What I’m Eating Wednesday National Drink Wine Day

Back in the day when I was a little gigolo RER was supposed to be all running or eating. Then, it turned random real fast because that’s just me. Today is a glimpse of what I ate yesterday because it’s pretty usual…

monica and tapatio

But first, I’d like to give myself a nice ol’ pat on the back because yesterday was National Drink Wine Day and I didn’t drink all my meals.

wine tasting in paso robles travel blog (600x800)

i just want to eat

Breakfast: Eggs. For days. This time courtesy a Toufayan Gluten Free Wrap and drowned in Sriracha, per usual.

toufayan breakfast wrap with sriracha (669x502)

Snack: An orange and some almonds. No picture because my hands were sticky, hello.

Lunch: I spotted some salmon on sale and made a FANCY salad! I’m pretty proud of this since it’s usually leftover chicken or something not as delicious.

salmon on salad (669x502)

Snack: Quest Bar.

Later, some Food Should Taste Good Crackers with avocado. My mom’s avocados are ripe and amazing right now!!

avocado and crackers what I ate wednesday (669x502)

Dinner: Pintos Pizza. I’m eating solo tonight so I just threw together another one of these. So easy and tasty.

IMG_4428 (800x533)

Dessert: I tried to create a protein muffin recipe with some overly-ripe bananas and they were way too moist. Fail. But, I put them in the toaster oven and crumbled them over yogurt with come sf chocolate syrup. Boom. Problem solved.

protein banana muffins (669x502)

I don’t know: Also, randomly found this picture on my phone so I must have ate this too at some point unless Vegas is using my phone to take pics of his snacks…

cottage cheese and pineapple with almonds what I ate wednesday (376x502)

Okay. Then, it was time for an adult bev.

food and liquor

But not really because it’s a school night and I have to make sure to get Vegas off to preschool with his other cat friends bright and early*.

*All not true since A.) He’s a cat and I’m not that drunk. B.) He wakes up at 4pm PST

cat nap with vegas

The end.

Question: What are you eating today?

Can I have a bite?


  1. says

    Vegas to preschool bwahhhhh!!!!
    I was all set to bring an avocado with potato chips and tomato soup and clementines to work for lunch and then remembered we have a meeting with clients from 10:30-4! They usually get wrap sandwiches and a big salad (arugula goat cheese and cranberries) for lunch meetings. So I left my lunch bag in the fridge. I’ll have it for dinner and enjoy probably a grilled veggie and chicken wrap and some of the salad.

    It’s the only twinkle. I hate long meetings.

  2. Jessica @ FromtheKitchentotheRoad says

    I wish I could have participated in drink wine day. Being pregnant is super cool and all but I really miss wine. I like the idea of dipping a chip directly into an avocado.

  3. says

    YAY! I’m glad I’m not the only one who participated in National Drink Wine Day! They say a glass a day is good for you right? I just choose to use a bigger glass than most.

  4. says

    National wine day?! I’m so excited! No doubt, I’ll be sipping some Chardonnay tonight after my attempted run (I’ve been taking time off due to an injured leg…if it doesn’t feel better soon, I’ll be going to the doctor).

  5. april says

    i missed national drink wine day! bummer!

    i’m eating oatmeal right now, but your egg wrap looks delicious… that will be today’s lunch :)

  6. Nicole says

    I’m eating all of the food today, it seems. Woke up and had one egg and three egg whites…..then carrots and nuts…..then more carrots and nuts……then a quest bar…..

    I’m getting back in to running after taking 8 weeks off for an injury. Now that I’m running again, I can’t seem to fill my face fast enough (though, I want to get rid of some of the holiday jiggle that I got from not exercising as much with my injury). You can have another Quest bar that I have stashed in my purse….

  7. Steph F. says

    No work for me on Wednesdays, so my sweet mom treated me to lunch at this great little café : ) We both enjoyed the tastiest chicken salad wrap with pineapple relish…yum!!

    Your avocado and cracker treat looks delicious – I don’t know why it never occurred to me to just dip on into an avocado like that!

  8. says

    Ok, so this is my first time reading your blog and i’m thinking to myself “Hmm… Vegas must be her daughter or son since it has the ability to use her phone…. Maybe their name is Vegas because he/she was conceived in Vegas..?” LOL totally normal thoughts for first-time readers? Probably not. haha lovin’ your blog, though!

  9. Jamie says

    HAHAHA. Loved this. Um…. my avocados are reckless lately. either too ripe or too un-ripe but looks ready on the outside. FAIL FAIL.

  10. says

    I cheated on my “healthy eating plan” and ate at Taco Time (totally Americanized Mexican fast food chain in the Pacific Northwest) today for lunch. They have tater tots with seasoning salt. ‘Nuff said!

  11. Kathy says

    That CAT, come on…he’s beyond cute!
    I had a very weird craving for iceberg lettuce so I ate a whole head of it in a salad today…I may need a vitamin

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