Rock N Roll San Diego Marathon / Half Discount Code And Epic Summer Run Tank GIVEAWAY

How’s it going? Today I’m going to take it easy and do some yoga.

So, I’m not sporting running gear, but I am sporting my “Epic Summer Run” tee.

epic summer run giveaway

The theme of Rock N’ Roll San Diego Half Marathon / Full Marathon is Epic Summer Run – because that’s what it totally is. Hello, San Diego is awesome. Hello, running is too.

rock n roll

And with that I have a few cool things to share…

First if you want to join in on the Epic Summer Run use this discount coupon code to get $10.00 off registration for the full OR half marathon Rock N Roll San Diego – RUNEATROCK

rock n roll san diego marathon discount

And if you want an Epic Summer Run Tee – you can win one here.

epic summer run rnr san diego discount giveaway

The nice people at RnR San Diego are giving away one male tee (large) and two female tanks (M & L) to three lucky RER readers.

To enter: Leave a comment with what you’d want.


Tee – L

Tank – M

Tank – L

Contest closes 3/23/14 at 8am PST

**Don’t forget I have a discount code for next weekend’s PCRF 5k, 10k and Half Marathon Races:

PCRF Half Marathon, 10k or 5k

Irvine, CA

March 30th

10% off with Discount: RUN4AREASON

Disclaimer: Competitor group is providing these tees. All opinions are my own. Open to anyone on Earth. If someone outside the US wins I’ll ship it to you.


  1. says

    I’d love to run San Diego.. such a nice city and haven’t been there in ages. No way I can cross the Atlantic AND run a half all within a few days.
    Tank M… if possible to get an XS/S that would be ideal.

  2. Jessica says

    I am pregnant and would love a tank top! I think I’ll go with large and hope it fits over my belly :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Kaitlin G says

    I’d choose the medium tank! Today is my birthday so I’m crossing my fingers that the birthday gods will give me some luck here! Super cute shirt :)

  4. Tricia Rousis says


    Wish the weather was warm here in Virginia, it would be so much easier to find motivation for running!

  5. Paola A says

    Those shirts are awesome! A M tank would be a nice motivation goft for my sister who’s getting into running again!

    BTW, loved your podcasts!

  6. says

    San Diego is so beautiful, what a great place to run! Would love the L tank (would also love some tank top weather in the Midwest… can I win that too?)

  7. Leigh says

    Medium tank sounds awesome for a Texas summer. We know how to do hot summer runs. Plan your route based on yards with sprinklers.

  8. says

    I’ll be racing in this for the Halfer! I’d love to win the Tank – L :) Maybe I’ll even see you out there. It would be fun to meet the author of this hilarious blog 😉

  9. karleen says

    women’s tank in M please!

    I just registered for the OC half in May (my second half marathon race) and am also considering registering for the San Diego half since my friend is running the full. The races are pretty close together so I’m still deciding if I can do but you run back to back races all the time you survived so maybe I just can:)

  10. LC says

    Tank – M… epic summer, exactly what I need to hear when waking to freezing rain on the first day of Spring!!!

  11. christine says

    Tank – M

    RNR San diego was my first half marathon two years ago…was hoping to make it my first marathon this year but I have to move out of state :(

  12. Paula says

    I super wish I could make it to run San Diego. But I think of every summer run in FL as epic, since even a couple miles in this humidity will knock you out. So… a tank in medium would be great!

  13. Alison says

    I would love the women’s M tank! I’m not planning on running the RNR San Diego, but I am doing the RNR St. Louis half in October!

  14. Teresa says

    Just what I need to get on track! I ran 11 races last year and not one yet this year! A new inspirational shirt would do the trick. A large tank would work! :)

  15. says

    I’d love a LARGE tank top! I’m running my very FIRST half marathon this summer, the RnRCHI – and I want to REPRESENT!! I saw your post on Instagram, thanks!! :-D))

  16. Jessica Jordan says

    That is like the coolest shirt! Summer and running are two of my favorite things and combing them is perfection! Tee-L

  17. Honore MacCoy-Patty says

    I’d LOVE a L Tank!!! I would also love to run that half, but I’ll be recovering from the Portland RnR and preparing for the Dirty Half in Bend the following weekend (and then RnR Seattle – what the heck was I thinking?). You look mahvelous in the tank by the way!

  18. Amy says

    Hello Monica,
    I would LOVE to win this **Giveaway* for this “Epic Summer Run” design and would especially like the Size M Tank-Top!
    ~Amy :-)

  19. Natalie says

    Tank – L I really want to do some of the American runs when I get some money-they look amazing compared to Britain’s! (Yucky British weather!!)

  20. MPaula says

    I would like the large Tee. I signed up recently; this is my first email. And I’m eligible for a giveaway. Sweet.

  21. Cindy says

    Another night of insomnia….so, I attempt some reading to hopefully fall back asleep. Big mistake visiting my favorite redheaded Mexican blogger. Now I’m wide awake with excitement: Must. Have. Large. Tank. Please. Thank you for the opportunity!

  22. Nicole says

    Medium tank please…pretty please with cherries on top! I’m new to running and this shirt will push me to keep moving. Thank you!

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