Buzz Marathon in San Miguel, CA

Hello from Morro Bay,CA ! Yesterday I headed north for a road trip getaway – with a RACE thrown in of course Smile

new running pose half marathon (376x502)

I’ve been wanting to go to Paso Robles for wine tasting. I love running half marathons. There were birds and stones all over the place.

I’m in Morro Bay, which is south of San Miguel so it was an early wake up call to the race!road trip to half marathon san miguel ca (669x502)

procompression heart socks half marathon (376x502)

I ran the Buzz Half Marathon (there is also a full and 5k). It’s actually on a military base, which was super interesting!

ca national guard (669x502)

san migeul military base (727x545)

When we got there we had to check in with the base and since it’s on the base there weren’t any spectators. It was a small race, but I felt that as a result the other runners were super friendly!

half marathon registration buzz marathon (669x502)

I would estimate maybe 100 – 150 people ran. The morning was perfectly cool to start.

buzz half marathon in san miguel (800x451)

The course had a few hills and one killer one at the end. The volunteers were super nice. That was really the only cheering along the course, so it was very appreciated! I had never been on a military base like this before so I was really checking out the scenery (or lack thereof).

half marathon san miguel, ca base (669x502)

Since it was such a small race I ended up finishing somewhat solo. SR and I have discussed that I’m weird and am a-okay with no crowds so it was fine by me. running the buzz half marathon (800x451)

Today wasn’t really my day, so I had a so-so race. I just wasn’t feeling it and was happy to just get it done in 1:54

half marathon sub two hour san miguel ca (376x502)pre buzz half marathon race (669x502)

Love that they gave out dog tags instead of medals!

buzz half marathon medal dog tags (376x502)

Since this was a super small race I was super surprised to meet a reader here – a reader from the other side of the world too! Charlotte is from New Zealand and vacationing with her dad in the US. She spotted me after the race and said hello!

charlotte and dad from new zealand after marathon (669x502)

From there it was time to eat! chocolate chip cookie after half marathon (669x502)hey you eat more subway (376x502)

And have some other fun wine tasting…

wine tasting in paso

more on that later.

Check out San Miguel Marathon / Half Marathon if you want to rock it next year!

Question: What did you do Saturday?

Disclaimer: I was provided with a bib in exchange for a social media mention. All opinions are my own.


  1. says

    I’m totally fine with small crowds like that – I have only run relatively small races so far. I’ll have to try out one with more spectators one of these days!

    I ran 4 miles today, did dishes, hung out with my dog and ignored the fact that it was snowing (again) – a mellow Saturday for me!

  2. Jenn says

    So you dragged your husband to another race that you half asses. Do you ever do anything for him? I thought the goal was to dress better. Those stupid neon sunglasses, forever 21 polka dot sleeveless blouse, and braid that looks like a 10 yo.

    • says

      Hey Jenn, My friend said the same thing about those sunglasses (well not that they’re stupid because my friends don’t talk to me like that)! She said they look like a 10 year old. Ha! I don’t care, I love it :)

  3. says

    I’m getting used to races with no spectators since it’s been so cold here in MI. Not sure how I’ll react when people start coming out again lol.

    Oh and on Saturday I PR’d my 10k woot woot!!

  4. says

    I love military bases. My dad is a CSM and has been in for 30 years. I am of course older now and don’t live with him but military bases were amazing. So relaxing and convenient. There are some absolutely amazing one out there. I was a big fan of Meade and Lewis.
    As for Saturday, I didn’t do anything. I need to learn your ways and start running all the time. Do you have a post showing how you got into running and making it a habit? Like, how you started integrating it in your life? That would be neat to read. Great job and keep it up!

  5. says

    Awesome race! That’s really cool that it is on a military base. I worked all day Saturday and then spent the night relaxing with my hubs! We are doing our Valentines celebration tonight and I can’t wait!

  6. says

    Your time was like my last half (I’ve only done 2). I was not really feeling it, so I wonder what I could do if I had the perfect race. It takes a lot of commitment to do all the races that you do. I amazed at what you can handle.

    • april says

      personally, i have never raced in compression socks, but i have worn them after a half marathon (or just long runs in general) and i have found them VERY helpful in recovery.

      good luck with your first half!! =)

    • says

      For your first race I recommend doing everything the same as training. Don’t try anything new race day <- golden rule. But, I am a fan of compression socks for sure! If you want to try them you can also use them after the race to help with recovery.

  7. april says

    i had a pretty lazy saturday… i ended up just making dinner and watching “blue jasmine” on the couch. no complaints here :)

    i’ve never participated in a small race, but i think it would be nice to not have to dodge thousands of other runners at the beginning of the race!

  8. Cate says

    Congrats on completing another race. I love taking road trips for races. I hope you had fun at the wine tasting. My Saturday was pretty low key – eye appointment, run, and watched Argo. Exciting, huh?

  9. Erica says

    Hi Monica! I love reading your blog and run half marathons myself. Just wondering what ear buds you use or recommend. I have managed to get by with just some cheap ones but after breaking a few that have lost sound in one ear, I am ready to look into getting some for running.

    – cannot run without mah music!

  10. TheSilentAssassin says

    Saturday 12 mile tapering for PhxFull. I love love small races. The running community setting is rather intimate and easier for me to find my groove. I’m no social butterfly so smaller races force me to interact. Stay fierce!

  11. Natalie Wolfsdorf says

    So cool that you met a reader from New Zealand! I am born and raised in LA but having been living in New Zealand for the past 8 years as my mum is from New Zealand.

    I thought I was the only person in NZ who knew abour RER! I guess not!

  12. Shannon in Tustin says

    That looks pretty fun; love a small, hometown kinda race!

    My 12 yr son had FOUR water polo games to play; we were on deck for the whole day. But it was a good day; he had fun and played well. :)

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