Catalina Marathon Recap Results Video and Tequila.

How’s it going??

I made a very short and sweet sweaty video recap of the Catalina Marathon (below). But first I wanted to share some of the fun and randomness that happened…

california ice bath after catalina marathon (800x600)

If you’re just catching up – I ran the Catalina Marathon Saturday. <- Check out my recap / results there.

After the race I went back to the rental house to shower and relax. We stayed in a small house that is a perfect location from the race finish line and dock. In the morning it was a 5 minute walk to the boat.

catalina marathon recap rental house (800x600)

walking after catalina marathon (800x600)

I ate and put my feet up for a while to relax. I wanted to take a nap, but my body couldn’t settle down enough to fall asleep.

feet up after marathon (600x800)

I hit up the store for some chocolate milk and they were out – but they did have this chocolate/coffee milk combo.

chocolate and coffee milk (600x800)

Finally we rallied and got ready to go out. Sportin’ my Catalina Marathon Medal.

after catalina marathon

It’s actually a very cool clay piece designed by a local artist, Robin Cassidy.

catalina medal (800x600)

lobster trap catalina island (600x800)

lobster trap menu (600x800)

We ended up having to get food to go from The Lobster Trap because people were coming over soon.

onion rings after catalina marathon (600x800)

Someone brought Oreo truffles. God Bless them.

oreo truffles after catalina marathon (600x800)

Then, this happened.

all the tequila after catalina marathon (600x800)

Renee and I snuck out for more tequila. Twice.

more tequila and sriracha (600x800)

The next morning I was sore and dehydrated, but doing well all things considered Smile

The way to my heart:

the morning after was rough (600x800)

But I opted out of the tequila sunrise breakfast special, and I went in search of iced coffee…

catalina marathon recap street (800x600)

after catalina marathon morning recap (800x600)

iced coffee catalina marathon recap (600x800)

Peeked at the marathon results on the wall of one of the stores…

catalina marathon results and recap (600x800)

leaving catalina island marathon recap (800x600)

Finally it was time to say good-bye to Catalina Island and get on the boat back to Long Beach.

catalina express after catalina island marathon (800x600)

see you later catalina (600x800)

I needed donuts on the way home.

donuts after catalina island marathon (800x600)

blueberry donut after marathon recap and results (600x800)

And all was right with the world.

Catalina Marathon Recap Video

Question: Cake Donuts or Yeast Donuts (the fluffy ones)?

I’m actually a glazed fluffy donut girl (and got one of those too!!) but I wanted to try that blueberry one and it was awesome.


  1. says

    I love a simple glazed yeast donut, but a good donut is a good donut. I’m not going to discriminate. Congrats on another marathon in the bag!

  2. Shannon in Tustin says

    Yes. I honestly prefer the raised (most any kind, especially jelly). But a few cake varietals grab me sometimes and just don’t let go!

    Looks like a really great weekend. Congrats on a strong finish.

  3. The Silent Assassin says

    Oh Monica!!! Absolutely loved the video! “Yup, another hill”…lol. I could see there was a lot of walking on that beautiful beast. Was it your camera phone or another media device you used to record? I’ve ditched my phone on the arm during races (a while back) because it felt like it was weighing me down. But on many occasions I wish I had something to take pictures. Way to kill it. My hero!

  4. says

    I like blueberries and raisins and whatnot in a bagel but when it comes to donuts I just want something that reminds me of cake with either chocolate, sprinkles, or all of the above.

  5. says

    Arghhh!!! Such a hard decision. I love the cake donuts with chocolate frosting and peanuts sooo delicious!!! But a chocolate glazed is also just such a weakness!!!! I guess I just need multiple donuts and a HUGE coffee.

    Also way to go on the Marathon!!!!

    I’m doing a few half marathons this Summer but have never done a full. I’m skeered! You should do a post on that! Or maybe I should search before I make posting suggestions….oh well :)


  6. Sarah says

    Cake donut all the way!!! As in I won’t even eat the Krispy Kremes. Not worth the calories, imo! hahaha!

    And did you see there was a study done about the agavins in tequila? They are supposed to protect against obesity and diabetes! Hooray!

  7. Kelly M says

    I loved the video!!! That made me excited to run my first marathon this year!! As for donuts…..all of the above.

  8. says

    Um, yeast donuts a million times over! I actually had a dream several years back that I knew I was going to die in an hour (morbid, I know) and I was in a shopping mall and was trying to make the most of my last hour on earth. What did I do? Why, what any normal person would do… I went to the food court’s donut place, bought a bunch of donuts, and started eating them. Totally bizarre dream and a disturbing window into my soul. Needless to say, I love donuts!

    I totes want to visit Catalina, by the way. It kind of reminds me of Key West (except for the hills). Adding it to the list of races I want to do!

  9. says

    What an awesome recap. Loved the video. Now you make me REALLY want to do this race. how do you do your videos – iPhone? As for donuts, I am a big fan of the old fashioned cake ones. Or an apple fritter the size of my head but I am always sick after.

  10. says

    I’m not a huge donut fan but if I do eat one it needs to be cakey. This marathon and town look adorable! Also I am super impressed that you can drink adn stay up past 8pm after running a marathon.

  11. Bobbie says

    Thanks for the video Monica! I really enjoyed watching it! Wow! What beautiful scenery and seemed like such a relaxed atmosphere!

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