(I’m Going to Eat) 365 Strawberries

Hello from Ventura, California!!!

ventura beach view (800x600)

First, let me share the mundane details of my morning… I ran. And ate.

running gear

And that’s why I named this blog Run, Eat,Repeat. My next blog will be called Captain-Obvious dot com.

Specifically I ate a watermelon.

And Reese’s PB Cups Easter style.


Then, I jumped in the car and headed north to Ventura.

driving to ventura (450x800)

Traffic was horrible. But, I get to live here in beautiful California so I’m sure you don’t feel bad for me.

But – let me ask you this… if I would have peed in my pants because traffic was so bad – would you have felt bad for me then?

Because it was close.


Four hours and 100 miles later I made it!

I am just north of Los Angeles for an event with the California Strawberry Council! I’m pretty excited because:

A.) I love strawberries.

B.) My new nickname is shortcake according to strangers in China.

C.) I want to be a watermelon farmer so I’m hoping this will teach me a few things.

Plus, they are calling this event 365 Days of Strawberries. Unfortunately I read that as 365 Strawberries To EAT, but I am hoping they hook me up since it’s a goal I’m working toward.

monica runeatrepeat strawberry head (600x800)

365 days of strawberries (600x800)

Tonight’s events began with a Strawberry Basil Mojito. Yes please.

strawberry mojito (600x800)

My date for the evening was the beautiful Anne – who I just hung out with at the LA Marathon. She’s my new favorite peep.


eating out by the beach (800x600)

Strawberry gazpacho.

strawberry gazpacho (600x800)

My plate with spinach and strawberry salad, chicken, salmon and more!

strawberry savory dinner (800x600)

This was the only clear shot I got of the chocolate covered strawberries before I threw the camera in my purse and attacked this plate.

chocolate covered strawberries (600x800)

strawberry shortcake just add strawberries (800x600)

Tomorrow we’re touring a strawberry farm and then I’m going to try and eat 365 of them!!! Are you betting on me winning the prize for most strawbs eaten in one day??!?!

Question: How many strawberries would you eat?

Give me a specific number, no fence sitting on this very important poll!!!

Kinda sorta related: Given the timing of this event and the Cesar Chavez movie coming out this weekend I am very excited and curious to visit a farm in CA myself. Plus, I need to learn how these things are run so I can open my own watermelon farm soon… Watermelon Harvest, Eat, Repeat.


  1. says

    What a beautiful area! I hope to make it out to Cali some day because it just looks so awesome. When I was little my family called me the “strawberry monster” because I would eat all the strawberries at any family get together lol. 365 is a lot though. You can do it girl.

  2. says

    I would eat 1 strawberry. If it was delicious and sweet I would eat more, but my problem w strawberries is they tend to disappoint me so often that I’ve given up eating them. They mock me w their bright exterior and often lackluster or bitter insides. Unless they’re covered in chocolate. Then I’m down to eat 7.

  3. says

    Oh my goodness!! Sounds like my kind of event!! I could definitely down around 201 before starting to turn red and taking the shape of the strawberry… kinda like Willy Wonka with the blueberry…

  4. elizabeth says

    I’d love to hear more about the strawberry farms and if they are not organic, what are they using to control pests?

  5. says

    Given that I just pounded a Costco carton of strawberries in about two days (okay, 1 1/2 days), I could do some damage there! Yup, 365 strawberries seems like a reasonable goal. You gotta have goals.

  6. April Mendez says

    So cool you’re in Ventura! Was just at the pier yesterday! Wish I could’ve ran into you!! Enjoy Ventura County!!

  7. says

    I broke down today and bought a quarter of a watermelon, the price of a whole was $9.99…I won’t share how much I spent. :(

    I would eat 50. I think after 50 I might need a break, but then again eating them straight out of the field maybe, I should say 500.

  8. Emily @ WhateverFloatsYourOats says

    So excited for you! I love fresh strawberries! They are one of foods I miss most since moving away from California.

  9. says

    My family owns a lettuce, broccoli, and strawberry farm in Salinas. It’s the best thing ever, when I was younger and we would go to visit, they just sent us out into the fields if we were hungry. I’m not even kidding. Enjoy all of those strawberries, that sounds amazing!

  10. Shannon says

    I could eat an entire box worth of strawberries in a day (about 9 baskets) so probably about 100?
    I’m from Oxnard (currently in Boston) so I know that you’re in the best place to get strawberries! Please eat a lot for me! And I’m jealous that you’re staying at the place with the best views in Ventura, right next to where I ran my first half :)

  11. says

    I’m fairly certain as a kid I once ate 2 lbs of strawberries in a day. I lived on them and raspberries during summers. Only I covered them with sugar. Which is why I was always kind of chubby.

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