What I Ate and Wore and Ruined Today…

Hi! I woke up thinking today was Thursday. So, there’s that.

But, I’m glad it’s not Thursday since I have a few deadlines I’m racing! This morning started with a nice little cardio session here…

sunrise from dana point california (800x600)

God bless it.

What I ate…

I have been packing a protein bar to eat on the way home from the morning class and had half of it on the drive.

Breakfast of champions: Puffins. These Puffins are not as good as PB Puffins, but that’s what I get for trying to be all healthy and ish.

what i ate today blog for breakfast (600x800)

Lunch was a mixing bowl salad since my one decent salad bowl died earlier this week.

Taking a look at this picture I realize I really do need to replace that bowl and stop embarrassing myself on the internet. Or, I guess work on embarrassing myself less since that kinda comes with the RER territory…

what i ate today blog lunch (600x800)

Snacks for the day included yogurt, more Puffins (obviously) and a massive baking fail.

A long time ago a reader commented that they picture me like the chef from The Muppets in the kitchen. That is seriously the most accurate comparison I’ve ever heard.

swedish chef muppets[3]

I just fumble around singing to myself, making a mess and hope everything will turn out okay when I bake. 50% of the time it does and I can share the recipe. 52% of the time it doesn’t and I have an epic fail.

cooking fail

For some reason (read: because they were on sale) I bought Prunes. I don’t know. Anyway. I’ve had them for a while figuring I’d bake with them or make some kinda raw granola bar.

why the hell did i buy prunes (600x800)

Long story short I tried to make brownies and failed.

Luckily, when I fail I go BIG. and this was the result.

the grossest brownies of my life (600x800)

what the f swedish chef

Luckily, I can’t mess up dinner – it’s my go to 4 ingredient pasta.

What I did…

Outside of that the day was pretty productive! We are thisclose to updating RER! I had some conference calls and an interview with the legendary Hal Hidgon!

hal hidgon boston marathon book (600x800)

What I wore…

I’m sportin’ some gear Solow Style sent me. They also sent a cute ‘from gym to street’ dress that I love. I tried it on this weekend and it’s super comfy too – no picture yet though.

Solow Style Fitness Gear

Question: On a scale from 1 to 10 – 1 being you stayed in bed and did nothing, 10 being you finished today’s work and tomorrows…

How productive was your day?


  1. says

    It was a 5 today. I managed to get out of bed AND change out of my pajamas. That almost never happens before Thursday so I’m way ahead!

  2. Patti says

    My day was probably a 3. I did manage to go for 2 walks and hit up hot yoga, but I accomplished nothing at work and am now 2 days behind schedule… oh well, there’s always tomorrow, right?

  3. says

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  4. says

    I was mega-productive at work today, and I had a great run this morning! However I also manged to talk myself out of going to target and picking up some much needed furniture and kitchen supplies like a grown-up, so I ate dinner out of a pot with chopsticks while sitting on the floor in my new house…for the seventh consecutive night.

    I guess if I take the average of 10 for work, 10 for training, and 1 for life choices I get a 7? That’s a passing grade, I’ll take it.

  5. says

    like an 8, a pretty productive day. lol, the muppet chef comparison cracks me up. I like to think I’m a pretty good baker but I’ve had some tremendous baking fails myself, as a reference I once made avocado, sweet potato, almond brownies…………….

  6. says

    Those look AWFUL. So much so that I laughed out loud! My Wednesday was an 8 on the productive scale. Got a ton done at work (but still had more to do on Thursday), went for a bike ride (but didn’t work as hard as I have on other rides), ate well (and a lot), and slept through my morning swim time (oops!). Hitting up the pool tomorrow to make up for it…

  7. Charline says

    My day was a 4… semi-productive… could have been better, could have been worse….

    Check out Drunk Kitchen on youtube. THAT is how I picture you!

  8. says

    I love the pullover and I can’t help myself…every time I see a pullover I think this… No, it’s a cardigan, but thanks for noticing! ~Dumb and Dumber

    Yesterday was an 8 for me. Work, run, tan, porch time, and volleyball…followed by drinks with friends. Full day!

  9. Laura S says

    I don’t know what the heck I was thinking not reading your blog sooner! I’m a new comer within the last month even though I’ve obviously see you around the webs for a long time. You crack my ish up!

  10. Shannon in Tustin says

    Definitely in the 8-ish range. The best thing I did for myself was run 4 miles when I abso-furk-ing-lutely didn’t want to even start. It was hot (still at 6:45pm), I was soooooo tired. I hadn’t even started dinner for my fam; I just felt like a mess! But I had it in my mind that it had to get done; I had hoped for 5 miles, but it was getting dark and the fact that dinner hadn’t been even conceived in my mind, I stuck with 4. I hated every step, but when I got back, I was SO SO SO glad I didn’t blow it off. So that took my “meh” productive day to somewhere north of 8! :)

    I love The Muppets so I am loving the GIF and the photo too!

  11. The Silent Assassin says

    Vurt da Furk! Bahahahaha, You always make me churttle churttle. So, the prune dish didn’t look appealing… meh. Did it at lease taste ok? Oh, and this blog’s timing is uncanny. I called in “sick” yesterday and went for a run to work on my 180 min/mile cadence! And went to look for new shoes! I’m sure with your celebrity status, someone I work with will see this =).

  12. Holly says

    I realize this is not your most recent post, so you may never see this comment….however…in the event that you do…I read you regularly, but rarely comment. This post cracked me up…I so appreciate your self-deprecating sense of humor and just keeping it realzzz. I think if we were neighbors, we’d hang out and make fun of ourselves.

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