Vote for the Official Gu of the Rock N Roll Marathon Series

The Rock N Roll Marathon Series and GU have partnered up for the biggest fun food election of 2014 to find…

The Official Gu of the RnR Marathon Series

gumocracy salted watermelon and cinnamon apple flavors (727x545)

Three flavors are ‘in the running’ (see what I did there)! And you can try them and vote for your favorite.

Check out the Rock N Roll Race Gumocracy page to find out where you can try them. They will be doing tastings at fun runs all around the US.

A rep sent me a few packs of each flavor to try. I waited to do it LIVE on video and share my review with you. AHHH! It was such a hard call but I had to go with my heart on this one….

Tasting the NEW Gu Flavors for RnR Marathon Series

Go here to VOTE and/or find out where you can try them. Voting ends February 28th.

The flavors:

Cinnamon Apple #GUMOCRACYRED

Carmel Macchiato #GUMOCRACYGOLD

Salted Watermelon #GUMOCRACYGREEN

Question: Which one would you vote for?


  1. says

    Wish I could vote, but Gu for whatever reason, makes me sick as a dog. I have tried every brand, every flavor, everyTHING, and this marathon, I’m trying to stick to these Powerbar Fruit Smoothie things. You guys have fun voting!

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