Running Shoes Giveaway From ProCompression

Hello!!! How’s it going?

I’m just over here running and eating and stuff. No big.

But you know what is a big deal?

Running Shoes.

Seriously getting a new pair is like Christmas Morning. Except instead of it being Jesus’ birthday it feels like yours.

running in pink shoes (376x502)

My point is getting new shoes is awesome and ProCompression is giving away a pair of YOUR CHOICE of kicks to one RER reader plus a pair of marathon socks!

But there’s a catch – you have to either use my awesome discount code to buy a pair of compression socks OR send in a postcard (no purchase necessary) to enter.

You guys know normally I have you just leave a comment on a post with something dumb like, “What color are your pants today?!” to enter giveaways. But, I dig new running shoes AND ProCompression socks so I’m presenting this offer.

If you have been reading RER for more than 2 minutes you already know I am a huge fan of PC’s marathon socks.

ProCompression giveaway

I’d share this discount either way. But, they offered to do a giveaway too so I was like, “Boom. Heck Yeah!”

FYI: I personally wear the Marathon Socks, not sleeves. I really dig them for long distance races AND recovery after long runs and races. I also like the short socks because they’re super light and don’t slip or get ‘eaten’ by your shoe. But do YOU and choose what works for your life/running/preference/dog/training.

Big Tip: Make sure you take them if you are traveling (or just driving far) for a race. It’s easy to get all stiff and sore from sitting and traveling after a race. Compression socks help with blood flow and recovery. So even if wearing compression during a race isn’t your thing you can put ‘em on after.

procompression heart socks half marathon (376x502) (376x502)

I’m not a scientist or a Scientologist but my understanding is it helps with blood flow. There are some major veins and arteries that go down your lower leg and into your foot. The compression keeps blood from pooling in one spot. But don’t quote me (especially if I’m cussing).

Running Shoes and ProCompreesion Socks Giveaway

Giveaway: A pair of running shoes up to $150 in value and a pair of marathon socks!

Use code RER for 40% off AND Free shipping at When you use that you’re automatically entered to the giveaway.

Two ways to enter:

  1. Purchase any product from PRO Compression using promo code RER (40% off Marathon Socks & Marathon Calf Sleeves, with free domestic shipping)
  2. Send 4 x 6 postcard by US Mail with the following information:
  • Your full name
  • Your complete address
  • Valid email address (if you do not have an email address, print “no email address”)
  • Valid telephone number
  • The words “Shoes Promotion”

Mail postcard entry to: PRO Compression, 5205 Avenida Encinas, Suite F, Carlsbad, CA 92008

A maximum of two (2) total entries (purchase, or mail-in postcard) will be accepted per person, with no more than one entry by method. All entries become the exclusive property of Sponsor and will not be acknowledged or returned. All entries, including mail-in entries, must be received before April 11, 2014.

Full rules here.

pro compression socks at surf city marathon expo (800x600)

Question: Do you use compression socks during or after a workout?

I do both.


    • Sarah says

      It’s likely because you can’t monitor them when you’re asleep. If they become too tight you could do some damage to yourself.

  1. DD says

    Woot! Today IS my birthday. I’m going to order socks and hope for some birthday-juju-luck! I haven’t tried compression socks yet, but I’ve been wanting to. 40% off is an awesome reason to start now. Thanks to you and ProCompression for the giveaway.

  2. Paola says

    I wear compression sleeves during my run and leave them on afterwards. Haven’t gotten into compression socks yet

  3. Gloria says

    Awesome, I’ve been wanting to try them out! I’m training for my first half marathon and I’m going to be stylin in my new purple socks :-)

  4. Leora says

    So excited to try them out! Just wondering, what are the sizes like? I have wide calves but super small feet :(

  5. says

    I really like the idea of using compression socks. It makes sense that support on your lower legs would help with blood flow and recovery.

  6. Susanne says

    I got really excited, but then I read the rules.. Only US residents! That’s too bad, because I am a Dutchy!

  7. Amanda says

    I just bought my first pair of the marathon socks and the low cut socks. They’re great! I wore the long socks to work and it was lovely.

  8. Nicole says

    Always after for me

    Sorta random question- do you have a running skirt/skort that you recommend? I am looking to try one out and need some recommendations…let me know!!

  9. says

    I love procompresion socks! I have the sleeves & socks. Sleeves I wear during the race and socks I wear for recovery after. Although, I have to admit, I don’t love pro compression sleeves, I find they are too short. I mean they do the trick, but I wish they were longer like CEP’s.

  10. says

    I wear them before and after workouts as well as at any random time, just NOT during workouts. Strangely, I get shin splints every time I try to run in compression socks. I know why, though — I get lazy with footfalls when I wear compression. I figure they’ll keep my muscles happy, so I don’t focus as much on making them do what they should be doing. Better for me to not wear them while I run and use them for recovery after.

    Speaking of which, I’m sitting here at my desk with my PC sleeves on. I love both the socks and the sleeves. The socks I think do a better job all around of aiding in recovery, but the sleeves allow me to wear my Vibrams.

  11. says

    I use the compression socks when I play hockey. I have never used them during a run, but, well I don’t really run too much distance…like 5 miles is my longest run. I would love a new pair of socks for hockey and can always use a new pair of shoes.

  12. Denise G. says

    I use mine mostly after as its usually too hot to wear them in So Cal. They are essential for running relays- I used pro compression socks a ton during my Ragnar experiences.

  13. Shannon in Tustin says

    Always wear ProCompression sleeves or socks when I long run. I prefer sleeves in general, but really like the Marathon Socks.


  14. says

    I have actually never run in my compression socks or sleeves, but they are the BEST for after a long run. I’ll keep them on all day and have even worn them to work (um, with pants of course). And I agree that they are great for traveling.

  15. says

    I have their low trainers and use them for….ummm, well… runs and I use the marathon socks for recovery after my half marathons. I’ve noticed a HUGE improvement with how I feel after a race since I began wearing them. I also wear them if we are flying anywhere!

  16. Grace says

    Yes! Thank you for finally giving me an “excuse” to buy a pair of Pro Compression socks! I’m starting to train for my first half so I’m pumped to get some of these socks that everyone raves about – and I would LOVE to get a new pair of kicks to use, too! :)

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