Asics Gift Certificate Giveaway

I have a great giveaway and TWO of you will win!

Asics is the headline sponsor of the LA Marathon. You might have caught on to that, it being called the Asics LA Marathon and all Winking smile


Since I am from outside of LA I adore all the LA Love gear the race organizers sell.

i run this city asics la marathon shirt (409x545)

I grabbed this tee last year at the expo…

los angeles is for lovers

PLUS – the Asics office is only 5 minutes away from where I live in the OC now. So, they invited me to come check out their office and grab some gear.

visit to the asics office (282x502)

Obviously they have tons of great running gear. But they have a line of casual shoes that I am digging right now. I have the blue and they’re comfy and cute.

cute asics casual shoes (669x502)

Now I’m passing on that love to you. TWO RER readers will win a $150 gift certificate to the online Asics store. asics shoes and gear giveaway (669x502)

You can buy anything you want – even chonies!

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la marathon asics giveaway

To Enter: Leave a comment on this post answering…

What is the closest BIG city to where you’re from originally?

Closes 3/8/14 12pm PST


  1. Calais says

    Well….I’m from Vermont, and the largest city in VT is Burlington.
    But if we’re getting really technical it would be Montreal which is only about 2 hours from where I grew up! Love me so Asics!

  2. Molly says

    I am from a tiny town in MN so the closest real city is Minneapolis! And I love it there – they have a ton of trails and lakes to run around. Also, Asics are my favorite running shoe. They are actually the only ones that I wear!

  3. britt says

    I’m originally from a really small town.. so the closest sort of big city was Thunder Bay, ON.. but the closest actually big city would have been Toronto

  4. Kristin says

    The closest big city to little ole Elgin, TX is Austin! I live in Raleigh now and can’t wait to get some runs in over the holidays in the ATX!

  5. Anne C says

    Hmm. I guess Houston would be the closest to where I was born. I kind of claim New Orleans though, since that’s closest to where I spent my high school days. And since I’m an Army wife, I’ve also been close to OKC, San Fransisco, and Atlanta. All of them are great places to live or visit!

  6. says

    I grew up in Minneapolis/St. Paul. While some people say its not a big city, and its really not compared to NY/LA/Chicago, its got just as much going on, just with less traffic :)

  7. Michelle says

    Small town USA is where I’m from, so I’d say Pittsburgh. Still small, but giant in comparison!

  8. Erin T says

    I grew up in the middle of Wisconsin, so Milwaukee would be the biggest city near me. Milwaukee’s still a smaller city for some people though :)

  9. Liela says

    I am from a very small island off the coast of Maine so after the boat ride the biggest city is Portland Maine, still pretty small but after that it would be Boston!

  10. says

    Oh gosh. Well, I guess currently it’s Kansas City. Where I grew up, it depends on how BIG big cities have to be? Springfield, MO is about 180,000 people — so not really BIG, but definitely big when lots of the towns in the state have 0-2 stoplights in the whole town that may or may not be just flashing red…

  11. Sally Martin says

    !!! I need new running shoes and I’ve been putting off buying them, trying to find them on sale… what a joke.

    I grew up right outside of Richmond, VA, but apparently, most people don’t think that’s a real “city,” so I guess I’ll have to say DC! I live in DC now anyways!

  12. Abby says

    I live in the Detroit metro area! Detroit is definitely a hidden gem and I encourage everyone to check out it’s history and culture! Ran my first half marathon in Detroit last October which takes you across the Ambassador Bridge to Canada and then back through all of Detroit’s major sites!

  13. Dani J says

    well, I grew up in the boonies of northern South Dakota. so probably Minneapolis, but that was about a 5 hour drive. so glad I’m over that. haha

  14. Paula says

    I grew up in Connecticut, and I’m pretty sure none of the “cities” there count — so I guess it’s either Boston or NYC!

  15. Chamois says

    CLEVELAND!!!! I’m from Chardon, OH maple syrup hometown of the world and just 30 miles east of the 216.

  16. says

    My answer is sort of complicated because I grew up smack dab in the middle of PA. Both Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are about the same distance from me and considered large cities. And I really have no preference from one over the other – I have run races that I have loved in both!!

  17. alycia wilson says

    The closest cities to where I am originally from (small town in southern Illinois) are Indianapolis and St. Louis. I love Indy races!

  18. Lisa Shaw says

    I was born in Gilroy, Ca… I guess the closest big-ish city would be San Jose…or San Fransisco? We moved to Fresno when i was real young and stayed there till i was a teen….Fresno has enough people its own state…hahaha. Then we lived in Washington closevto Seattle… im in Tulsa, Ok,….:)

  19. Debra says

    I grew up in a small mining town called Bagdad (no h), AZ. The biggest city was Phoenix, AZ which is where I currently live. I didn’t stray too far from home.

  20. Crissy says

    I am closest to the Big Apple (or New York City for those who don’t live on Earth and know it’s nickname)

  21. Jamie N. says

    This is funny. I live in West Virginia, the southern part of the state. So the closest city is Charlotte, N.C. But most people wouldn’t say that is big enough. Our town is so tiny we think Charleston, W.Va., is big or Roanoke, Va. haha. 😉

  22. Jennifer says

    Well, I from Miami, so that’s already a big city, but in guess I’ll go with Atlanta since it’s the “closest”. I’d love to win some new gear… gets expensive to buy it on my own 😉

  23. Carolyn says

    Denver! At least I can always count on my Asics gear to help me look cute when I am huffing and puffing during my runs at altitude!

  24. Jessica says


    PS- LOVE those sparkly gold and coral casual sneakers!! I’m always looking for snazzy sneakers for commuting. As no one in LA walks, pretty much EVERYONE in New York walks.

  25. Jen says

    NYC! Didn’t realize ’til I moved away how convenient it was to live so close…currently, though, the closest city to me is Toronto, which is also not so bad :)

  26. says

    Wait… before I go to the bother of commenting, is there at least a CHANCE that I’ll win BOTH prizes?

    And as for your question, I like to think that ANY city I’m born in is a big city. I KNOW IT’S NOT TRUE. I JUST SAID I LIKE TO THINK IT!!!!!!!

  27. Robyn says

    I’m from a suburb outside of Milwaukee, but seeing as that still isn’t HUGE the closest BIG city would be Chicago!

  28. Ali C says

    Oh gosh, I am originally from a super small town. Does Green Bay, WI count as a big city?! Otherwise Chicago might be my closest at 4.5 hours away!

  29. Kaylie says

    Indianapolis, IN and proud of it! I’ve lived in (and loved) Chicago, but my heart belongs to Indy. Most underrated city in the country!

  30. Becki Walker says

    Well, I’ve always lived in NC so I guess I’d say Raleigh but I don’t know how big that is in comparison!

  31. Kaitlin G says

    I’m 20 minutes from Baltimore and from D.C…. so both? Although I guess D.C. is the bigger city :)

  32. Paola says

    Originally from Puerto Rico, it’s hard to be close to a BIG city when you live in an island, but San Juan is about 300K people so I think that counts!

  33. Erica says

    OMG I need to win this! How exciting!

    The closest BIG city to where I’m from is probably DC. I’m from Roanoke, VA and live in Norfolk, VA now. DC is about a 3 hour drive from both.

  34. Mendy says

    Every city I start to type isn’t actually a big city. I live in Montana. The whole state’s population isn’t even at “city” numbers. :)

  35. Susie B. says

    I’m from southern Indiana, so either Nashville or Indianapolis! But now I live in northern Indiana, and Chicago is only 90 minutes away, which is nice!

  36. Nikki says

    I’m from Winnipeg, Manitoba, so the closest large city was Minneapolis. And that’s where I live now!

  37. Amber S. says

    Does Duluth, MN count as a big city? If so, that would’ve been the closest. If not, then Minneapolis would be second closest. But it would be a 3 hour drive away.

  38. Jennifer says

    Buffalo! I live in a small suburb of Buffalo, NY, the home of chicken wings, beef on weck and all great bar food!

  39. Leah says

    I am originally from Southeastern Kentucky so the closest biggish cities near me are Louisville, KY or Cincinnati, OH:)

  40. Ashley T says

    Is Richmond, VA considered a big city? If not, I’ll say DC. Just moved to Dallas though and am LOVING it!

  41. Janay Ridge says

    I lived in a small town in Iowa across the river from Nebraska so the big city to us was Omaha, NE. But I guess in Iowa it would have been Des Moines. I now live in one of the biggest cities in the country, Chicago, and I absolutely love it!!

  42. Christi says

    Hmmmmm The midwest makes this a lot more challenging! I guess we’ll go with Kansas City at 4 hours, 6 hours to Minneapolis, 8 hours to Chicago.

  43. says

    I’m from Green Bay so the closest big city to there us Chicago. Thank goodness I live in AZ now. Too cold there for this chica! This is an awesome giveaway by the way. I only wear asics gel nimbus running shoes. I’m rocking some hot pink ones now.

  44. Alex says

    I love Asics, it’s my choice in running shoes. Biggest city would be either San Jose or San Francisco. I think San Jose is larger in population but San Francisco more well known.

  45. Sara Wortman says

    Im a military kids so I can’t think of one specific place Im from. I was born in Utah though, so Salt Lake City it is!

  46. Lindsey B says

    The closest big city to where I’m from is Minneapolis….but if that doesn’t count, then it’s Chicago!

  47. Lindsey says

    Well I live in Columbus, Ohio and some would consider it a big city. I’d probably consider Chicago the closet BIG city though. I love asics. I wear my black and teal tigers all the time.

  48. says

    This is funny…the closest big city of where I’m from ORIGINALLY, is Taipei. I’m actually going back to Taiwan this year to run the Taroko Gorge Marathon in November. Excited!

  49. says

    “big city” would be Hartford, but no one knows that. So the real big city is Boston which is about 1.5 hours away. Even better is you can get on the T pretty far out and not have to drive in! :)

  50. says

    I grew up on the Jersey Shore (yep that place) and our closest city was NYC!! Now I live in Washington, DC. So I guess I gravitate to the East Coast.

  51. Shannon B. says

    I’m from middle of no where Western Nebraska, so that makes Denver, CO the closest big city!!!

  52. Eliana S says

    I’m originally from the tiny island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean so the closest big city would probably be Athens, Greece!

  53. Kaelin says

    I grew up outside of Indianapolis, but if that’s not a BIG enough city, Chicago was 4 hours north.

  54. Deb says

    I was born and raised in a small town outside of Washington, DC. I live in Ocean City, MD now. I would love to win and would get a new pair of shoes. Thanks for the op and have a great run this weekend!

    PS – A friend of mine (Diane) is the 4hr pacer. Go say “hi” – she’s super sweet and an awesome pacer. Tell her I sent you her way! :-)

  55. says

    Wow what an awesome giveaway! I currently live in S. Setauket, which is located in Long Island, NY. I was born in Flushing Queens, NY, about an hour away from where I live. I was born and raised as a NY and I don’t think I can ever leave.

  56. Kathryn says

    My closest big city is Kansas City! I love the Midwest although I am jelly of your nice temps when it’s been an iceberg here.

  57. Maria says

    Well, I am from the City of Buenos Aires in Argentina and that’s probably the biggest city we have there and now live in the suburbs of Chicago so my closest city is… CHICAGO! I love Asics! (I heard on the news last night BoA is having issues preventing people from registering to the Chicago Marathon this week. Not that I plan on running it -unless I am guaranteed 1-on-1 QT with Tom Hiddleston- but it’s a bummer!)

  58. Tracy says

    Orlando florida.

    And I LOVE asics. Used to get awful blisters in almost every shoe until I discovered the kayanos.

  59. Kat says

    Haha well I’m originally from Germany so that would be a little tricky but I’d say now where I live the next biggest city would be NYC :)

  60. Chelsea says

    I’m from Michigan, so the closest big city is Detroit! Unless that’s not big enough, in which case, it’s Chicago!

  61. Nicki says

    I’m originally from Chicago and my family still lives there, but I live in New Orleans now. I love them both for completely different reasons.

  62. Debbie Dean says

    Grew up in Herndon, VA, so Washington D.C. would be the closest big city! (Currently I live in China, close to Shanghai where 23 million people reside…. So do I get brownie points for that??? ;):))

    • Debbie Dean says

      (If I win though, I’ll be home in VA this summer for three months and would really be grateful for the giftcard to order some gear to take back to China with me!!!)

  63. Kelly says

    Hmmm Raleigh or Charlotte, NC but I don’t know that they count as a BIG city especially compared to NYC, San Fran, LA, Miami & so on 😛

  64. Hanna says

    Well the biggest city would be Berlin, the biggest one in US closest to my hometown would be Maine I guess 😉

  65. Michele says

    Minneapolis, MN. Those casual shoes look amazing!! I might have to check them out, even if I don’t win.

  66. Heidi Viramontes says

    Los Angeles! And, I’m participating in my first marathon this weekend… LAM of course!!!! I rarely need things but I need this and would take it with much gratitude and appreciation. Thank you for considering this first timer, LA girl!

  67. says

    NYC is the closest to my hometown in Upstate, NY…Though Boston is probably about the same distance as well! Right now, the closest city to me is Detroit and I’m really loving the huge running community that it offers! :)

  68. Danielle says

    I grew up about 2.5 hours from MINNEAPOLIS!! Not the biggest city in the world but I love it!! I love Asics running shoes and winning this would be pretty rad!

  69. Yvonne says

    Even though I was born in a city of 8 million people, it’s considered a “small” city by Chinese standards. It would make Beijing the closest “big” city to me! And boy is it big.

  70. Laura Smith says

    I grew up in the rural community of Ararat, VA. It is about 2 hours from Charlotte, NC and about 4 hours from Richmond, VA. As a cat lover I always enjoy the pictures you post with Vegas.

  71. Debbie Gorlewski says

    The closest big city to me was and still is, Detroit, MI. Though, I’m more inclined to drive to my favorite big city, Chicago, IL! :) I run in Asics and would LOVE this GC! Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity!

  72. says

    I’m from San Jose! Woo Woo 408! Which is one of the biggest cities in Cali so otherwise I guess it’d just be SF. PS I LOVE MY ASICS AND WOULD LOVE TO WIN!!!!

    Abrazos from one Monica to another!

  73. Ashley R says

    The closest big city to where I am from originally is Cleveland, OH. Now, after being just outside of Raleigh, NC for a year, I have relocated to Columbus, OH and am getting the feel of a city again!

  74. Kaylen says

    Though I now live in the Ocean State, I grew up in Canada! The big and AWESOME city closest to me was Toronto!

  75. says

    Boston, MA!! Moved to NH for grad school but still consider myself a Boston Girl at heart. My goal is to one day qualify for the Boston Marathon :)

  76. adina says

    I’m originally from Indianapolis, but my husband lovingly refers to it as a small town, so I guess Chicago:)

  77. Nicole in STL says

    St. Louis! Just returned from a vacation to LA/OC and am totally jealous of the weather you get to run in! 😀

  78. Barrett says

    I’m from western Colorado, so I’m closest to the Mile High City: Denver! I love running the paths and trails west of the metro area!

  79. Amy Ramos says

    I live in San Jose, CA-that is pretty big. Almost a million people. The next biggest would be San Francisco!!

  80. Jenica Moore says

    I am from a small town of 300 people in Kansas (seriously, I graduated with 8 people in my class). The closest city to me is Amarillo, TX but the closest BIG city is Denver, CO! If that isn’t middle-of-nowhere, I don’t know what is!

  81. cynthia Fudzinski says

    I am originally from WI and the closest big city to me was Milwaukee. Now I live in Kenai, AK and the closest big city is Anchorage, AK.

  82. Erica says

    I live outside of boston. Born and raise..although I love having 4 seasons, I am very done with the winter!! #bostonstrong. Are you running boston? I’ll be cheering and this year will be awesome!! #nofears

  83. Liz Cariseo says

    I love Asics! Their gear is so great!
    The closest big city to me is NYC! I live just outside of the city in Westchester!

  84. Katrina says

    The biggest closest city to me is probably Detroit, MI! Detroit sometimes gets a bad rap, but the city really is fascinating and there are so many things going on there right now. I truly believe that Detroit is experiencing a come back, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

  85. Carmen says

    I am originally from Denver but moved away when I was three. I now live in the biggest town in Montana..A whole 162,000 people live here!But no where near any Asics store! I would love one!

  86. says

    Well, it depends on how “big” of a city you’re talking! I’m from Alabama and live about 2 hours from Birmingham and 3 1/2 hours from Montgomery. Those don’t seem like very big cities compared to some of these others though!

  87. Kristen says

    I’m from a small city–but live relatively close to Toronto! It’s one of the top 5 largest cities in North America :)

  88. Molly says

    Does Portland count as a “big” city? If yes, then I’ll go with that. If not, then I go with Seattle. Big cities are few and far between in the PNW.

    Also, I’m surprised you went with the blue shoes when there are pink ones too!

  89. says

    I’m from VA originally and Richmond was the closest big(ish) city to me. But if you’re talking real BIG cities I was only a few hours away from Washington, DC.

  90. Samantha says

    I am originally from Boston! My dream is to run The Boston Marathon one day! Right now I reside in Dallas, TX! I love Asics!

  91. Jamie says

    I grew up in upstate NY, the closest BIG city would have to be Toronto. I’ve thought a lot about trying the Toronto marathon! there’s two – a spring and a fall.

  92. Annie says

    Boston! There’s nothing like a run along the banks of the river Charles! Masshole through and through.

  93. Julie says

    I grew up right outside of San Diego! It’s smaller than LA, but definitely a big city! There are a lot of great places to run all over Southern California, and I only wear Asics when I run :)

  94. Anel says

    I didn’t know they had casual shoes too! Cool! I grew up in a very small, mountain resort town and the closest city was L.A. Good luck on Sunday!

  95. Alex Fishburn says

    Well, I was born in DC so technically I guess that’s it. But I grew up in a suburb of San Diego (which is what I still consider home). And I LOVE Asics…and I always think that since it’s literally across the street from my house I can’t believe I don’t know anyone who works there and can hook me up with a giant discount!!

  96. Renee says

    well if you count Birmingham , AL as a big city, that was it haha. Otherwise, Atlanta was it, but it was about 4 hours away!

  97. says

    Well seeing as though I am a military brat, that’s always a hard question to answer… But I was born in Wiesbaden, Germany, so the closest big city would have to be Frankfurt, Germany (Mainz is closer, but still not quite as big). I LOVE Asics and your blog! Very inspiring!

  98. The Silent Assassin says

    Oh geez, is Honolulu considered “big city”? If not, then it’s gotta be Los Angeles.

  99. Margaret says

    I am just north of LA! Running the LA marathon this weekend as well – it will be first full! Nerves are definitely starting to kick in.

    I would love this gift certificate though – asics are my favorite shoe brand!

  100. Elizabeth says

    Washington, DC! It may not be BIG like LA or NY, but it’s mighty (or at least everyone here thinks they’re mighty)… I’ll be honest, I grew up here when I was a kid and came back as an adult (even if I don’t feel like a ‘grown up’) and I still get a little warm and fuzzy when I run/walk/commute by the White House or Washington Monument….

  101. Shannon in Tustin says

    Queue up Randy Newman’s “I Love LA” (We love it!!!) and take me to a Dodger game… 😀
    Would love, love, love some ASICS LA running gear.

    Great give-away, Monica! Good luck this weekend.

  102. Heather C says

    Well how big is big? I was from a suburb of Rochester NY, but that is pretty small, so I would say BIG city would be Toronto!

  103. Kim Hollingsworth says

    I was born in Toledo, Ohio. The biggest city near there would be Detroit, MI. However, I grew up in sunny Florida and now I live in Hawaii. Good luck at the LA marathon!

  104. Karen says

    I am from a small town about halfway between Denver and Kansas City. In other words, the middle of nowhere.

  105. Kim says

    I was born in Toledo, Ohio. The biggest city near there would be Detroit. However I grew up in sunny Florida.

  106. Cortney says

    I guess Sacramento would be the biggest BIG city near me. If that’s even considered big? Or maybe San Franciso. Both of those are 2 hours from me.

  107. Laura says

    I love this question!! I grew up in a town that had about 500 residents, so the closest big city was Greenfield, MA which is where I live now and that has about 20,000 residents. I guess the “Big” city is Springfield, MA. I love Asics- I wear them all the time for my runs and working out!

  108. Lexa says

    Big city I would have to say Pittsburgh. Even though Erie, PA is the snowiest city in the US with a population over 100K people. So does that count since it isn’t a big city?

  109. Kelly Jo says

    I am from Edmonton, KY, that is 50 miles east of Bowling Green, KY which is the 3rd largest city in KY. You may have heard about it recently on the news. Home to the Corvette, where 8 vettes, one-of a kinds, anniversary editions, fell into a sinkhole…yeah there!!! 😉

  110. Megan A. says

    I am from Sheboygan, WI, (of Home Alone fame: “Kenosha Kickers…very big in Sheboygan”) so the closest big city is Milwaukee, where I live now. I grew up and ran away to the big city a whole 50 minutes from my parents’ house.

  111. Kelsey says

    Good luck this weekend! I’m from Ohio, and the closest BIG city is Chicago. I’m guessing Columbus, Ohio doesn’t really count :)

  112. Sarah says

    Washington DC! Well, technically London since I was born in England, but since I moved here when I was 4, I consider Maryland my hometown.

  113. erin m. says

    The closest big city to where I am originally from would be Syracuse, N.Y. if you consider that a big city.

  114. ChristineB says

    The biggest city close to where I grew up was Calgary Alberta Canada. It was a big deal when we got to go to the big city. I thought my cousins that grew up there were SO COOL. Yep, I was a hick!

  115. Marisa says

    I’m a Jersey girl…so that would be New York City! We used to go all of the time–just a quick ride on the train and you were there!

  116. says

    I’m originally from Central Jersey so my closest city was good ole NYC. I would LOVE to eventually run the NYC Marathon, even though I live quite a ways from there nowadays. Who knows, maybe I’ll head that way some day 😉

  117. Ashley says

    I live just a few miles outside of Portland, OR and I absolutely LOVE it! Couldn’t imagine a better place to live….rain and all :-)

  118. says

    I’m from just outside of Oslo, Norway. Biggest city in the country, but it’s not big at all. 600 000 ppl. I love it here nevertheless.

  119. Amber says

    Well I was born in Tucson and that’s kinda big, but I’d say the closest truly big city would be Phoenix.

  120. says

    Since I’m originally from Reading, PA the BIG city that I’m closest to is good ole Philadelphia, PA!
    Which is where I ran my first and second half marathons. RnR Philly love!

  121. Andrea A. says

    I’m from Terre Haute, Indiana, which only about an hour drive from Indianapolis, which has a lot of great running events (including the AWESOME 500 Festival Mini-Marathon)!

  122. Evelyn says

    I have a few to choose from; I have Boston, MA (90 minutes); Hartford, CT (45 minutes) and NYC (3 hours). They are all drivable. :-)

  123. Jaci says

    I am from Pittsburgh, Pa. Grew up about 30 miles outside of it and now live closer! I am running the Dick’s Sporting Goods Marathon so I can become a runner of steel!

  124. Rachel says

    Originally – closest to Philadelphia
    Now – I live in Richmond, but some don’t consider that a big city so I guess DC?

  125. Ashley S. says

    Daytona Beach, FL which doesn’t seem like a BIG city to me, but since we host the Daytona 500, Bike Week, were once-upon-a-time the go-to-hotspot for Spring Break and have the Daytona Beach Half Marathon (which goes from the Speedway through the city to the beach and back)… so, I’m claiming it!

    If you need me to go bigger… we’ll count Orlando! :-)

  126. Melissa S. says

    I grew up equal distance from Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL. I still live pretty much in the same area.

  127. Kristina says

    Does Green Bay, WI count as big? Otherwise, Madison.

    I don’t really care about football, but Go Pack Go!

  128. andrea says

    I’ll be at Mile 22 with my rag-tag trio of dogs cheering! Will be on the lookout for you. Good luck.

  129. Sally says

    Los Angeles!!! I haven’t lived in CA since I went to college, but still have very fond memories of growing up there!