The Top 5 Marathons in the WORLD and I’m running one of them

Hello! How’s your Monday going?

Mine was a little bumpy at the start but turned out great! (I’m ignoring the whole ‘tax payment’ situation all together.) Recently I received a few voicemails from Edison that my power might be off for a few hours today for maintenance, but totally forgot.

Randomly mid-morning everything turned off – even my internet.

So, I had to mess around with Vegas and put on a bunch of makeup while waiting for it to come back up.

monday selfie

(RunEatRepeat on instagram)

After my random antics it still wasn’t up so I decided to head to Starbucks to work for the morning. Boom.

starbucks tea

Thankfully by the time I worked a bit and ran some errands (read: donate platelets for money to cover my tax bill) it was back up!

And just as I was about to start this blog post I got an email with some good news…



The Chicago Marathon has become so popular the race organizers made it a lottery this year. This means you had to put your name in the pile and runners were notified today if they got in or not.

I almost didn’t put in for it because I had this feeling I would get in – and hadn’t really planned on doing it in my brain.

But I knew I had to go for it. Chicago is one of the best marathons in the US – heck, it’s one of the best in the world!!

Top 5 Marathons in the World

When you hear people say it’s one of the “Big 5 Marathons” or “Top 5 Marathons” they are usually talking about…

  1. New York City Marathon
  2. Boston Marathon
  3. London Marathon
  4. Chicago Marathon
  5. Berlin Marathon

These are some of the biggest, most well-known, prestigious and celebrated marathons in the world.

I’ve done the New York City Marathon, so I have one  to cross off that list. I still need to qualify to run Boston. Now I’m in for Chicago! All I need at this point is to find a way across the world to Berlin and London Winking smile

runeatrepeat bag

Back to biz… The reason I was writing this post is because RER will be down from 7pm PST to about 9pm PST TODAY (Monday). We are doing a lot of updates to and I’m hoping it’s a smooth transition. Thanks for your patience!

Question: Anyone else running Chicago?

Anyone way to eat deep dish pizza with me tonight to celebrate??


  1. says

    I would love to do the Chicago Marathon one day!!! I lived there for a year and loved running on the lake front. Since I’m not ready to run a marathon just yet I’ll go on a pizza eating marathon instead. Same thing right?

  2. says

    Congratulations. I have had a lucky year. I got into the NYC lottery 2013. I’m running Boston for Dana Farber Cancer Center, and I just got into Chicago also. The Hat trick of marathons.

  3. Kati says

    After checking my email 38283 times today I was so excited to see that I got into the Chicago marathon, too. Congrats to you! It’ll be my third marathon and first fall marathon so I’m excited/anxious to train in the summer. I’ve been hoping to start a blog of my own after reading yours, and some others, for a few years. I’m thinking my training period may be the perfect time to start and document the process.

  4. Elena says

    I live in Chicago and have ran for the past 3 years. This year I will be out of town for a wedding :-( I would have loved to run into you! I think the most fun neighborhoods to run through are Boys Town, Pilsen, and China Town. Yay for getting into the race!

  5. says

    The new site looks really nice, congrats on that and on the marathon. I’d like to run any of those, although they are all far for me, so it’s quite a challenge (besides running the 26.2..).

  6. says

    Woot woot! I got in, as well. This will be my third round of running it, but my first time as a resident of Chicago! NO TRAVEL FOR ME, YAAAAAAAAAY! 😀

    I would love, love, love to meet up with you at some point, either to show you around a bit, meet up for coffee or noms, and definitely for some deep dish afterward.

  7. says

    Yay! Congrats! I am racing in Chicago too!!! That is so cool! I would love to get deep dish pizza with you…..mmmmmm Giordanos is my favorite pizza in the world….if only I wasnt 10 hours away….

  8. Megan says

    Were you not able to get in automatically since you had a qualifying time? All females with a marathon under 3:45 we’re guaranteed entry.

  9. Henno says

    Congrats, but you forgot 1! Tokyo is also one of the World Major Marathons.
    Chicago is great, but Berlin is my favourite. Tokyo is so unique it’s incredible. I hope you get to run them all… Good luck in October!

  10. Gen says

    I got in as well! It will be my second marathon, first being last year’s Nike in SanFran. I can’t wait! Now to find a good training plan to improve upon my time (any suggestions greatly appreciated) :)

  11. Sarah says

    Hooray!! I ran it last year and LOVED it. I’m pinching myself that I got in the lottery for both Chicago and NYC this year 😀

  12. Sarah says

    Don’t forget about the Tokyo marathon! There are six World Majors marathons, which include New York, Chicago, Berlin, London, Boston and Tokyo.

  13. Shannon in Tustin says

    Congrats! I love Chicago and their pizza (thin and deep-dish, I don’t discriminate!).

    The new blog lots fabulous…super sexy! 😉

  14. Shannon in Tustin says

    Congrats! I love Chicago and their pizza (thin and deep-dish, I don’t discriminate!).

    The new blog looks fabulous…super sexy! 😉 Nice work.

  15. says

    I got in, and I’m super excited! I have a lot of family in the city who haven’t been able to come to my previous marathons to cheer me on, so this one will be extra special!
    I’d say we should meet up, but the odds of finding you seem pretty slim :)

  16. says

    I love the new blog design!!
    You will have such a blast at Chicago! It was my first full in 2011 and I will definitely run it again someday. I’m running Berlin this year, and I have a while to go before a BQ of my own, but I will be spectating my husband running Boston this year!

  17. Jenn says

    Coming here to say that your blog re-design looks really clean. Then ads started popping up everywhere. It’s a little out of control.

  18. says

    Congrats!!!! I registered for the lottery figuring if I get in great if not no worries.
    I totally forgot that yesterday was D day, and waiting in my email this am was a little note saying I would be running!!! Woohooo!!! Super excited and I hope I don’t die. LOL

  19. Shari says

    Congratulations on getting to run Chicago. Deep dish pizza in California is crappy compared to REAL deep dish pizza in Chicago. I grew up in Chicago (in the city, not the burbs). While you are in Chicago, I would recommend: Gino’s, Edwardo’s, Uno’s or Lou Malnatti’s deep dish pizza. Leona’s has great thin crust.

  20. Annemarie/Carmie says

    Congratulations! I’m guessing you’ve seen “Spirit of the Marathon”? It’s my son’s favorite movie. Next time we watch it, I will think of your good fortune and smile!

  21. Christie says

    I’m running Chicago too!!! This will be my very first marathon. I’m glad its one of “the big 5”! Congrats to you as well:)

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