Friday Favorites–Flowers and Maxi Dresses

Happy Friday!

I am missing cable for sure (everyone said I wouldn’t but I do!). I have always said TV is my second vice and while I know it’s not good for me, neither is Diet DP and I’d rather die at 60 with TV and tequila than at 102 without that happiness Winking smile

what a ride

But, I am not complaining – I watched drunk history last night, which is hilarious. And I have a whole list of favorite things this week…

drunk history abe lincoln

1. Maxi Dresses! I am on the eternal search for the perfect maxi dress. Some are too long or super baggy and weird. I am in love with this one, but am not usually a black dress girl so I don’t know… this one comes in blue so I might go that way.

2. Dark chocolate. I found a piece I hid from myself in the freezer (that never actually works!) and I was so happy. It’s like finding money in your coat pocket…. money you can eat. his and hers chocolate (669x502)

3. Sweet Potato Fries. During our fancy dinner on Sunday with Asics I saw Race Pace Jess had sweet potato fries on her plate. Toward the end of dinner I realized she wasn’t going to eat them all so I sent my bread plate down to her to fill ‘er up. Isn’t that weird?! I have no shame. I wanted some fries.

4. My cheap pearl earrings. So far I have refused to buy ‘real’ ones. I considered it in China but resisted. I wear them all the time and am afraid I’ll lose one. Right now I don’t care since they’re cheap…


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nah youre okay

Hot Running vs. Hill Running

I took a poll on my Facebook Page asking you,

What would you rather run in Super HOT or Super HILLY conditions?

I am actually really surprised that 80% said HILLY?! I’d rather run in the heat.

Question: HOT or HILLY?


  1. Shannon in Tustin says

    Hills!!! The heat is like kyrptonite to me.

    Even though hills are tough, when I’m done I give myself an extra pat on the back and when I see my pace, I think “dang, gurrrrl, nice work”.

    I’ll be hillin’ it tomorrow morning at Peter’s Canyon!

    Happy weekend and best of luck in Catalina. :)

  2. says

    I love that last ecard!! Super true! Also I think I’d prefer to run in the heat. I am from Texas so I guess we are used to it down here. Hilly is definitely not my thing. Too many hills and I’m not running any more…it’s more of a trot, followed by the hands on knees, hunched over look.

  3. Molly says

    Heat!! i have an odd (and probably unhealthy) ability to tolerate very little water when I run, so I don’t dehydrate or overheat very easily!

  4. says

    Well I’m from Michigan so I totally don’t do well in the heat. Plus if it’s super hilly that means you have downhills too (ie something positive) in the heat there’s nothing good.

    Then again this is coming from someone who faints often in the heat because I can’t deal with it sooo I maybe bias

  5. says

    HOT!!! I hate hills but love the heat…maybe it’s since I lived in SF when I first started running and it’s all hill :) but no heat 😉

    PS I love me some sweet potato fries! No shame either, maybe it’s a Mexican thing :)

  6. says

    +1 for hills! With hills I could at least convince myself that they’re making me stronger, even if I have to walk them. Give me heat and I’m like, “Nah, eff this!”

  7. Anne says

    Being from Northern Minnesota and currently living in North Dakota I can say I would rather run with hills than heat. Heat makes me BEYOND uncomfortable during a run. Last summer was really cool- didn’t get much into the 80’s here and most of the time I could run but those days where it was over 80 my body pretty much told me to sit down in the shade and forget about running.

  8. Eugenia Byrne says

    HEAT all the way. I live in Seattle which is know for hills, but my family is from Australia and I spent most of our winters there.

  9. Paola A says

    Heat for sure! My shins hate the change between elevations. Plus, is it weird that I’m slightly afraid of loosing my footing and sliding down hill? It would totally happen to me

  10. says

    I think I would prefer the heat…unless it’s humid heat. I HATE that and have such a hard time breathing/living when it’s humid out.

    I would like maxi dresses too if I wasn’t shaped like a box. Then I look like Im just wearing a weird fabric sack.

  11. says

    HILLY!!! I don’t know what I was thinking moving to Texas but I much prefer the hills of Shenandoah Valley to the terrible heat of central TX.

    Also I’ve always struggled to find a great maxi dress, but I’ve fallen in love with maxi skirts!!! The proportions always seem to work out so much better – I’ve bought 2 in the past few weeks!

  12. Charlotte says

    The maxi dresses are very pretty. Heat all the way, but I say that because it’s been such an awful winter.

  13. says

    Hills for days. I’m a Seattle-ite which makes hills unavoidable. I just have to deceive myself into thinking I like them. It helps that I live on top of a GIANT hill, so I associate struggling up a hill with coming home and thus breakfast.

    Maybe if I could figure out a similar Pavlovian trick so that heat made me think of oatmeal instead of dehydration and alarming sweat stains, I could teach myself to like it as well.

  14. says

    I feel you on the getting rid of cable bit. I got rid of mine when I lived in SA, and my life revolved around Netflix (in which I had to hook up my laptop to my TV in a strange way… :\ ).

    HILLS > HEAT. As a Texas girl, I will forever and ever loathe running in the heat.

  15. says

    I’d rather run hilly because what goes up must come down right?? Plus I’m a salty sweater so when it’s hot my eyes burn like crazy

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