Roadtrip Fail

Yesterday I braved the rain and hit up Roadrunner Sports for my marathon essentials. I realized I was all out of margarita shot blocks as I was packing for the Phoenix Marathon. The mocha is my fave gel and I always need Nuun in my life!!

ready for the marathon (669x502)

I also took a quick peek in Marshall’s and decided not to buy these green rain boots as a result of my instagram poll.

no green boots for you

When I went to leave for Phoenix I realized the parking lot in my complex was flooded. By ‘realize’ I mean I went to go to my car and stepped in 6 inches of water. There was no way around it and no point to going back to the house since I’d have to walk through it again.

wet shoes (669x502)

Oh well the show must go on.

road trip picture


road trip with friends

Except it didn’t happen. On my way out of town I checked traffic and checked in with my PIC, Cindy who lives in Palm Springs/on the way to PHX. She confirmed the roads in her area were pretty bad/flooded and thought it was dangerous. Plus there were tons of accidents. We really don’t know how to drive in the rain here.

It was pouring exactly like this, but not as sexy:

raining like this

I was going to take the chance and keep going, but Cindy has a whole family and stuff so she has something to live for and didn’t want to die. I tried hard to convince her, but she said my redhead was not the last thing she wanted to see before she died Sad smile

let the dogs out

I knew it wasn’t smart to go it alone so I cancelled the excursion in favor of eating chocolate at home.

I know, my life is so exciting…

rains like this

Last night it kept raining so my usual route was flooded. *Note: it’s not that it’s raining that bad here, it’s that it doesn’t rain often so the ground isn’t used to soaking it up AND our sewer systems aren’t amazing for the same reason.

flooded roads (409x545)16 miles (409x545)

Pre-run fuel. (Note the chocolate still out from last night. Told ya.)

oats before run (376x502)

Post-run fuel: Chocolate milk and no bake cookies made with rice cereal instead of oats. chocolate ball action (669x502)chocolate milk with lunch (409x545)

Check out my March Calendar for an easy day of strength training to incorporate in your life.

strength training for runners plan

Question: Who let the dogs out? What is your weekend excitement?


  1. says

    Well, I ran in the cold and it was so cold my Gatorade froze while I was running (17 miles). Be careful with flooding. We have some flash floods here every year and people ignore all the warnings and then have to be rescued.

  2. says

    It’s the same here in Israel, a few minutes of rain and all the roads are flooded. The best is when a car drives by and sprays you with flood water.
    Weekend excitement was a half marathon and some *a lot* of eating.

  3. Chris Cossairt says

    Sorry about the cancelled trip but I agree with your friend, better to err on the side of safety. Here in Indiana we are under a severe winter storm warning with 10″ of snow predicted this evening. Needless to say, people here are stocking up on essentials to get through the next few days. Like you, I have plenty of chocolate!

  4. Kris O says

    We missed you in Phoenix. I ran the half…not much rain for that but it sure is raining now. Fireworks for the anthem and for the start. Fun!

  5. says

    Watching movies at home and buying food for the weekend. And extra supplies just in case the snow storm actually does what the weather channel says.

    Good idea to stay home. My mom always says, “I’m not worried about your driving, just the other crazies out there.”

  6. says

    Haha great post! Honest, and genuine, love it! Like a thinking out loud every day post!

    I am currently in Michigan, so trying not to freeze to death….and feeling bad about complaining about the weather in Philly! I have to soon go brave the -4 weather to run 9 miles……in the snow….if I do not make it….tell La Salle I said goodbye haha! I am pushing my 19 mile long run to tomorrow. Last week I ran it in 6:17 average pace….this week I think I will lose about 2 minutes per mile….or do half on the dreaded treadmill!

    Sorry about all the flooding, I am from England, and everywhere is flooded there too!

  7. says

    My life really hasn’t been that exciting this weekend. That’s okay for now because I had some insane couple of weeks that left me exhausted. But you know it’s a party when you’re sitting in bed on a Friday night writing blog posts and then sitting in bed on a Saturday night writing out some client training plans. whoo! 😉

  8. says

    I am sick this weekend. Boo. This is extra lame because it is the last weekend before my boyfriend leaves for two months for work.

    Also lame because it is getting in the way of my running.

    Fun thing – we watched Willow last night which I haven’t seen since I was about 12!

  9. says

    Not again! We’re all tired of SNOW in the Northeast.

    That’s the big weekend news – going to the supermarket and loading up for the big blizzard (already downgraded since last Friday).

    Will winter NEVER end?

  10. TheSilentAssassin says

    Still wish we could of had that pose down. I’ve been working on mine. I still decided to take a moment before the finish line and gave the crowds a Hulk Hogan moment – minus the shirt ripping. It was still a bit chilly :). I already registered for the OC, 2nd beach challenge. So hopefully I’ll see The Monican there. Have a kick ass rest of your weekend Monica!

  11. says

    BLURGH. Also, I giggled my booty off reading this.

    Exciting news (but not really): WE GOT MORE SNOW. It will have officially driven me to run indoors for today. Meanwhile, Jimmy (“Swimmy”) Fallon did the Polar Plunge here. That was pretty awesome.

  12. Charlotte says

    Lol! You’re too funny. Every consider stand up? Not many bloggers have the gift to make others laugh in their writing style. Also, you have Ben, Vegas and siriacha to live for! Stay off rainy roads.

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