LA Marathon and Carb-Loading Mexican Style

Hello!!! Last night I walked around a bit in Santa Monica. I should have been resting, but I was in search of carbs!

santa monica pier at night pre la marathon (600x800)

I came prepared with my own hot sauce to douse them in…

mexican carb loading (600x800)

I ended up at Wahoo’s Fish Tacos. Nothing new, but safe I guess?

drinking cholula (600x800)

This morning my wake-up call was 4:06am, but with the time change it felt like 3:06am. It was ROUGH.

Thanks to Asics we had a bus to the start from the hotel and access to the VIP area pre-race at Dodgers Stadium. It was fancy and I was just hoping they didn’t kick me out.


After a quick breakfast and bathroom break it was time to line up at the start line!

la marathon pre race start line (600x800)

Gorgeous Pink Sunrise.

pink sunrise (800x600)

I also met reader Cody and Mary Ann at the start! It was Cody’s first race – hope she tells us in the comments how it went!!

runeatrepeat and cody (600x800)

MaryAnn and I met briefly at the Salon Pas event (I think) a few years back!

runeatrepeat and balanced bean la marathon (600x800)

Time to goooooo!!!!

la marathon start line race (800x600)

Around Mile 8 I tried to take a video of the Hollywood sign, but my phone wasn’t into it. I did get this picture though!!

la marathon mile 8 hollywood sign (600x800)

It was a HOT day! So I tried to focus on staying hydrated and not getting to crazy. Unfortunately, I drank my whole water bottle full of Nuun by mile 12 and made the decision to toss it. So, now I need a replacement but I didn’t want to carry it empty the rest of the way. Overall: I loved the race. I dig SoCal and it makes me happy.

la marathon finish line (800x600)

LA Marathon Finish in 3:42:34


Then I grabbed some food from the VIP tent and headed to my room for an ice bath. A little smoothie action while I iced.

I wanted to give a shout-out to the whole running blogger clan! Check out their blogs below!

group run picture

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Question: What was the BEST thing you did or ate this weekend?


  1. Anel says

    Great job!!!!! The best thing I ate this weekend were flour less double chocolate chip muffins. So good!! The best thing I did this weekend was run 5 miles.

  2. says

    I ran 9 miles yesterday! My longest run yet in my half marathon training! So close to 13.1 only 4 more weeks till Im at that distance( I increase my long run 1 mile each week, then do 2 shorter runs of 4 and 5 miles 2 other days)! Also I was having significant calf pain on Monday when I ran and I cut my run short and rested it till Saturday which paid off because I ran pain free yesterday! So that was definitely a good feeling! I was smiling my whole run!

  3. says

    Congrats!! Thanks for the running blog list too, always looking for new ones to read. My favorite thing this weekend was going out dancing last night with lady friends – but I’m hurting today!

  4. says

    Congrats on your race/time. I always want to toss out what’s bugging me in the middle of a run. Sunglasses are on the top of the list, once during a race I considered tossing my Ipod…

  5. Maryann says

    Yes it was the salon pas event! Thanks so much for the picture and great job today! It was way to hot out there.

  6. Kristy says

    Congrats on a nice finish today!
    The best thing I did this weekend was finish the LA Marathon. It was my first full marathon ever…the heat was brutal!
    The best thing I ate was roasted chicken and mashed potatoes at my celebratory meal. Mmmm…
    I can honestly say your blog has been such an inspiration for me in training for today’s race, so thanks. :)

  7. Christie says

    Best thing- running the LA marathon- #4 for me and even with the heat I got a PR of 4:19, hoping to break 4:10 someday (a much cooler day!!)

    Best thing I ate- homemade pizza for carb loading before the race. Spinach, mushroom, onion mmmm

  8. says

    The running blogger picture makes me so happy! I’ve been keeping up with the pre-race fun and now reading post-race recaps and am uber jealous :)

  9. Cody says

    Hi Monica, it was so exciting to run into you at the race start this morning! The race went pretty well, much harder than I expected it to be though. I loved the course and all of the crowd support. I’m already pumped for my next one, whenever that is!

  10. says

    Awesome job on the race!!!
    Best thing I did: run 5.5 miles after not running for two months.
    Best thing I ate: coconut chocolate chip cookie bars :)

  11. says

    Best thing I get, get most of my house packed because we’re moving, best thing I ate a plate of nachos while exhausted on the couch from packing.

  12. says

    I ran an 8 miler, my longest training run this season and ate banana chia pudding that was awesome. It was the first time I made it and now I am hooked !

  13. Kate says

    Best thing I did this weekend was a 20 mile pathetic training run Saturday followed by a 5 miler race on Sunday where I got a PR of 2:18. My legs felt like bricks and I was not thinking it would end well but I was pleasantly surprised! I ate an amazing black bean veggie burger with jalapeños in it and bacon and cheese on it last night. Soooo good!

    • says

      Yeah, it was super HOT! But, we’ve had a very warm ‘winter’ so I’m not coming from a cold climate into this and am probably more used to it overall. And I kinda tried not to think about it too much during the race…

  14. says

    The best thing I ate this weekend was a chocolate milkshake from Bob and Edith’s Diner in Arlington, VA.
    The best thing I did this weekend was travel to DC!

    Btw, what kind of shorts did you wear for the LA Marathon???

  15. John says

    Set a PR for 5 miler on Saturday with a time of 47:11, pretty stoked about that. The best thing I ate was a chocolate HoneyStinger waffle after run!!

  16. says

    Best thing I did this past weekend was run a Leprechaun Chase 10K! I hadn’t ran in like a month (I know, I know) but was pretty pleased with my time. It was lasses vs lads and whoever finished first won free green beer for their gender. Ladies won so I got free beer after the race so I’m not complaining.

  17. Laura says

    I ran the LA marathon too! My first full! Finish time was 3:54:58, so I was happy with that. The heat was brutal!

    Never saw you, but I did see Ryan Hall in our hotel lobby one morning. Loved the race, the volunteers and spectators were great. The landmarks were cool. If it wasn’t for that dang sun it would have been perfect, lol.

  18. Victoria R. says

    Best thing I did was attend Expo for the first time! Holy cow it was overwhelming. But so great!

    Best thing I ate (at Expo) was the new Beanito chips. Super tasty and full of protein and fiber. Now I can indulge and not feel toooo guilty.

  19. Victoria R. says

    Best thing I did all weekend was attend Expo for the first time! Holy cow. It was so overwhelming but so great.

    Best thing I ate (at Expo) was the new Beanito chips. They are made out of beans and full of protein/fiber. Now I can indulge and not feel toooo guilty.

  20. says

    Your posts are so awesome! I am cracking up. First having your name on a jumbo sign “MONICA” — actually I saw “MONICA PIE” so I have a new name for you — and then hot sauce. OMG. Plus I like that you at least tried to get the Hollywood sign, because I know it’s there and that’s at least some keeper of it! Great running with you and meeting you and hubs! Take care

    Mark aka @marathoner

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