Top Ten New Foods from the Natural Products Expo West

I went to the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim on Friday. It is an awesome show with thousands of new and improved ‘natural’ products like food, supplements and beauty products. It is a way for companies to share information about their products to possible customers and the press.

pre expo west outside (669x502) (669x502)

I was able to get a press pass since I’ve covered the event three years now. Plus, you are probably in the target audience that these companies want to access. So, I scoured the massive expo for things you might want to try and haven’t seen yet.

 natural products expo west (376x502) (376x502)

The expo is at the Anaheim Convention Center right across the street from Disneyland. I passed by the back of the park on my way. Hello Disneyland!!

disneyland gate (409x545) (409x545)

I have a special little place to park so this was my walk – not too shabby.

natural products expo anaheim (669x502) (669x502)

Top 10 New Foods From Natural Products Expo West

10. Zevia – I love Zevia, so this isn’t new-to-me, but I do want to mention their awesome ‘tall boy’ as I call it, big cans.  I really need to start making cocktails with this stuff!

zevia soda (800x600)

zevia soda natural products (600x800)

9. Amy’s Frozen Meal – tie! I tried the Chinese Noodles and Vegetables in a Cashew Cream Sauce and thought, “This is my favorite frozen meal today!!”

amys best frozen meal (800x600)

Then, I tried the Thai Green Curry next and was like, “Crap. This might be better…”

amys thai green curry (600x800)

8. About Time Bars – they are made with egg white protein! Truthfully I am not in love with the way they taste, they are similar to larabars in that it’s like smashed up nuts and fruit, but not that sweet. But, I am a big fan of egg protein so I could let these grow on me.

about time protein bar (800x600)

egg protein bar wrapper (800x600)

7. Puffins! Yes, I’ve been eating Puffins for years, but have you ever baked with them?! These are Puffins Muffins!!

puffin muffins recipe (376x502) (376x502)

puffin muffins (409x545) (409x545)

6. Republic of Tea get clean all day tea. The other ones are coming soon, but the one I tried was good! I’m excited for this three pack that will be sold in stores in a few months.

get clean republic of tea (600x800)

5. Ian’s Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets. Delicious! They are moist and flavorful – loved these. I kinda wanted to stand there all day just eating these. It was also a welcome break from all the sugar-y carbs everywhere at the expo.

ians whole grain chicken nuggets (669x502) (669x502)

4. Caramel Almond Butter. I’m pretty sure I made an inappropriate noise when I tried this…

caramel almond butter (600x800)

3. Quest Bars! I eat these every day – but this new flavor Cookies & Cream has quite a buzz around it! Plus I met some of the top execs from the company and they are super cool! Quest Bar is a SoCal based company that started not too far from where I few up – love that.

quest bar cookie expo west (376x502) (376x502)

2. There are tons and tons of cookies and cakes and treats at the expo. But there were a few stand-outs.

My favorite cake was the Gluten Free Carrot Cake

gluten free carrot cake (376x502) (376x502)

And I loved that Udi’s Gluten Free cookies are so thick! I like it thick.

udis gluten free cookies (800x600)

1. Blue Bottle Coffee! My favorite iced coffee from San Francisco was at the expo.

blue bottle coffee (409x545) (409x545)

And I am very excited to announce that they will soon be available at a store near you!!

blue bottle coffee in stores

good food changes everything (669x502) (669x502)

The expo was massive! So it was so hard to choose.

expo west natural products (669x502) (669x502)

kale is kool (376x502) (376x502)

Honorable Mentions: These products aren’t new to me, but I love them just the same…

Kashi’s overall line up. My mom and I credit a big part of our weight loss from a few years ago to Kashi cereal. We ate it for breakfast everyday. I’ve since moved on from that, but I still feel a loyalty on some level to the stuff.

kashi go lean crisp cereal (669x502) (669x502)

kashi samples (669x502) (669x502)

kashi go lean (376x502) (376x502)

Alexia French Fries and Sweet Potato Waffle Fries

alexia waffle fries (669x502) (669x502)

The #1 most exciting new product is actually not a product at all. This watermelon habenero lemon drink is a concept that a fruit organization is trying to show as a possibility. They want to sell the idea. Well, SOLD! I’m buying it and making it at home soon!

 watermelon habenero drink (376x502) (376x502)

What’s new and big in natural products:

Everything is gluten free. Okay, not everything but there was a big majority of products that are gluten free – so that market continues to grow.

gluten free kale chips (669x502) (669x502)

Companies are trying to show off their non-GMO status. People are paying attention.

non gmo product certified sign (376x502) (376x502)

Wait. What?

lost my veginity (600x800)

Bonus: I saw Blogilates and Eco Vegan Gal at the expo…

eco vegan gal blogilates and runeatrepeat at expo west (669x502) (669x502)

then, ran into Bookieboo too!

 runeatrepeat and bookieboo (600x800)

Isn’t this the truth…

it would be sad to eat badly (409x545) (409x545)

Question: Which of those do you want to try first?

Any new products you’re exited about?


  1. says

    I would want to try the Carrot Cake! I LOVE carrot cake but recently had to stop eating wheat so that would be PERFECT.

    I’ve seen that caramel almond butter at Walmart (I always get Maranatha there, it’s so much cheaper) and I haven’t gotten it yet. Guess I’ll have to:-)

  2. Shannon in Tustin says

    Let’s see…I’d love to try those “About Time” bars. I love Larabars and increasing the protein would be super! I don’t care for their “ALT” bars with pea protein. I’m going to start looking for these.
    Also those UDI’s cookies. Maple, pecan, chocolate chip? HELLOOO!!!!

    Happy Hump Day! 😀
    Where is that crazy camel?

  3. says

    I NEED to go to the East coast version but I don’t think they will just hand me a press pass. I will have to figure out a way to go in September…

    Those foods look awesome but I don’t know how I feel about that phrase being on a towelette. Get a little too sticky at the expo?

    I love Quest bars but stopped eating them a few years ago because I dont think my stomach likes whey. AHHHHHHHHHH WHYYYYYYY.

  4. says

    I would have totally geeked out at this! I see so many of the foods that I love. It’s still considered healthy food even if you eat tons of it, right?

      • says

        That’s a tough call! They really blend well and the flavored enhance my smoothies rather than stick out. I like the banana or vanilla in green monsters, chocolate when I want a treat, cinnamon when I want to make a cookie or pancake tasting smoothie and the cake batter is really good as a milkshake fake out!!!!

  5. Erika says

    The Blue Bottle Coffee sounds amaze-balls! I love chicory, and have my brother send me bags of chic coffee from Nola all the time. Do you know what stores/chains Blue Bottle will be sold in? I am in Boston, so I am hoping, fingers crossed.

  6. says

    Looks like you found a lot of awesome goodies there! My son is gluten free and I am loving the new availability of so many delicious gf products out there that are all natural! Thanks for the recap!

  7. Gabby says

    Ooohh lots of products I’ve never heard of or seen before! I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for this stuff so I can try it! I’ve never tried the About Time bars, but I’ve had Quest bars which are pretty good. Recently though I’ve been more into Raw Revolution bars which are a much healthier alternative and still super delicious! They sell them online at if you want to try them!

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