Boston Marathon Monday

Last year the morning of the Boston Marathon I posted a few inspirational stories about runners completing the 26.2 mile journey that day.

boston marathon dangler

Later that day two bombs went off near the Boston Marathon finish line killing and injuring spectators and runners on and near the course. My friends were there, my fellow runners were there and my heart was there too. It hit home and I can’t imagine what the people there went through that day.

Looking back I think it’s interesting that I posted those inspirational stories before knowing the events that would unfold. And now more than ever I think we need to focus on the positive stories, on healing and moving forward.

A spectator injured at last year’s Boston returns as a runner this year.

Runner injured last year returns to run.

Why I’m Running the Boston Marathon again.

6 L.A. Runners Go Back to Boston

Some runners feel like they have to go back and run it.

boston marathon sign


You can watch the Boston Marathon today…

Universal Sports Network will provide exclusive LIVE national coverage of Boston’s legendary event from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET.

There will be a live stream on of the Boston Marathon, and also feature a “Finish Line Web Cam” that shows all runners as they cross the finish line.

Good luck to everyone running today! We are all thinking of you!!

i can do all things through christ train for a marathon

Question: On a scale of 1 to 10. How motivated are you this week?


  1. says

    It was a very emotional day today as I watched the Boston marathon and saw the exact streets that my sister ran down last year. She just made it through the finish line before the first bomb went off. I hope everyone running today has a glorious day and is able to joyously celebrate their accomplishments. Even though my sister finished, she felt that she couldn’t really celebrate it.

  2. Rhonda says

    As I prepare for my 1st half marathon this weekend I could not be more motivated. No better motivation then the results of today’s marathon. At 39, I find it very fitting that a man my age won – so proud!! Age is just a number

  3. says

    Watching the race was so much fun today. I absolutely loved the energy today.

    BTW haven’t been by the site in a while, I love your new lay out!

  4. says

    You could tell in the faces of all the winners and racers how emotional this race was for everyone. I watched all morning and am in awe of how fast the elites all ran and how strong they finished. Some day I’ll be on that start (and finish) line too!

  5. says

    It was so inspiring to watch the live coverage and the finish line cam! I had a few friends running, and it was really fun to see them smiling and crying as they crossed the finish line. I also got to cheer for an old friend who made history by becoming the first female with dwarfism to finish the boston marathon. I’m so happy for her!

  6. Scott says

    Just so you’re aware, the second article that you posted (Runner injured last year returns to run)….the runner and her husband (Lee Ann and Nick Yanni) finished the race in 5:47:05.

    This is them crossing the finish line:
    (They’re the ones holding hands going over the “FI” of “FINISH”)

    And the Boston Globe caught a photo of them going in for a post-race kiss:

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