Your Twitter Questions Answered Vlog 1

Yesterday I wanted to film a quick Ask a Monican and tweeted asking for questions. Well, the first three that came in were answered right away. I love that I can get back to you fast like this!

Ask a Monican – Twitter Questions 1

Not related, but fun…

I took a this “What Health Food Are You?” Quiz the other day and you’ll never guess what food I’d be….

(Hint it’s not watermelon, but I bet that’s because it’s not on the list for some reason. If it was I totally be h2o-melon.)

eating is my hobby



Did you guess right?

clap for the chili[3]

What food would you be?


  1. says

    I got kale, haha!! My fave food lately. Hilarious. Great vlog, thank you! I am running my first full marathon next month (locally) and have the jitters about negative self talk in the final (most difficult for me) miles. Ramping up training in the next few weeks of course, so your positive reminders are awesome.

  2. says

    I would prefer to be a strawberry but according to the quiz, I’m Kale. I totally should be a strawberry. The quiz is wrong, all wrong.

  3. Montzerrat says

    I would definitely be bananas but suprise suprise, I also got chili pepper; could be cuz I am mexican too! lol (:

  4. says

    I am Al Pastor Tacos, my mantra is Hail Marys (seriously), back to back LONG runs helped me train for my 50 miler and good advice for Goofy Challenges. Travel any chance you get, especially a first marathon. You PR no matter what. You might as well enjoy some place you don’t know. Bring some family members along for the fun. And, the Sole Runners have a trip to the French Riviera Marathon in November if you need an idea for a first and/or travel marathon. We still have some spaces available to play with us.

  5. says

    My mantra when things suck is “you’ve got this, girl” because I really, really do. I’m doing it aren’t I? It may be slow and I may be grumpy about it but I’ve got it. Also, I have an add on for the question about destination races. My first half marathon was a destination race. I went to stay with family in Colorado and ran the half with my 2 cousins. The altitude KILLLEDDDDD MEEEEE. I’m originally from Upstate NY, and going to Colorado to run the half made me feel like the world was running out of oxygen. I had trained on hills (the half’s slogan was ‘it’s just a hill, get over it’) but nothing had prepared me for running a single track half marathon up 1,000 ft of elevation and then back down with a few more hills afterwards and no oxygen. Keep that in mind for destination races!!!

  6. The Silent Assassin says

    I turned out to be a chili pepper to. Love the mantra. IG’d it to my running buddies. Instead of a cookies, how ’bout a shirt? =).

  7. says

    Ok so my friend and I were talking this morning and she really wants to do a half marathon around her 30th birthday so I said I’d do one with her. She lives in Philadelphia. So that would be far haha. I don’t think a half marathon is as intense as a full (I mean… it’s half as much). Maybe I should try to do one before just to get the jitters out?

  8. says

    I got chilli pepper too! And I don’t like them, maybe it’s because we’re both spicy redheads? Yep, that HAS to be it!

    So, this is the first time I watched one of your vlogs and the voice I had imagined you having (does everybody do that or am I just creepy?) was nothing like the real voice you have, or maybe it was the accent? Haha, either way, you’re adorable and I’m glad I have a voice for the face now 😉

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