Tempo Run without a GPS Watch

Hola! How’s it going?

First, I have to share some bad news…

I need a moment of silence for my favorite HUGE salad bowl. I broke it in half somehow today. This is my favorite thing in the kitchen (besides the food, obviously)!!

lettuce and hummus and chicken salad (376x502)

RIP Bowl.Diddy. We had some good times.

{cue salad montage}

fish on salad (800x600)strawberry walnut salad (600x800)biggest loser saladbbq sauce on salad (600x800)salad and french fries (669x502)salmon on salad (669x502)epic salad bowl (376x501)

So, now I’m just going to sit here and listen to sad songs all day and drown myself in tears.

How am I going to eat lunch now?!

Now I’ll never be able to have salad again Sad smile

I might have to resort to liquid lunches from here on…



How to Do A Tempo Run Without a Running Watch

I know not everyone has a fancy watch for running. That’s no big. You can do speed work or tempo runs without one with this super easy Tempo Run how to…

*You still need a watch or phone to check your time.

Run out for 2 or 3 miles. <- Time yourself.

Turn around and run back FASTER than it took you to do the first half.

This is a great exercise because it’s training you to run faster on tired legs. Also running the second half of a run/race faster than the first is called ‘negative splits’. And it’s a good thing (even though the word negative is in it – I dunno, go with it).

tempo run without a gps watch running

So. You are doing a tempo run and practicing negative splits.

Not the real splits.

coco doing splits

Question: Should I bury my bowl?

Should I just replace it with the exact same bowl or is that too cold?

Can you do the splits??


  1. The Silent Assassin says

    You should finish the job and just pound the rest of the bowl into dust. Place it in an urn for everyone to pay their respects. Just make sure its “Vegas proof”. Everything happens for a reason. It was the bowls time to go. Just the sign you needed to make new memories with a whole new bowl. Time to go shopping! #winning. Splits? I’m cringing watching your animated gif… does banana count?

  2. says

    Well I definitely can’t do the splits. I’m that person in yoga who is like a foot away from touching my toes so splits are out of the question. Your tempo run without a watch seems like such a good workout and it would keep it interesting.

  3. says

    Can you take piece of the old bowl to a ceramic studio and have them incorporated into a new bowl somehow? 😉

    I don’t know that I’ve ever used a watch to do a traditional tempo run. Usually I am on the mill for faster paces, so I warm up for a couple miles then build on my pace over the course of 3-4. I use music to set the mood for each pace… just not sappy love songs!

  4. says

    Well good grief. *le tear* I don’t think you should bury it. Can you break it all to bits (which might be therapeutic) and make something with the pieces, like a picture frame (*le shrug*). I don’t mean to get THAT sentimental, but let’s be real here…you loved that thing.

    I used to be a human rubber band. I can almost do full splits, but I’d rather do running splits…or eat banana splits. :)

  5. says

    Love the salad bowl montage! I know how you feel though, I have my favourite coffee mug and if that ever breaks it will be a sad, sad day.
    I can actually do the splits. I usually do a jumping splits during a dance party as my signature move.

  6. Shannon in Tustin says

    I won’t be able to chime in on the salad bowl until the tears stop flowing… 😉
    First the Garmin strap and now this? UGH!!!

    On a side (front) note, that girl gets her splits on cause her “girls” are pulling her to the floor. I could no sooner do the splits than fly to the moon–but I can run without my breast-icles giving me two black eyes. 😀

  7. Marleen says

    uhm, what about GPS apps on your phone??? 😛 Either Android or iPhone have a ton of options for GPS / running tracking.. I used the Nike Running app for a long time, now I have the Nike+ Watch. :)

  8. Nicole says

    You need a new bowl. Same kind, different color. That way, the new bowl is a replacement, not ‘taking the place’ of the old one. 😉

  9. says

    So this post inspired me to do my first ever tempo run yesterday..even though I HAVE a GPS watch…it was just the kind of run I needed because I’m training for a marathon relay (split into 6 legs) in May. Man was it a challenging run but so worth it. Wasn’t quite a minute faster on the last 2 miles but hey 30 seconds faster aint nothing.
    Thanks for the inspiration to get out there and do something different!

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