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Happy Thursday from your morning Monican!

morning selfie (438x438)

What you don’t wake up and immediately take pictures of yourself? I make jokes that blogging is the most narcissistic thing, but I guess it’s only a joke if it’s not true. On the other hand, everyone is on social media now so it’s just the thing to do right? Wow. I’m so deep today.

self esteem issues

Today is a rest day from running so I did some strength exercises and called it a day.

Breakfast was oatmeal and all the toppings. Plus eggs. Always eggs with Sriracha.

oatmeal with all the toppings (376x502)

Spring is big for road running with tons of 5ks, 10ks, half marathons and marathons available to you to run. I have 3 races planned for March already!

runeatrepeat la marathon results

(Picture from last March in my fave socks.)

So if you are running a race in March and/or just really dig Shamrocks I wanted to pass on a discount code for one of my favorite ProCompression socks of all time – the Shamrock sock.

procompression shamrock socks discount (376x502)

Use code CLOVER to get 40% off shamrock socks or sleeves and free US shipping.

In related news: I have this new found LOVE for shamrocks and am suddenly thinking of getting a shamrock tattoo. Like, for real.

no ragrets tattoo

Then, someone sent me this article that says Sriracha Lovers Are Masochists. When I got the one tattoo I have now I went by myself. I’ve also had my tongue pieced and have my belly button pierced And I like running 26 miles at a time. Maybe it’s true?

Question: Tattoos? Got one? Regret it? Like them? Hate them?


  1. Rob Runs says

    I have quite a few tattoos (I think 10), I’ve spent probably close to 60 hours of my life in a tattoo chair. Which doesn’t seem that much until you realise that’s like a solid work-week-and-a-half!

    I also have those clover compression socks. Best EVAH!

  2. Kaylie says

    just got my tattoo two weeks ago! it’s a little wing on the inside of my right foot to commemorate my first marathon (in november). it reminds me that i am capable of doing anything, even things i never thought i would be physically capable of! and to stop listening to people who tell me not to try :)

    love those shamrock socks… that was my high school mascot! i mean, i’m way too old for that…

  3. jenny pittsburgh says

    The pro compression socks actually feature a 4 leaf clover…which is super cute in it’s own way, but it’s not a shamrock. A shamrock has 3 leaves. I know b/c I actually have a shamrock tattoo. It’s on my back and it’s freaking adorable!! Took less than 10 minutes and hasn’t faded a bit in 16 years. DO IT!!!!!!!

  4. Sarah G. says

    Love the shamrock socks! If I were running a St. Patty’s race this year, I’d totally buy them.

    I’ve got 4 tattoos and I love them all. I will be getting 2 more once I am no longer pregnant, and a half sleeve sometime after that. And no, I’m not some artsy fartsy painter/graphic designer… I work in the corporate world but I just don’t let the man get me down. 😉

  5. Molly says

    No tattoos. Yet. I’d like to get one, but can never think of anything I want on my body for the rest of my life. I am planning on running my first full in October, so I’d like to get one then to commemorate my accomplishment. But who knows, I’m a pretty big chicken when it comes to needles.

  6. says

    I have one tattoo of a sun and a seashell. My sister and I got them before she moved to Alaska because we both use the beach as a place of total relaxation and stress-less-ness.
    Also love the socks! I have bright pink ProCompression ones, but have never worn them during a race. Does it make a difference?

  7. april says

    love the shamrock compression socks! are you running the LA marathon again this year? i’m hoping to run it next year as my first full :)

    i have 2 tattoos, but they’re pretty hidden (one is on my foot and the other is on my hipbone). i don’t regret either because they both have memories associated with them.

  8. Steph F. says

    No tattoos…just a stretched out scar where my naval ring used to be (naval rings and pregnancies don’t always go too great together!). I don’t mind, though. I got the belly ring to celebrate when I first lost about 45 lbs. in my mid-20’s, after being a chubby kid/teen/young adult. So now, even though it was destroyed by my pregnancies, it still makes me kinda happy to see it…it reminds me how far I’ve come and how much my life has changed for the better with my two little ladies in it :)

  9. says

    I have one tattoo. I got it after my hubby passed away. It’s a rose with a black ribbon around it. We were married in the desert and they say a rose is strong enough to survive in desert conditions. And the ribbon is to honor him as a warrior who lost his battle with melanoma. (Melanoma actually means black cancer). So there you have it.
    I keep saying I want to get my running sneakers tattood on me somewhere too with a little 26.2 somewhere. :)

  10. Jen says

    I have lots of tattoos and I love them. I’ll definitely get more, though they do hurt more the older you get. And I still have my tongue ring even though I’m almost 30 and feel like maybe I’m too old for it sometimes. I just can’t seem to convince myself to take it out.

  11. Courtney says

    I only have one tattoo that I got 9 years ago. I also went by myself to get it. I had a friend ask me two years ago to go with her for her tattoo and I told her no (since it seems boring and I did by myself). Well she told me the tattoo artist was cute and I was single so I went … 2 years later and I am still with the tattoo artist :) He even started running with me and completed his first half! Soo maybe you should bring a (single) friend with you if you go 😉

  12. Charlotte says

    I wouldn’t mind getting a jaguar on my arm, but I’m afraid it will be a moving jaguar once I get old and wrinkly. Lol

  13. says

    I have a tattoo on my butt. I’m not even kidding…I got it as an act of rebellion when I turned 18 but didn’t want anyone to see it. Seems like a good place to put it! I had a friend in the room when I got it, so it was just me, the tattoo artist, and my exposed buttcheek. I don’t regret it, but I’m certainly not going to spend the money to get it touched up.

  14. julie says

    I want a tattoo-I just can’t decide what I would want now that I would still want 20 years from now. Had an eyebrow ring back in the day. I lean a little more towards piercings bc tattoos are much harder to get rid of it you change your mind. I might get one though.

  15. says

    No tattoos. Every once in a while I think maybe I want one, but then I decide that I 1) wouldn’t be able to choose one that I could live with for the rest of my life and 2) don’t need something on my body to define who I am (or who I was when I got it). I’d rather my actions and words speak louder. But who knows.

  16. Valerie says

    I have 2 small tattoos. One on the inside of my right wrist and one on the inside of my left heel. I love them both because my husband designed them and they really mean a lot to me. I didn’t get them until my late 30’s.

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