How to Train For a Marathon Vlog Interview with SarahFit

Happy Friday! Today is actually a rainy day in Southern California! I can’t remember the last time it rained. We’re in a serious drought and really really need it. But, we SoCal-ians can’t handle the rain and my power keeps going on and off and the traffic on the freeway has been a nightmare.


I was lucky enough to get in 4 miles while the rain stopped and then did some stretching. My knee is bugging me a bit so now I’m icing it.

icing after a run knee and ankle (376x502)

On to the things I love this week:

kiss the cat (800x450)

Friday Favorites for 2/28

Bubble Bath by OPI – I know I already mentioned it but I am still digging this subtle and sweet nail color. I chip my nails fast and this light color doesn’t make it obvious.

bubble bath nail polish and manicure

Honest Tea. I need to get away from so so so much seltzer and diet soda eventually. Tea has been my replacement twice this week.

honest tea unsweeted (376x502)

Veggie Straws. The bag says “Sensible Portions” but there is nothing sensible about my portions of this.

veggie straws (409x545)

My neon sunglasses. I got mine from Target but didn’t see them there this week. So you can check here for a similar pair for only $12 and here for a polarized but a bit pricier pair.

driving to palm springs half marathon recap (438x438)

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How to train for a marathon

Remember when I ran the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon in November?

Well, when I was there Youtube Fitness superstar Sarah Fit interviewed me about marathon training.

SarahFit also has a blog. Check it out!

Question: What is your favorite thing this week?

What are you doing this weekend?


  1. says

    I always thought the “Sensible Portion” stamp meant I could eat the entire bag. Whoops!

    My favorite thing this week is my new refrigerator! (I think that means I’m 23 going on 40 but whatevs)

  2. says

    I discovered Birthday Cake Oreos yesterday so that’d be my fave of the week!!! (I’m sorta scared that we’re getting a foot of snow and it’s the oscars and i have no will power so the box might vanish before you can say “and the oscar goes to….”

    This weekend I’ve got a 16 mile training run to complete and I’m meeting the Fam at a Turkish restaurant Sunday afternoon for lunch in honor of my mom’s birthday.

    Everytime I see your bag of frozen veggies nursing a niggley injury I am reminded that my frozen veggies have purpose in the future. =)

  3. Shannon in Tustin says

    Favorite thing: these splits on a random 4-miler yesterday (9:44, 9:18, 8:55, 8:56)–that is kinda speedy for me. Hope they come up again on Sunday a the Coaster Run. :)

    This weekend: staying dry, hoping for a trail run (but not looking good), Coaster Run 10k, and the annual Oscar watching party I attend with 10-15 of my favorite mom-friends!

    Happy Weekend!

  4. says

    Favorite thing this week has been eating normal portion sizes and not feeling like a blimp. Except for the carton of frozen yogurt we ate on Wednesday… but it was frozen yogurt so it’s okay. Also looking forward to a nice long run this weekend, hopefully in slightly warmer weather than we have today.

  5. Jen says

    Thanks for the tips! I’m signed up for my first half in early April. I try and run everyday, but I keep getting injured. I think I need to take a lesson and rest more and try cross training (might have to buy a stationary bike this weekend)!

  6. Rob Runs says

    My favorite thing(s) this week were the snacks provided after our 12 miler Sunday – our coach’s husband made butternut squash soup (which was still warm!), brownies, and supplied Veggie Straws.

    Tomorrow morning a bunch of friends and I are doing the 80s Retro Run in MD, why they have a costume race the first weekend of March in the Mid-Atlantic I have no idea. It’s gonna be so cold nobody will see the costumes anyway. Sunday is a 12 miler. Then a nap.

  7. says

    I am working all weekend so I am really trying to focus on the little things. The nights enjoying a movie with my husband, the short workouts I can get done before work, and the peacefulness first thing in the morning.

  8. Chris Cossairt says

    I love reading your blog! Vegas is simply too adorable! Living in Indiana this winter has been a nightmare for training. We have had so much snow and sub zero temps that its been difficult to keep my motivation up. However, I was able to escape to Marco Island for a few days with my hubby to visit his mom. We even ran the Paradise Half in Naples. It was a luxury to actually run on pavement! Glad you are getting rain even though it puts a damper on outdoor running.

  9. Suegene says

    Favorite thing(s)

    Rocking my 10 miler today – after last year’s injury laden year, I was ready for a win! It was cold – but not too cold. Hilly – but not terrible, and we avoided the ice. Winning all around!
    Cadbury Eggs – so happy to see them at CVS.

    And as a sidebar, my son is in Boca Grande this weekend for a destination wedding. AND my brother is in Englewood for funz. So at least somebody is having fun in the sun!

  10. says

    My favorite thing this week was negative splits on my run yesterday. Currently training for a half, and then going straight into training for my first full marathon, so the timing of you posting this video was perfect! Thanks for that.

  11. Melissa says

    I live in Montana and needed to get in a ten mile run today before tapering for a half in a couple of weeks. With the wind chill, it was about -30 degrees so my favorite thing was watching the Hunger Games on my Kindle while I spent quality time with a treadmill at my gym instead of running outside!

  12. says

    Thanks for the vlog and the explanation about how to approach training for a marathon. I am just recently getting into running andI would like to run a half marathon. I am currently just running on the treadmill for a hour @7mph. I am working to increase my speed before I increase my distance. I am working to get up to 8-9mph and then increase my distance to 1 1’2 hours of running.

  13. says

    Hey ladies/Monica,
    I already ran a marathon but I’m looking at doing another one.
    My one question is mainly nutrition. How many calories do you eat when training for a marathon? I definitely wasn’t eating enough last time I trained/ran.
    Also I ended up with some horrible ankle swelling at mile 20ish. Besides compression socks what can you do for this.
    Thanks so much for the info. I super appreciate it!!

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