Garmin 410 Strap Broken Boooooooo

Hello! Happy Cat-erday!!

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Yesterday I decided to start slowly cleaning up my act and got a detox juice from Whole Foods in a eight-dollar valiant attempt to start eating clean.

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I also snacked on a gluten free chocolate banana muffin <- I stored the extra in the fridge and they are still really good!

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This morning I went out for a run, like I’ve been known to do once or twice…

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It was okay. Sported my Mizunos and ProCompression low rider oldie socks.

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Then, when I got back to my car to take off my Garmin the whole strap broke?! What.the.heck.

broken garmin strap (376x502)

Related: There was a ton of sweat and sunblock and self-tanner crusted in there. It’s disgusting. gross

I KNEW IT! (Not that it was going to be gross, that it was going to break.)

I knew this was going to happen because it happened to my old Garmin 305 (and I was able to fix it). But, that model allows for a replacement strap that’s velcro and won’t break. I remember more than one peep needing a new Garmin strap like I did. You think the company would just make them un-breakable OR make it so the replacement is easy-peasy. (I got this Garmin even though I knew it because they discontinued my beloved 305 and this model was better for my needs than the new one.)

broken garmin 410 (376x502)

Anyway. I mentioned it on instagram <- you should follow me, hello.


And someone said Garmin has good customer service and would send me another one. Someone else said to super glue it. I say I should cut my losses and bury the thing. Thoughts??

Question: Do you juice?


  1. Carmie says

    I agree that you should call Garmin. They are nice. Not hey are in Kansas! When I saw your photo my heart sank. I feel your pain.

  2. Lynne says

    Yes, call Garmin first. If that’s a no go, it might be time for an upgrade. I have a 305 too and did have a 405 until it start freezing up. Traded it for the TomTom Runner which is super easy to use and read. Just recently, I got the 620 and oh my does it do everything! Got it for HRM training and it also does cadence, VO2, and rest day calculations. Awesome!

  3. says

    I still use my 305, even though the strap is too big for my wrist (I wear a sweatband underneath it). I joined Bia Sport’s Kickstarter campaign and am anxiously awaiting my Bia to be sent to me so that I can try it out – I hoe it can do everything my Garmin 305 can – but better and less bulky!

  4. Monica says

    I had TERRIBLE customer service from Garmin when my watch’s screen spontaneously cracked in half after a few months. Maybe you can get a better response because you are a blogger! They told me that the screen cracking completely in half was merely cosmetic and not covered by the warranty. (BTW, that isn’t what, ya know, the actual warranty said – but they REALLY didn’t want to be helpful).

  5. says

    Yea I find that Garmin will replace them if they break, but my watches break so effing often they should just make them better!! It’s a pain to get it replaced and I usually lose some runs.

  6. says

    The buttons fell off of my first one. They took care of it for me. The only hard part was waiting for them to send it back to me! If you run with your phone, which you must given all the pics we see, you can use the Strava app to supplement while you’re waiting.

  7. says

    Call Garmin and they will replace it. They are awesome in that respect. I have the 405 and I loved it for years but I upgraded to the 620 late last year and I am in runner heaven. It really is awesome. It’s like a coach on your wrist. I have no idea how I ever lived without it….

  8. Mary Dube says

    Mine did the exact same thing and they sent me a new strap and tools to replace it. My screen cracked a year later and I got an entire new refurbished one for $99.

  9. says

    You should definitely start calling me, the straps eventually break or come loose on every watch.. I’m sure they’ll find a solution for you.
    I don’t juice but I shake.

  10. says

    I’m one of those people that had the strap break on the 305 and when it was alive and well it was so tricky to charge. Then the battery died on my 405 and it would cost almost as much as the watch itself to get a new battery. Total bummer. Then I got a stress fracture and it didn’t matter. Ha! And you’d think that all that sweat and sunscreen goo would have made the band much more flexible so it wouldn’t break!;-)

  11. says

    My husband superglued the strap on his Garmin 10 and it’s holding fine, but I say I love the look of the new 220/620 and now you have the perfect reason to go buy a new one!

  12. says

    My husband superglued the strap on his Garmin 10 and it’s holding fine, but I say I love the look of the new 220/620 and now you have the perfect excuse to go buy a new one!

  13. says

    Is that a forerunner 210? Mine has given me nothing but trouble since the start….but Garmin have replaced it three times. They do have very good customer service, if it is still in warranty, so I would give them a call. I am not sure why mine keeps having issues, but it just started playing up a few days ago and is now shutting off after only a few hours! Grrrrr!

  14. LizzieRun says

    I would call Garmin. The same thing happened to my Garmin a couple years ago and they ended up just sending me a completely brand new watch (only thing is I don’t think they make your watch anymore) I hope you registered your watch on That’s what enables the warranty:)

    Also, I do juice. I have a juicer and love it. When u know u don’t have long before the veggies in the fridge expire, JUICE EM! You can find some great detoxing or nourishing recipes online!

    Good luck! :)

  15. LizzieRun says

    Oh! And while u are waiting to get your Garmin back, you can use the Garmin Connect app to track your runs in the mean time. May take a week or so :)

  16. says

    I’ve had two Garmins crap out on me after 1 year. They fixed both , but I would not say it was easy. I bought my last one at REI and as I am a member they do a pretty cool return and exchange so I was able to upgrade my last one. I still don’t love it. I would think about getting something like a polar perhaps next time. I follow you on Instagram! Are you following me???

  17. Cortney says

    The strap came off my 310 after only a few month of use. I called Garmin and the shipped me a new band set, so questions asked.

  18. says

    Have yet to try out my new iFitness hydration belt! Do you like it? I am a member of the “only use hand-held water bottles society” but recently got tired of carrying it, so I purchased the same one and haven’t even ran with it once due to my training and the icky weather here.

  19. says

    How sad that your watch strap broke. My bra strap broke during an aerobics class once. That was more embarrassing than devastating. Needless to say I was finished with that class…and that bra.

    I agree with everyone that has said to call Garmin first.

    Juicing. Does adding cranberry juice to vodka count?

  20. says

    you should def call, I love Mariano’s here, they make fruit/juice smoothies using handfuls of different ingredients, I love the tropical detox, I feel like Super Lindy after it. When you are in town again, we should go.

  21. says

    Garmin was great when my BRAND NEW forerunner wouldn’t charge without being wiped with alcohol ever- they sent me a whole new watch. Also I love Vegas pics, they make me laugh

  22. Allison says

    My 405 band broke right before a marathon in December, so I superglued in and it held just fine. However, the battery died after that marathon. I contacted garmin and they were super easy to work with and replaced the whole device

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