Broccoli In A Smoothie?!

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I started my day with a slow 10 mile run. I wanted to see how my body felt after this weekend’s LA marathon and the result were to be expected, “okay”.

10 mile run slow (600x800)

I have the Catalina Marathon this weekend and I might die. The elevation is crazy AND it’s a TRAIL RACE (which you wouldn’t think is that different, but road racing vs. trail racing are two different sports). What was I thinking??


Well I was thinking that I’ve heard Catalina is the most beautiful race around and a ‘Must Run!’ for sure.

Then, I watched Steve’s Catalina Marathon Strategy video – he says the second hill is a lot steeper than the graphic shows. Great.

My goal for Catalina = Not walk all of it.

After my run I went to the store for watermelon and randomly picked up this Lemon Plum too. It was okay.

lemon plum (600x800)

Post-run food: Watermelon. All of it.

watermelon all day everyday runeatrepeat (600x800)

I also ate eggs and salad – you know what kind.

St.Patrick’s Day is Monday and I’ve been wanting to make my Skinny Shamrock Shake again but don’t have any spinach. Now I occasionally buy it frozen for a green smoothie.

So, I needed to find a work around. A Skinny Shamrock Shake wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t GREEN!!!

I decided to try broccoli. Yes. Broccoli in what is supposed to be a sweet, delicious smoothie. broccoli in a smoothie (800x600)

I microwaved about a cup of the broccoli to make it soft. Other than that, I followed the recipe exactly.

put broccoli in your smoothie (800x600)

I know what you’re thinking…


But, I could NOT taste the broccoli at all. I do think the texture isn’t as smooth as the OG version, but it’s good.

skinny shamrock shake with broccoli or spinach (600x800)

I usually ask for a second opinion if I make a weird recipe, but Vegas was not interested in trying it… his loss.

why are you waking me up human (800x600)

Now I have to get my life together for the Catalina Marathon. Since it’s a trail race I just realized I need those ankle cover thingies!! <- obviously I am new to this game. I’m in trouble…

Question: Broccoli in a smoothie – would you try it or have I gone too far?


  1. says

    Oh I would definitely try it. I’m all about trying weird combinations. My husband put broccoli in our eggs over the weekend and it was pretty good. I will have to try this creation of yours (maybe not with broccoli but who knows I may be adventurous).

  2. Laura P says

    The broccoli wouldn’t bother me as I love broccoli, but the texture I probably wouldn’t care for. I have a weird thing about texture and food.

    That marathon profile looks crazy!! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  3. Laura says

    Good luck at Catalina! I liked the part where he says “this is where Catalina punches you in the face” (or something of that nature).

    I’ve never put broccoli in a smoothie, but it sounds interesting. My husband would think I’d gone crazy though :)

  4. says

    It’s the f-in’ Catalina Marathon!
    And now I think I need to watch Step Brothers again.

    Good luck! I was terrified before my first trail race, but it ended up being SO much fun. Granted, I did walk a TON.. (but I had just taken a month off of all exercise after an Ironman)… trail runners are an even deeper level of crazy than regular runners!

  5. Annie-Kim says

    Of course!!! Broccoli and cauliflower…a great way to drink veggies in a smoothie!

    Good luck with that Catalina…she looks like a bitch!!! 😉

  6. Chris Cossairt says

    Since I love green smoothies and coming up with new recipes, I would most definitely try broccoli in my smoothie. Good luck running the Catalina Marathon! You will do great! I have no idea how you do back to back marathons. You are truely amazing!

  7. Suzanne says

    Good luck this weekend! I more of a kale, spinach, celery, cucumber fan in smoothies. I think I like cooked broccoli too much to put it in the blender, but sometimes you have to improvise!

  8. Kate says

    I’ve never done a marathon but I run trails and trail races all the time. I don’t own gaiters and I’ve never had a real issue…

  9. says

    Just go out there and have fun! You got it!!! I’ve never heard of broccoli in a smoothie, but it’s worth a shot. I’m thinking about getting everything in the kitchen and throwing it in a blender and calling it “everything but the kitchen sink smoothie”…buttt I don’t think that will be the bomb(.)com

  10. says

    In the future, Dirty Girl Gaiters are the best! Super fun patters and really low maintenance while running.
    Catalina is tough but amazing; enjoy ever second of it :)

  11. says

    I love your “I know what you’re thinking…” gif! That is exactly what I was thinking. I don’t blame vegas, LOL! I am glad the smoothie was good. I hate wasting a smoothie.

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