Just the Tip Tuesday–Race Discounts Page


Hello! How’s your day going? I started mine with a little run/eat action. I have a great tip for the runners of the group. I made a new page on the top of RER with Race Discounts and Coupon Codes! I’ve been trying to ask every race that gives me a comp or discount for one for my readers too. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. E for effort though, right? From … [Read more...]

Apple Oat Pre-Workout Bars Recipe


I’m not fancy, but there are a few foods that I try to buy organic 83% of the time. My list is partially inspired by the dirty dozen, partially inspired by my wallet/mood/horoscope. Apples are one of those foods I really try to get organic, but that means they’re expensive! So, I was a little pissed last week when I bit into my organic five dollar apple and it was ashy. Boo. … [Read more...]