Super Sabra Delivery


I am having an extremely happy Thursdizzy because Sabra sent me a lifetime week supply of their magical hummus. It really is the best in the business. When I toured the Sabra plant I tried to get the secret as to why they have the creamiest hummus, but they refused to give me any info.

sabra hummus for days (409x545)

I guess I’ll have to drown my sorrows in endless dips.

hummus on a salad (376x502)

Hello Orange County, you are looking gorgeous today…

gorgeous day in orange county (669x502)

This afternoon I toured the fanciest gym I’ve ever been to – Renaissance Club Sport in Aliso Viejo. I was supposed to attend an event there, but wasn’t able to go so they offered me a month pass to check it out.

renaissance club sport aliso viejo (669x502)

Seriously. People live like this?!

pool at gym outside (669x502)

The gym is pretty pricey compared to discount gyms, but reasonable for all the amenities. It’s more like a spa than a gym with free towels, wifi and child care. The kids club is pretty impressive and they take babies from 6 weeks old.

treadmill view (376x502)

kids world at the gym (669x502)

I didn’t work out since I was just touring. I’m hoping to catch a few classes there in the next few weeks for a full assessment. But I wanted to post today because they have a sale on memberships until tomorrow in case any locals want to check it out. Ask for Mia at 949-330-5511

renaissance club sport gym (376x502)

Also. I kinda feel like the odds of seeing a RHOC cast member here are high.

 im not following you

Too bad. I’m doing it anyway.

Since I can’t stop eating the hummus I figured I should include it in dinner too. I mixed up some chicken and hummus, stuffed it in a pita and Juan’s your uncle.

sabra hummus on chicken (409x545)

chicken and hummus pita (669x502)

And for your daily picture of Vegas… we took a selfie.

me and vegas taking a selfie (282x502)

Question: Palm trees or Pine Trees?


  1. says

    We had an emergency Costco run this week for more Sabra. The mister likes the little cups so he can take them to work, while I like the giant tub because I can eat more of it. It really is delicious.

  2. julie says

    I am seriously jealous of your hummus. Sabra is really the best out there and I, too, have wondered what they do to make it so creamy and delicious. The other one I love is TJ kalamata olive hummus bc it tastes like heaven on salad.

  3. Rachel says

    Right now, palm trees sound great. Sabra uses canola oil instead of olive oil and contains preservatives :-/ I like it but I make my own now.

  4. says

    Palm trees, hands down.

    and now I just added hummus ingredients to my shopping list. When I don’t make my own, its Sabra all the way. I haven’t mastered my jalapeno version.

  5. Chatelaine says

    Is the sale at renaissance any good? I wanna see pics of the gym!
    I live in the area and I worked out with Vicky from RHOC once at a Pure Barre class LOL……….

    • says

      It’s 10% off a month if you sign a year contract – that option is going away in March and they will only offer month to month but no discount. The rates are comparable to any Crossfit gym these days, plus they have a lot of classes.

  6. Stefania says

    The renaissance gym is awesome! I was a member when I lived in Walnut creek, CA – the classes are great – but as always it’s the instructors. never crowded. PlusI met the BEST group of woman runners who are so devoted and encouraging…and amazing pre-run committed before the 7 am work bell!!! I miss it since moving to Maui….so I guess I prefer palm trees 😉
    p.s. anyone know what happened to SR blog? it no longer registers.

  7. Elizabeth says

    I don’t know Sabra’s creaminess secret, but the unbelievably smooth hummus secret I found is…


    …peeling the chickpeas. Yeah I know, but seriously. 1 can took me approximately 1 episode of 30 Rock to peel, but I’ve never gotten a batch so smooth. I read about it here:

    It freakin has the word “ethereal” in it. How can you not want to try this? That is, when your amazing Sabra supply runs out. So jealous.

  8. says

    I love your hummus pics. They cracked me up! I seriously love hummus, and their hummus is amazing. Lucky!

    I love pine trees because it means you get seasons, but palm trees are pretty too!

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