LA Marathon Aftermath and Dinner with Andrew and Deena Kastor and the whole blogger team

Hello! How’s it going? I am exhausted. But I had a fun weekend, so I guess that’s the price you pay! Totally worth it Smile

Check out my LA Marathon Results / Recap post for more!

after la marathon asics race results

Yesterday right after the marathon I headed up to my room for an ice bath situation and a smoothie.

smoothie and ice bath after marathon (600x800)

I also grabbed some food from the fancy VIP tent for after…

tiramisu after la marathon (600x800)

Then, I just hung out for a bit relaxing and watching the other runners walking down the street after the marathon. I was going to head back out to cheer but felt like I had more than enough sun and needed to hang back and rehydrate.

la marathon (600x800)

watching runners after la marathon (800x600)

I know 99.6% of LA Marathon Recaps will talk about the heat – yes it was very hot, especially for distance running! But, we’ve had a warm ‘winter’ down here so it wasn’t as shocking to my body as others that came from the east. Plus, I really went into the race with the mindset that Sunday was NOT the day to push myself since it was so hot. So, I think being relaxed and unambitious about it helped for once. Go Type C personality!

Finally I rallied to take a walk down to the water. My medal wanted to see the ocean. Photo-bombed by a bird!! I actually got a few better pics than this, but I think it’s funny.

photo bomb by bird (800x600)

I shared this on Instagram but in case you don’t follow me there…

Rule #3 of Running/Racing: Wear your race medal for the rest of the day! Hey, it’s the only day you’re going to wear it, so sport it proud!

at the beach after la marathon (600x800)

It was interesting to see the street where the marathon finished just an hours later, so empty and sad like my tiny black heart

la marathon aftermath (800x600)

After a short walk to the Pacific I met back up with the group for dinner at BOA in Santa Monica. Coach Andrew and Deena Kastor joined us too! It was awesome to sit by Deena and chat about everything from running to pets to the getting the flu. I adore her (but tried to play it cool obviously).

coach andrew kastor post race talk (800x600)

It was so nice to have the race behind us and just enjoy the gorgeous weather and each other’s company. I met Running Rachel for the first time this weekend…

running rachel blogger and runeatrepeat (600x800)

and here is my southern neighbor StuftMama

runeatrepeat and stuft mama after la marathon (800x600)

It was one of those meals where your wine glass is never empty so you think you’re only had one, but suddenly it hits you in the best way. Feel me?

white wine after marathon (600x800)

la marathon post race dinnger (800x600)

Dinner started with a wedge salad…

wedge salad (800x600)

If salmon is on the menu, I’m getting it…

salmon dinner after la marathon (800x600)

Mashed potatoes.

mashed potatoes i love you (800x600)


dessert at boa steakhouse (800x600)

After dessert they brought out freshly made cotton candy and sparklers!! How fun is that?!?!?

cotton candy and sparklers (800x600)

After dinner it was time to say good-bye…

running blogger team after la marathon (800x600)

Boo. Anne and I go way back, hopefully we’ll hang out again soon!!

runeatrepeat and fannetastic food (800x600)

This morning I woke up at 4:30am. wtf.

I was going to go back to sleep, but figured I should try and beat the LA traffic and get home. So, I packed and reluctantly left the hotel…


Luckily, I totally missed all the traffic and was home in an hour flat. Score!

Now I’m talking to you nice people and avoiding my email.

I’ll see you in a bit!

Question: When was the last time you had cotton candy?

We were all talking about it when it came out – years and years ago!!


  1. says

    i think i had some cotton candy this past summer when i took my niece to Great Adventure but I could very well be imagining it. My 40 year old brain don’t remember as well as it used to =)

    Anytime there is an ocean and palm trees at the end of a marathon i think it’s one that needs to be on my bucket list. Go rest up! The email will be there later.

  2. says

    Randomly I went to this Japanese restaurant in New York last time I was there that had you make cotton candy on the way out. Odd — but I was OK with it.

  3. says

    The last time I had cotton candy was at Disney World in November. My son had a handful when our bus arrived and he refused to disobey the no eating on the bus rule and held it the entire time. It was a hard blue mess when we arrived. Yuck.

  4. The Silent Assassin says

    Too long ago =). I really enjoyed reading this blog. It was so exciting following you this weekend and seeing all the bloggers I follow. Thanks for sharing! Have a kick ass rest of your day!

  5. says

    Definitely have not had cotton candy for at least 10 years.

    Im glad you had a good time; I love Santa Monica bc my husbands family lives out there. So nice and I wish I could go more often!

    Way to rock that race.

  6. says

    I had cotton candy at a summer minor league baseball game we went too with my family last summer. It was delicious but before that I don’t remember the last time I’ve had it. To me anything with that much sugar has GOT to be good.

  7. says

    Yay! It was SO great to meet you this weekend… and get to know you better Sunday night at dinner. :)

    Sunday was the last time I had cotton candy… but could NOT tell you when I had it before then. Yummy!

  8. says

    Congrats on a solid race! It was seriously hot out there this weekend, and last time I had cotton candy was actually super recently at a friend’s work party and sometimes I get cotton candy at baseball games. That stuff is delicious.

  9. Anel says

    Last year at the circus!!! That big piece of coton candy looks amazing!!! I love that you all got VIP treatment! Whoop!!

  10. says

    OH my gosh I love cotton candy! I actually had it recently, one of my friends from nursing school gave it away as her favor at her wedding and shared the leftovers…that’s what I call a good friend :)

  11. says

    Fun fact! My dad, who drives an ice cream truck around the neighborhood, used to sell cotton candy and as a kid I would help him make it. The machine that spins it leaves a sugar residue everywhere (your clothes, hair, the ceiling, etc.) It didn’t take me long to lose my fascination with the stuff. Oh, and did you know the pink is actually vanilla?

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