

  94. Aubrei says

    I’m proud that I woke up early to workout before work and I started tracking my calories again. It’s been a great week!

  95. says

    I recently moved in California. So, this week, I finally made it to a yoga studio near my new place to get informations and I’ll try a class next week. I am proud of that because I was scared to go because of the new people, new place… etc…

  96. Maggie says

    I ran 16 miles on the treadmill without stopping! I’m training for a spring marathon and let’s just say the snow in Chicago is not helping.

  97. Teresa says

    So tired on Wednesday when I got home from work…but decided to make a healthy stew with meat and carrots, potatoes, etc…instead of just ordering out! Now, that’s an accomplishment!

  98. Chummy_Chum says

    I did an Insanity DVD today (proud of) and skipped my Yoga DVD (not proud of). My muscles are probably not thanking me, but I felt I needed the calorie burn.

  99. Celeste says

    I did two cross-fit type workouts this week. Very fun, but way out of my comfort zone of swim, bike, run. I feel muscles I have not felt in a very long time.

  100. says

    I finally did the Garden of Flavor 1 day juice cleanse and am now on my USANA Reset 5 day program. I never thought I would be strong enough to do this…especially back to back and keep up with running! Very proud of myself!

  101. Rosie says

    I’ve made fabric flower hair pins and I’ve got some with me, to give to disadvantaged women & teens. They always have things they need, but for Valentine’s day it is fun to give something just for pretty and fun.

  102. says

    I have a Love-Hate relationship with yoga too except there is no Love part at all. I just don’t have the patience to do it all. I really wish I would do it though since stretching is so good for runners.

    I am proud of planning my entire week’s worth of workouts and sticking to it all week. I did have to do a couple of tweaks due to my work schedule but I am on target to hit my mileage goal for the week!

  103. Sarah G. says

    I’m proud of myself for sticking to my 30-Day plank challenge and not having to play catch up at all this week!

  104. Julie says

    This week, I attended a live sewing class. I’m totally not the type to seek help in learning stuff, but I swallowed my pride and went for it. Learned a lot!

    Also, I’m proud of cleaning the bathroom, doing laundry, and baking last night after a long day at work and wet commute home on public transit.

  105. Becky says

    I had a really good balanced week.
    Exercise, errands, appointments, housework, book club, alone time, kids time and couple time. Its a miracle really!!

  106. says

    This week, I passed the halfway hump of marathon training!
    I also made some pretty sweet chicken enchiladas.
    Check out my new blog :)
    P.S. RER I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and I look forward to it every day! I’m also crazy jealous of your sunny weather right now (#winterlivininPA)

  107. Jacki says

    I’m proud of myself for finally getting over the flu! From last Thursday through this Wednesday, I was down for the count. I missed several runs, including last weekend’s long run, which is not what I wanted for my marathon training. But, I’m healthy again and can’t wait to get back to it!

  108. Kendra says

    I’m proud I survived this week and kept my children alive and well 😉 we’ve had a rough winter, and on top of just staying alive, all laundry was done, dishes washed and house clean, and two great runs and two great strength training sessions. Holy crap, I’m way proud of this week!!! :)

  109. says

    I’m proud that I knocked out my fastest 5k this week since 2012! I’ve only been training for three weeks and have knocked two and a half minutes off my 5k time!

    And, I completely understand your love/hate relationship with yoga. I hate it while I’m doing it, but LOVE how it makes me feel afterward.

  110. Meghan says

    This week I pushes through a KILLER 6 mile tempo run on the treadmill. Last week a 4-mile tempo run left me feeling quite I’ll, so I was happy to be able to finish it strong this week!

  111. Rosemary Garcia says

    This week I am insanely proud that I accepted my dream job offer! I’d been waffling between two choices forever but now I’ve decided! Scary but cool.

  112. Tiffany S. says

    This week I did speed work and a tempo run like a champ! First week of marathon training because last week I had pneumonia. I’m happy I felt well enough to bring my A game.

  113. callie b. says

    i just adore your blog! i am 7 months pregnant and going from working out every single day to really having to slow down was a big challenge for me! i finally made it 40+ minutes and i feel so much better!

  114. Laurel says

    Well, I’m on day 16 of no running post injury and I’m not about to let that knock my cardio down, so I’ve been swimming more laps than I ran miles in 2013…!

  115. says

    Giiiiirl, I feel the same way with Yoga! I always feel amazing afterwards and I know my hips are thankful for the nice stretch, but I just can’t get myself there! I went to a yoga class a few weeks ago that was an hour and 15 minutes and I was sore!

  116. Emily says

    I scheduled doctor’s appointments for reoccurring ailments, physical therapy appointments for work out injuries, and a nutritionist appointment just to check in!

  117. says

    I’m proud that I followed my running plan and that I made the decision to join a training group at a local running store to gain some accountability and to make some friends (fighting my reclusive ways).

  118. says

    I ran a tempo workout that I am proud of, went out for a run this morning at 5 am before work, and hosted a parent night at school!

  119. Laura says

    I am proud that I ran outside as much as possible this week. I have been hitting the t-mill a lot because of the cold/ice/snow, but I know I need to run outside to prep for spring halfs!! Love Cascadian farms products by the way!!!

  120. Charlotte says

    I am very proud of myself for completing a the Surf City half marathon on Sunday (does that count as this week?) I am also very proud of myself for taking my first microbiology exam of the semester!

  121. Heidi says

    I’m an injured runner who reluctantly started swimming last month. Today I swam my longest distance ever-a little over 3/4 mile! And guess what?! I actually LIKED it! :)

  122. Maggie H says

    I am proud if myself for running 8 miles today and upping my mileage this week after recovering from an injury.

  123. BreannaS says

    Completely unrelated to exercise but while snowed in I made homemade hamburger and hotdog buns so that we could have the dinner already planned without risking life and limb to get buns at the store.

  124. abby says

    I am proud that I have four good workout days in–including two really great feeling runs despite the freezing coldness!!

  125. Megan says

    I’m proud that I survived four days of “single parenting” while my husband was out of town. This included a snowstorm, a snow/ice storm, a day without after due to a broken water line, and all the usual work and daily life tasks!

  126. Diana says

    The school where I teach is doing Random Acts of Kindness and I intentionally and unintentionally did many random acts of kindness today, both at work and in my personal life!

  127. Stacey Weaver says

    I joined a gym after not exercising for over a year. (I had a baby!) and I even went after I joined. It felt great!!

  128. Alex says

    I’m proud of getting four solid workouts this week! I’ve been crazy busy these few months but am realizing exercise NEEDS to be a priority in my life so I stay sane :)

  129. Tanya says

    Three things I am proud of that I did this week:
    I have made it through 2 days of not eating any sugar. huge for me.
    I went to an intro cross fit class
    I went through my filing cabinet and spreader all old papers.

  130. Lindsay says

    I managed not to just hide in my bed when I got over frustrated. Between the cold and the snow – that was quite the tempting alternative! Working it all out does feel best in the end though :).

  131. Jeri Glicksman says

    I am proud that this week I have taken a much needed rest from running. I tend to have the go-go-go attitude and forget that sometimes my body needs a break!

  132. says

    My first week of consistent increased protein! It has been way too long for too long and I finally found a protein that my stomach will tolerate.

  133. Sarah BETH says

    Made it through a week of crazy winter weather, rescheduled all parent teacher conferences that were canceled due to snow days ( I am a teacher), and had a productive Friday at work that made me thankful to have a job that I love.


  134. Elena says

    I did all my training on my half ironman plan even though I felt like crap for a day or two this week. Hope it’s building mental toughness :)

  135. Jacque says

    I worked with a Personal Trainer for the first time this morning at 6 AM! I am proud of myself for getting up to exercise at the gym before work!!

  136. says

    Completed 4 days of strength training and on my dreaded Legs’ workout, pulled up my pants and did the workout my trainer put me thru aka keep piling on the super heavy weights.

  137. Melissa says

    Wednesday I pushed myself to go to yoga, even though I was feeling extremely bloated and icky. But I’m glad I went, because I felt much better after :)

  138. Wild Orchid says

    I am proud of myself starting a new job, and still keeping my exercise routine.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  139. Kati says

    I’m proud that I made time to do some reading this week. With marathon training and a full time job I feel like I’m always “go,go,go”. Forcing myself to get to bed earlier to read allowed me to relax and get the good nights rest that I need!

  140. says

    Had to take the week off from running due to a foot injury. Proud that I used the time wisely. Newbie runner reading some fine Hal Higdon!

  141. Jen says

    I ate more protein! :) And I woke up early to work out on all of my deignated running days, which can be hard when it’s -4 degrees outside….

  142. Anna M says

    I’m really proud of the fact that even though the weather was horrible and the streets even worse, I decided not to go to the gym but I still did a workout at home (twice)!! That is unheard of. I’m really committed to my milage during the week and staying fit!!! I’m proud of my week!!!

  143. Jessica Jones says

    I am proud of myself for making it through my entire hour and a half long yoga for runners dvd finally. AND for running when I was super exhausted and just wanted netflix and ice cream earlier this week.

  144. Jen A. says

    I am proud of myself for getting a lot of teaching work done and balancing it with a fun happy hour with my teacher friends!

  145. Emy says

    I signed up for my first trail race. I have been wanting to for awhile and was simply too scared to do it. Sacred or not.. it is happening!!!

  146. Emily says

    Got through my first day back at nursing school clinical without vomiting (from fear, not from having to clean up someone’s poop).

  147. Zanne says

    I’m proud of myself for realizing that I have 12 weeks to prepare for my first half marathon & that I need to get my butt to the gym so I don’t pass out at mile 10! haha. Small victory, but it still counts

  148. Jessica says

    I’m proud of myself for doing Richard Simmon’s Sweatin’ to the Oldies this week! Yes, it sounds very lame but it was so much fun and since I’m overweight and 5 months pregnant with my second child I have to start somewhere. :) I would love to start doing yoga too!

  149. Samantha says

    In the balmy five degrees Fahrenheit, I ran the longest run since having a baby! 2.5 miles today in snow-covered South Dakota!

  150. says

    I need to try those bars, I have issues with soy, so these would work!

    I am the most proud of that I took apart my kitchen faucet. I didn’t find the problem but I took it apart and put it back together.

  151. Kim Henrichs says

    I sent two of my friends really inspirational snail mail since they’re going through hard times. I also made my own coffee instead of buying it!

  152. abby r says

    i got an a on another exam and continue to push myself with studying. i also kept my goal of working out 5 days this week!

  153. Janette H. says

    I got in three solid outside runs despite a snow storm and an ice storm that pretty much crippled the Philadelphia area.

  154. says

    I PR’d in a half marathon on Sunday. It was my 3rd one, and I came in almost 13 minutes faster than the last one. It wasn’t “speedy” but it was fast for me, and I was super proud I did that!

  155. Stefanie E. says

    I organized my kitchen, bathroom, and closet this week. Nothing like a little early spring cleaning and purging!

  156. says

    I’m proud we FINALLY bit the bullet and bought a treadmill. Ever summer I lose so many of the gains made during fall/winter because its a 1000 degrees and so humid here in FL so my runs are like 3 miles, if that. I also am off work from teaching and inevitably drink a bunch of beer at the beach and gain some weight then I start over with my training. My goal is to keep up my running or actually INCREASE it since I’ll have the time/energy and no weather excuses to not run. Anyways, I’m really stoked to get it since it will be hot here in probably like 3 or 4 weeks :-)

  157. Brooke says

    I’ve been getting bored with all the treadmill runs lately (the Minnesota Polar Vortex has forced me inside a lot these days) but I ran outside a couple of times this week despite it being about 5 degrees! Felt great and I was happy to change it up.

  158. Sammantha says

    This weekend I completed all my necessary PT stretches, even when it was easier to lay on the couch with my huge hip brace!

  159. Lindsay says

    I ran both days this weekend, and yesterday worked on increasing my speed!! I’ve also been tracking with my fitbit, and have logged over 10,000 steps a day for the past several days :)

  160. Julie says

    This is my first time running disney and I signed up to do the Glass slipper challenge!!! This weekend I did a trial run. Normally I don’t run before long run day but I did 6 miles Friday then 13 yesterday! Very happy to be successful and feeling accomplished!

  161. Shawn says

    I’m proud of myself for doing yoga at home instead of heading to the gym on Hubby’s birthday. I still got a workout, but we had some extra time to hang out before heading to work.

  162. Katie D. says

    I stuck it out through my whole hour long prenatal yoga dvd. I usually get bored and quit about half way through.

  163. says

    This week i was scatterbrained and left my air pump for my bike at home so instead, i went on the bike trainer for 2 hours (should have done 3.5) and then ran.. that was a first ever :)

  164. Megan Chism says

    I know it is 8:03 but please let me enter your contest! Or at least let me tell you about what I am proud of, lol. Today I ran outside on snow covered roads! This is a big deal because I have been too nervous to do it so the TM and me have been best buds. Anyway, I went out there and have a great time. Thinking I will be sore from my running gate changing, but that’s okay!

    • Megan Chism says

      Technically it is 8:03 here, but I guess in your part of the world it is still 6. :) Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

  165. megan says

    I’m proud of my run on Thursday. It was rainy and cold and I didn’t want to go, but I got out there anyway and ended up really enjoying it.

  166. says

    I am proud that I ran a cross country memorial run!(: I had to run 5 miles and out of 300 teens, I won in the top 10, 5th place! Also, I was the youngest to win! I’m only 13 but I am absolutley HUGE on protein, yoga, fitness, etc. I was recomended to nationals cross country! Although I’m proud of how much I ran and what place I came in, I’m most proud that I didn’t give up. When I felt pain and wnated to stop, I would tell myself: “It’s not worth giving up, run more, think of what’s better for you!” All of the pain and time trying to breathe while running made me realize, when you want to succeed as badly as you want to breathe, that’s when you’ll be successful. <3

  167. Monisha says

    I lifted weights twice this week after recovering from 2 weeks of being sick and under the weather.That made me feel strong both inside and outside ! Just tasted the Pb chocchip bar and loved it! No strange aftertastes just pure clean Pb !

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