iFitness Belt Review…the only belt I own

Happy Monday! How’s it going?

Yesterday was all about taxes margaritas.

margarita monday (600x800)

Vegas got drunk too and ended up on the door. He does that sometimes.

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Running Gear

This weekend I had a few running gear fails…

its a trend

I think part of it is my own user error so I don’t want to bash these things, I’m just frustrated with myself really. First, my new watch didn’t find a satellite.

timex gps fail (600x800)

timex fail (600x800)

Boo. The company messaged me via instagram with an email so I can get some support. I’ll let you know how it goes.

iFitness Hydration Belt

I bought this belt from Marshall’s a few weeks ago. I highly recommend checking Marshall’s before buying one of these – if you know it’s the one you want. I have another fuel belt, similar to this that I reviewed on video here. So, I figured this would work well.

ifitness belt (600x800)

I bought it to wear for the Catalina Marathon because I tossed my handheld water bottle during the LA marathon. But, I didn’t end up wearing it because I hadn’t trained with it at all.

I was torn between “The #1 rule of race day = NEVER try anything new on race day!!” and “You’re about to run a trail race for 5 hours on a hot day and need some freaking water ahole.”

In the end race day rule won.

i fitness belt (800x600)

Anyway. Coach Steve uses this kind of belt and loves it!

I’ve been wearing it on longer runs for a few weeks now. At first I didn’t like it, but I got used to it again. Wearing a fuel belt on a run is kinda awkward at first.

ifitness belt review (800x600)

It’s not the coolest look but it’s the best way to carry water or sports drinks.

you cant sit with us

What I like about the hydration belt:

The pocket (where I keep my phone) is the perfect size AND doesn’t get sweaty/wet on the inside. I put my phone in a plastic bag just in case but the bag has been dry on the sweatiest of runs!

You can choose to only use one or none of the water bottle holsters and zip the unused ones up to hide them.

What I don’t like:

It is really hard to get the water bottle back in the holster. The other belt I reviewed in the vlog is a lot easier to use in this area – just grab and put back no problem. This requires two hands.

It’s still a little bouncy – which is probably just science. Water in a bottle on your person is just going to bounce some.

toe shoes

Motivation Monday

its sexy when you flex

perfect conditions

Question: On a scale of 1 to 10 – how motivation are you this week?

1 = you are reading this from bed

10 = you are ready to run a marathon. now.

Question #2: Have you used this kind of belt before? Thoughts?


  1. says

    I use a belt from Fitletic – it does not bounce period. You can carry up to 4 bottles and the pouch is waterproof/sweatproof. I use it for all my long runs and during marathons as well.

  2. says

    I just got a hydration belt pretty recently. It’s one that holds two smaller bottles. I like it because it doesn’t bounce at all however, it doesn’t hold as much water.
    This week I’m feeling very motivated! I ran my first 10km race on the weekend and am ready to take on the week! So call me a 10.

  3. says

    I’m still belt-free up to my 10K, but moving forward to half distances, I have been shopping around.
    I have a tiny waist and still very hippy, I’m worried about it sliding up or bouncing too much.

    motivation? eh…I opted out of a treadmill 4miler and did 10miles on the bike instead this morning, so maybe that is a 3?4?
    tomorrow is another day.

  4. says

    I have a nathan hydration belt and I love it but only for runs over 10 miles. For anything else, I have an awesome hand held that I use.

    On a scale of 1-10 this week, I’m a 10 after watching Shalane on 60 minutes, but I’m still injured so my body is 0. :(

    Vegas on the door is hysterical. My brothers cat used to scale the drapes, it was hilarious to see it at the top of them, especially since she weighed over 25 pounds. Yes, I know, it was a fat cat.

  5. kpoole says

    In my chair drinking cofeee. Haha Thanks for asking. I’m up and outta here now for a long walk after Saturday’s half. Might have sat here another hour but you got me motivated!

  6. says

    I gave up on most hydration belts and now just run with a spi belt. I use a phone pouch from amphipod that I slip onto the spi belt so it stays dry and I can access it easily. Water is usually just a hand held. I try and do most training runs where my car is my aid stop and I pass it every 5 miles.

    I used to wear an amphipod hydration belt that had the water bottle sideways. It didn’t bounce but it was heavy and made my back hurt.

    Vegas should try tight rope walking. He has talent!!

    I’m currently low motivation and commenting from the sofa. I took the day off. But I will kick it into high gear in a few minutes.

  7. says

    I’ve struggled to find a good belt. They’re so uncomfortable and it doesn’t help that I have no hips, so my belt flops between my butt and my ribs. I have yet to have a good experience and sometimes I drive ahead and leave water on really long runs to avoid wearing them. Not the most efficient method…

  8. says

    I’m about a 6-7 on the motivation scale. I’ve planned our my workouts and they are doable. Tonight’s speed work will be hard, but I gave myself a rest day on Wednesday which will be a nice change of pace!!

    I’m actually thinking of buying a fuel belt, because long runs are just too miserable without water. So your post had great timing, thanks!!

  9. Rebecca says

    It may be overkill, but I love my hydration vest by Ultraspire. The bite valve on the bladder is nothing like a Cambelbak, but its has pockets and doesn’t jostle around. I never like the belts because they always moved or ran up my stomach. I don’t have those issues with the vest. Am I repeating myself? I love my hydration vest. :)

  10. says

    I use a bottle that straps to my hand. I don’t like the bouncing effect. I get it, but I don’t like it. I’d rather carry it strapped to my hand and have a smaller belt that holds my fuel. Still annoying but seems better.

  11. says

    I’m a 3 motivation wise- between the tragic news that swept our high school campus last Friday/this weekend, the literal weight of being 37 weeks pregnant, and the stack of work I need to do, I’m already ready for Friday. It might be time for a Diet Coke :) And I hate fuel belts, but can’t do more than a 10k without one!

  12. says

    I use a similar belt- I think mine is Camelbak, but I do like it for long runs. In races, I get annoyed with something bouncy and usually skip the water carrying and just use a Spibelt for chews or my phone. Hmm, motivated- about a 5. I’m taking it a little easy this week after a half this weekend, but I feel good!

  13. Amber says

    Definitely a 1…post-visiting my old college town and realizing I’m not in college anymore depression 😉

    I have never used a belt, but love my Nathan handheld bottle.

  14. says

    I have never used a belt, but I don’t run too far anymore. Half marathons are my max for now.

    Motivation-I would love to be able to run lots this week, but my ankle is not cooperating. I’ll stick to cross-training and a short fun 5K this weekend.

  15. says

    I’ve never used this kind, but I have always had problems finding a good fuel belt. I honestly usually carry a plastic water bottle for a while and then I find routes with water fountains. For the fuel part, I just stuff it in my bra or shorts or tie it in my shoes. I just can’t stand the bouncing of fuel belts. I’m still trying though!

  16. Shannon says

    I have a SPI belt but the one I have doesn’t hold fuel or water. I just put my phone in it and sometimes keys. I love it though. And my motivation is about a 7 this week! Not too bad! :)

  17. says

    I have 2 of the ifitness belts. One with bottles. One with just 2 pockets for races. I love them both. They do not move around. They are both about 3 years old and still look great.

  18. says

    I use an Amphipod hydration belt that came with 4 bottles, but I’ve only placed 2 or 3 bottles on it. I use it for runs longer than 1.5 hours. There’s a small pouch that can hold a couple of gels, as well.

  19. says

    I’m a definite 9.5 – taper week before half marathon number 2 on Saturday (would probably be a 10 if I can ever figure out how to run a full). Hand held water bottles for me. Mine has a little pocket in the strap where I can put in my key and gels. Belts – I don’t know I just don’t think they’ll work for me.

  20. says

    I have the same belt, and bought it after trying two others that drove me nuts. The more I use it, the easier it gets to take out the water bottles one-handed. I do wish Fitletic made insulated water bottles like Nathan does (the Nathan ones don’t fit or I’d use those) because in FL, even when you freeze the water, it’s lukewarm in an hour.

    I’m like an 8 or 9 in motivation but a 0 on moving–like Flower, I’m injured. Just a quad strain so hopefully a couple more days and I’ll be back out there :-)

  21. says

    I mainly use a handheld bottle or nothing, so no belt for me. I really hate the way any belt sits on my hips/waist/butt (or rather, doesn’t sit). Everything moves when I run. I thought I’d be fine with the handheld until last Thursday:

    On the greenway I was running, I set my bottle and shot blocks on a rock while I ran 1-mile back-and-forth repeats. So I was coming back to where my bottle was every few minutes. The last time I got to it, when I was on my way home, I realized that someone had drank out of it! I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! It’s obviously someone’s bottle (mine’s even labeled on the bottom with my name and number in case I lose it), and it was even more obviously someone’s sitting next to the fuel. Yet, alas, GROSS! So that left me with no water for the run home, and the bottle went in the dishwasher immediately.

    I can’t say I won’t leave it there again, but I will extra aware of water amount in the bottle so that when I return to it, I will know whether someone else has consumed my water! I only hope whoever drank it really needed it.

    In response to the motivation question, I am 100% motivated to rest today. Mondays are the best because they are my rest and recover days, and I need it today.

  22. says

    I really want a handheld water bottle that I can attach my iphone too via a pocket or something. Do you have any reccs on that? I really just don’t like running with fuelbelts – BLARGH!

    Motivation is about a 7.5 this week!!! Woo!! Woo!!

  23. says

    I love my running belt! It is a Camelbak and it is wicked awesome. I bought it years ago, it holds one water bottle, a phone, 2 little pouches (for keys, money, snacks, nips- lots of things will fit in there!) It is sweat proof and barely moves. I wear it on almost all my runs because I am so used to it now.

    I am feeling pretty motivated! Ran before 7AM, and am getting back into the swing of things. I did not go grocery shopping yesterday so meal prep is a but of mess/ non existent… But exercise wise, I am good!

  24. says

    I’ve used a water belt before and ended up ditching it for a regular fuel belt. The water belt ended up being kind of heavy.
    Q2: I am in full on taper mode and I have two Half Marathons for the next two Saturdays!

  25. Shannon says

    the only fuel belts I have used is a spibelt because it is the perfect size for a phone and shot bloks and I have used a small handheld water bottle from lulu lemon. if I ever train for a marathon without a large training group I’ll have to try an actual fuel belt, but for now I’ll continue to avoid them.

    My motivation should be a 10, considering I’m running a marathon in a week but it’s taper so I’ll stick with an 8.

  26. Lauren says

    I have an iFitness belt, hold 2 bottles. Mine has only bounce/shifted once and it was user error. I did not wear it for awhile because I was treadmill running and did not tighten it up before my half marathon last weekend! Try playing around with the tightness around your waist and it might bounce less.

  27. says

    I feel like I’m at a 6 right now with motivation. I’ve been trying to rest for the past week to let some shin splints heal and the weather got cold again here this week! Yet at the same time I just bought my first GPS watch and am just dying to try it out!!

    I use a Nathan hydration belt. Since I’m new to this long run thing, I’ve only used it twice. I like it for it’s purpose but usually by the end of my run when I’m out of water I’m sick of it. Seems to start to ride up then, probably because it’s not weighted down enough since the water is gone.

  28. Kim says

    I have a Nathan and I hate it so much. The other think I find is that it is very hard to find fuel belts for *ahem* larger women/men. I will handhold up to a half. Most of my training runs for halves were handhold and then I wouldn’t carry on race day. Now with training for a full, i feel like I’m running out of time to try anything else. I like to wear on my hips and I can’t find one that will fit my hips. :(

  29. Tahleen says

    I usually use my handheld water bottle on every single run, only because I’m so used to holding it in my hand (just my right one though). It’s kind of weird.

    As far as motivation goes, I’m kiiiiiindaaa thinking of trying to train for a marathon, so maybe like a 6? I was looking at the one in Fresno, since I have friends there, and a California vacation might be nice at the beginning of November!

  30. says

    Great review! I hate when it’s hard to get the water bottles back in. I have a few running belts that I like at first then I don’t. You know how it is. Just discovered your blog and signed up for updates. I’m fairly new to blogging. Hope you’ll take a look. Would appreciate any feedback you might have. Look forward to following you.

  31. says

    Motivation level at a 7. I have a half marathon this Saturday so I’m kinda pumped but kinda not because I’m a little ill prepared.

    I have the same belt, I like it but it rides up just a little and I keep pulling the belt tighter and tighter. Overall I do like it. First belt I’ve owned and I definitely like it better than a hand-held now!

  32. says

    Um, I want to be at an 8, but right at this moment I’m at about a 3, which is lame. Today was a rest day, so hopefully that will help me recharge my motivation for tomorrow.

    I had a belt like that before, I think it was Ironman brand or something like that. It pretty much drove me crazy. I just got a new belt with two smaller water bottles so we’ll see how I like/hate it soon!

  33. says

    haha well crap I guess I’m a 1 because I’m reading this from bed…

    I have a hydration belt that I think is super cool cause I can carry so much stuff which is a lot of fun when your out there for a long time! Some of my friends make fun of me though……

  34. says

    my 6 yr old ran his first 10k yesterday (I did too) and I stuffed his pockets with fruit snacks for midway and a small Gatorade for him to carry. He ran with our friend Denise and he did great. (finished in 1:11:50)

    I don’t like belts..I like to put the stuff in my pockets

  35. LJ says

    LOL your motivation scale choices. I am reading this from bed, so I guess I only get “1”. But that is because I just got back from a 4.5 mile run. In pouring rain (with some hail for a good measure). I just figured I need to get warm, so I am reading fitness blogs. In bed.

  36. says

    I got this system http://www.nathansports.com/hydration/handhelds/quickshot-plus 3 months ago and I love it. I trained and did my first half halfmarathon with it and I can say all the best about it. Drinking is super easy, it is not heavy, does not bounce and the pocket fits 2 gells and house key. Of course, it is not enough water for a full marathon, but for a half it did the job.
    Motivation wise: I am at vacation, so I’m highly motivated to drink coffee and gossip with the girls! :)

  37. Ginger Boscas says

    Chiming in to say I LOVE Fitletic belts. I own one and will never use another belt ever again. You can wear it very low on your hips and it rarely moves (it might slide up a bit depending on the clothes/fabric you’re wearing). I really dislike wearing hydration belts around my natural waist – it always makes me feel like I’m being squeezed to death, especially if I’m towards the end of a run and have had something to eat and drink. This belt can be worn very low and doesn’t cause that problem for me at all. The only downside is the bottles are kinda small and I wish there were more built-in bottle holders. Otherwise, the belt is amazing! Do yourself a favor and buy one (if you don’t already own one)!

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