Motivation for Running–LA Marathon Week

Happy Monday!

I actually had a pretty good Sunday evening. I watched a little bit of the Oscars Red Carpet and realize Jennifer Lawrence and I are kindred spirits because we both fall a lot and she was in a movie called “Hunger Games” and I’m always hungry.

jennifer lawrence fall like me

But, I had to cut my Oscar viewing party short because I had dinner plans. I actually curled my hair and everything. Fancy, huh. Except my travel rollers that I adore are not staying my hair anymore – I think it’s too long now.


(RER on Instagram)

I went out to dinner with friends at Sam Woo – an amazing Chinese restaurant in Irvine. It brought all these warm fuzzy memories from my trip to China and made me happy.

dinner at sam woo

seafood in noodle birdnest (800x600)

fortune for this week (600x800)

Post dinner dessert at Menchie’s – luckily I had a shirt on…

no shirt no fro yo at menchies

fro you for me (600x800)

Since I did a back to back run this weekend I’m taking today off and just started my morning with a walk and some Instagram Smile

Breakfast quesadilla! Wait, it needs something…

breakfast quesadilla (800x600)

Avocado. Much better.

avocado on breakfast quesadilla (800x600)

Motivation to Run Monday

How motivated are you this week? I have to get my head in the game since I have the LA marathon this weekend and Catalina next! Ah!! Hoping this motivation helps…

dont run away (612x612)

run with your heart

If you are in SoCal and want some in person motivation come to my house and I’ll run with you join the Sole Runners. Their Spring/Summer training kick-off party is this Wednesday in Long Beach.

They are training for the Long Beach Marathon Oct 12, but members also train for other races along with the group if that one doesn’t work. It’s a carb-loading for the LA Marathon and kick-off party for the next session in one!! You can meet the other runners and mentors – everyone is really nice and welcoming Smile

sole runner steve (287x510)

If you want to go it’s March 5, Wed at 6pm at Buono’s in Downtown LB. Just show up and be like, “Where’s Coach Steve?!?! RunEatRepeat sent me.”

Question: Scale from 1 to 10 – 1 being you want to stay in bed, 10 being you are ready to get gold at the Olympics…

How motivated are you this week?


  1. says

    i’m going with a 3 :( My hamstring hurts and i’m all PMS crampy and i’ve got a bad creative block but my job deadlines can’t wait for the creative process to flow so i’ve got to pull some ad designs out of me somehow. oy!

    Hoping i’ll shoot up to a 9 tomorrow…
    Your breakfast quesadilla looks so delish. (with the avocado of course).

  2. Shannon in Tustin says

    At this very moment, I’m at a 1. Super wiped out from the weekend; why I am not entirely sure…
    But by 4, I’ll work it up to a 5+ and go out for a short run. Then I’ll do my very best to get at least 7 hours of sleep so I can start at about 8+ tomorrow. :)
    Good luck this weekend in LA; that is definitely on my bucket list for when life allows time to train for a full-mary again.

  3. Jessica says

    Approximately a -1. This northeast winter has depleted all my motivation to do anything other than watch tv on the couch.

  4. Kaylie says

    1. i’ve had it with this terrible midwest winter and i want to hide until it’s finally finished with its iron grip.

  5. says

    I’m a 6 today. If the sidewalks weren’t covered in snow/ice I would be a 10! Being able to run outside would be glorious:) Very tired of my Chicago winter right now (and talking about the weather in general…)

  6. says

    Hovering around an 8. I missed an easy run and long run last week, so now I’m itching to get going again. I’ve got a marathon at the end of the month and am freaking out a little bit.

  7. Alison says

    I think I’m a 5 this week. We’re still hella cold here in Northern Minnesota (aka, MARS), so it’s treadmill runs for at least another week. But! A friend asked me to be part of her Ragnar team for August, so I’m stoked about that! Good luck next weekend!

  8. says

    Im pretty motivated this week actually. We have more snow here so today has turned into crazy health food making day in the kitchen. I think I’m set for the month! I can’t run outside, but popped in some Insanity and worked up a sweat in the living room. I’m glad to have some way to exercise when the weather prevents me from getting outside or to the gym. Starting the week off right!

  9. MartinaNYC says

    10+++! Especially after a shitty 5K that I had yesterday- it was the first race of the year and I really had high hopes for it….

  10. The Silent Assassin says

    Motivated?! Very, very much so…Not scared of marathons anymore, but need to get some strength training for sure. Which reminds me, thanks for the strength training calendar! Also, are they serving chinese deliciousness in won ton bowls? Yummy… great motivation pins, especially the running over them part =). Have a kick ass day!

  11. Paola Ayers says

    I am definitely around an 8. I’m in Iowa and I hate running indoors, it’s giving me cabin fever, so i’m ready to get back outside. Got a 5K at the end of March and would love to have some outdoor training outside before the event.

  12. says

    Ugh, jealous reading all of your running posts! I did The 26.2 with Donna last Sunday and haven’t been able to get back out there except for one run on Friday! I have a knee pain stemming from my training and a nasty little black toenail I’m trying not to exacerbate…keep posting about your runs so I can feel like I’m running too :) I have a 15K on March 15 so I’m hoping I can begin again this weekend to give myself a week of runs before the race!

  13. Kelly M says

    I’m an 8! Once I took myself off a strict running schedule and just let myself run when and how far I wanted at random, my motivation went way up!! For some reason if I HAVE to do something, I don’t want to do it anymore!

  14. Bobbie says

    I’m at a 5 today! I did a short treadmill run with some plyometrics after!
    Maybe tomorrow will see a 6!

  15. says

    Hey! I’m interested in joining the Sole Runners – are there any other kick off, informational days, or can we just show up some Tuesday and check it out?

    Thanks! :)

    • says

      Megan, Coach Steve here. Thanks for asking.
      The best thing to do is go to: because I posted all the info there. Quickly, we are having a party tomorrow evening, 6 PM, at Buono’s Pizza in downtown Long Beach, Italian buffet for only $10 tax and tip included in the $10. You can meet me and many of our runners. We are having special low pricing that ends 3/9. You can register at the party, on-line or by sending a check.

      • says

        Thanks Steve! I most likely can’t make tomorrow, which is why I wanted to know if there’s any other dates I can just jump on in? :)

  16. says

    Monica, As always you are the best. I can’t wait to get a couple of runs in with you again but I doubt I’ll see you on the course at LA because you are probably in one of the fastest corrals and I am just coaching out there Sunday. But at Catalina, we maybe able to get some miles in together. Catalina is the best trail marathon in the country! Hopefully we see a buffalo.

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