Super Sabra Delivery


HAPPY THURSDAY!!! I am having an extremely happy Thursdizzy because Sabra sent me a lifetime week supply of their magical hummus. It really is the best in the business. When I toured the Sabra plant I tried to get the secret as to why they have the creamiest hummus, but they refused to give me any info. I guess I’ll have to drown my sorrows in endless dips. Hello Orange … [Read more...]

Clover Compression Socks Coupon Code


Happy Thursday from your morning Monican! What you don’t wake up and immediately take pictures of yourself? I make jokes that blogging is the most narcissistic thing, but I guess it’s only a joke if it’s not true. On the other hand, everyone is on social media now so it’s just the thing to do right? Wow. I’m so deep today. Today is a rest day from running so I did some … [Read more...]