Friday Favorites–Easter Candy

Hello! Happy Friday. How was your week?

I celebrated Throwback Thursday on Instagram. But, this is kinda Flashback Friday today…

monican little at easter

This morning I will be running and eating. Shocker.

youre predictable

Friday Favorites…

1. Easter Candy! I don’t know what it is, but I feel like Easter Reese’s PB Cups are the BEST!

easter candy (800x600)


2. Salty Snacks. I’m usually a sweet tooth person, but this week I cannot get enough SALT. I opened 3 bags of chips because I couldn’t just choose one. Let’s call this an appetizer?

all the chips 2 (800x600)

3. Blueberries. Because I also like healthy stuff.

blueberries (600x800) (2)

4. Liquid Eyeliner. Most days I do the bare minimum, usually no make up. Or I’ll do a super quick swipe of mascara and am out the door. But lately I just want to put on eyeliner whether or not I’m doing anything…ya know, for practice.

Not-so-favorite… my bad quality front facing camera. I have a good phone, but the front camera is the worst. Or maybe it’s just trying to discourage me from so many selfies…

eyeliner fave (450x800)


5. My lil strawberry plants. I am so excited about them!

strawberry plant (800x600)

6. Vitamin E oil. My fall the a few weeks ago left a bad scar on my knee. Boo. So I’m trying to rub Vitamin E on it to help. 

7. Pistachio Pie. I feel like this is another good Easter-y dessert. I’m thinking about making again for this weekend.

pistachio pudding pie

Tip: I’ve heard it’s confusing to see the chronological order of RER – check out the bottom of the page for the “Latest Posts” in order or click on “Previous Post” on the bottom of each one.

POLL: Do you need a “Home” button to get to the home page of RER?

Question: What’s your favorite thing this week?


  1. Joelle says

    Reese’s Eggs are my favorite! I put them in the freezer for about 10 min for optimal consumption. It is a life changer!! Have a great weekend!

  2. says

    My favorite thing this week is FINALLY crossing of “refinance the mortgage” from my to-do list. I’m in the process now officially. I’ll be saving over $30,000 in interest over the course of the loan.
    No home button or link needed since your RER logo functions as one. Thanks for the “latest posts” tip. I missed the TMI Vlog one at first…

    Happy Easter weekend to ya…enjoy the candy

  3. says

    My favorite thing this week is for sure looking forward to Easter! We have a whole weekend planned for our 2 year old, including a huge local Easter Egg hunt as well as one at home on Sunday morning! So much fun! Happy Friday

  4. says

    My favorite thing this week is stale Peeps! Also my daughter dot into her first choice for a transfer school and I got into the Chicago Marathon. Leaving for Boston today.

  5. says

    I have never had pistachio pie! Will have to try that!

    The eyeliner looks great! My self-facing camera seems to do the same thing. Just not the same quality on the front as the back, probably.

    How in the world do you do liquid eyeliner? I am so not good at fine motor skill things like that! I feel like mine always looks wonky. You’d think I’d have this life skill at my age…

  6. Gloria says

    Thanks for the pie recipe, I’m totally going to make this for Easter now! I didn’t know what I should make, because my boyfriend is allergic to chocolate (awful, right?) …but he loves pistachio, so this will be awesome!

  7. Nicole says

    I don’t need a home button. I think we’re at a point with technology where most people know that to get “home” you click on the Logo. :)

    Favorite thing this week: Eating dinner outside last night in Santa Monica (named for you, of course!)….it was a little brisk, but a martini and space heaters warmed me up fine! :)

  8. Krista says

    My favorite thing this week was getting off work @ noon and having drinks and lunch on the water with a friend : ) I have to say the new set up is less user friendly…just being honest and the bouncing advertisement

  9. says

    Yes to “Home” button and chronological/sequencing of posts.
    You can also try Rose Hip Oil for scarring (in addition to Vit E oil).

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