Vote for the Official Gu of the Rock N Roll Marathon Series


The Rock N Roll Marathon Series and GU have partnered up for the biggest fun food election of 2014 to find… The Official Gu of the RnR Marathon Series Three flavors are ‘in the running’ (see what I did there)! And you can try them and vote for your favorite. Check out the Rock N Roll Race Gumocracy page to find out where you can try them. They will be doing tastings at … [Read more...]

Hate Valentine’s Day Playlist


I realize Valentine’s Day isn’t everyone’s thing. If you are recently single, hate pink and red, are allergic to roses, can’t read the writing on candy hearts – this post is for you! Here is a running or workout playlist for sweating out that girl or guy from you life and moving the hell on… The I am So Over Your Ish Playlist 50 Ways to Say Good-Bye by Train Ring … [Read more...]