Morning Walk and Breakfast in Morro Bay

Driving up to Morro Bay on Friday I got to the hotel around mid-night (LA traffic!). Then, I left for the race before sunrise Saturday and returned after dark after my day wine tasting.

So, I was very happy and surprised to see this view when I woke up Sunday morning! What?! The ocean! That Morro Bay rock! Gorgeous.

morrow bay hotel view of rock (800x600)

So, the view demanded to be explored and Ben and I set off for a morning walk to the rock.

morro bay rock travel blog (669x502)

path to the rock in morro bay california travel blog (669x502)

Gorgeous doesn’t even do it justice. It was breathtaking.

sun rise in morro bay travel blog california (669x502)

There were a few other walkers out, but it was pretty quiet (especially compared to OC beach mornings).

morro bay travel blog (669x502)

morro bay morning travel blog (669x502)

rocks and sunrise morro bay travel blog (669x502)

rocks in morro bay california travel blog (669x502)

But there was the sound of the birds and otters cracking open oysters against rocks. I can’t. It was too cute.

otters in morro bay (669x502)

This rocks.

morro bay rock up close travel blog (376x502)

Little dog on the beach Smile

random dogs on the beach travel blog (669x502)

beautiful beach morning morro bay (669x502)

Sportin’ my RER hoodie…

sportin my rer hoodie (669x502)

(available in my spreadshirt shop)

A quick Yelp review informed us we had to eat at The Coffee Pot for breakfast. The area is pretty small – a mile to the rock, another half a mile back to the restaurant. the coffee pot resturant morro bay (669x502)

When we put our name in the owner poured us a cup of coffee while we waited. The customer service at this place was A+!

the coffee pot restaurant (376x502)

It was only a five minute wait though! It’s a small place that the locals love too. We sat next to a regular and the waitress told us, “You get to sit next to the birthday boy!” So we chatted with him a bit – he’s 85 and says he goes 6 days a week. And when his bill came they put it on the house – super sweet.

coffee pot restaurant in morro bay (669x502)

New-to-me-pepper sauce!

the pepper plant

The Harbor Benedict is eggs benedict with crab and avocado. Yes.

crab eggs benedict coffee pot restaurant morro bay (669x502)

Then, I tried to soak in the last few minutes of sea breeze before heading home Smile

Question: Do you have a ‘regular’ place you eat at all the time?


  1. says

    Gorgeous!! I’m always so jealous of your Cali pics. I’m visiting my friend in Napa in June and can’t wait to explore! I just want to eat everything lol…

  2. Suzanne says

    We randomly stopped at Morro Bay a few years ago when we drove the PCH. Super cute little fishing town! We walked all over those rocks and there were a lot of starfish and little things living between in the shallow water. We found a random German food place on the water and hung out with locals at a bar up the road from our cheap little motel. It was really neat!

  3. says

    Those pictures are stunning! I don’t have a regular restaurant, but I ALWAYS go to the same coffee shop. I work there (haha), so I’m kind of obligated to, but the coffee there is unparalleled. I love being a regular, and knowing the ones that come in at 4pm every day, rain or shine.

  4. Moira says

    Yes and I just went there today. I don’t look at the menu-I always get the same thing! Plus its five bucks for a huge breakfast-can’t beat it!!

  5. Karen f says

    I got engaged by that rock! My parents live there and we hope to move there in the next year. If your looking for road food stop at taco de Mexico for a chicken burrito with their hot sauce! Mmmm.
    Fun 10k/ half Mary there in the summer. Ran it with my pops last year.
    Check check check it out!

  6. Shannon in Tustin says

    A Mexican restaurant here in Orange. We’ve been going there for 15 years. Theeeeeeeeeeeeeee best I’ve ever had that wasn’t cooked by my grandma or my mom (where I get my Mexi-can)!

    Beautiful pictures from your weekend. Glad you and Ben got away for some fun. :)

  7. says

    We have a very nice little Italian restaurant near us that has quickly become our go-to spot. I was a little embarrassed at first when they recognized us, but I kind of love it now :)

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