Heavy Hands and Samosa Inspired Wrap


Holla. How’s it going? I’m all right. Ran this morning. Didn’t fall for once, so I have that going for me. Running pose shadow ftw. Pre-Run: I ate some all the Honey Rice Puffins. Oh.My.Gah. These taste like Rice Krispy Treat Cereal. I can’t. Yes, for those of you who aren’t food historians – there was really Rice Krispy Treat cereal! I didn’t just crumble up Rice … [Read more...]

Hot Topic Tuesday– Addicted to Running?


Happy Tuesday! How’s it going? Yesterday I got my nails done and traumatized the nail lady with the cut on my knee and road rash on my leg. Somehow it looks worse than before because it opens again every time I sit down/get up. (Decided to spare you a picture because some of you might be in a public place reading this and don’t want to barf.) Her reaction was kinds dramatic, … [Read more...]