How to Get Your Running Mojo Back Vlog–Ask a Monican

I did a quick video from my hotel room in Santa Monica, CA. This one is about what to do when you lose your running motivation or ‘mojo’.

Question #2 is a runner who felt like they over-heated on race day and had a really bad race.

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Question: How do you bounce back when you don’t feel motivated to run or exercise?


  1. says

    I don’t have the salty sweat, but I was told by someone at a medical tent that I either had to much salt or not enough from my hands swelling up during a 1/2. It happened twice…once last summer and then during another one in October. The summer was worse, and I definitely think it was partly due to the heat as well

  2. Tara says

    I have always had a problem with not sweating. I tried cardio kickboxing and was so beet red, hot and dizzy, I had to stop and let my body cool down before I could continue. I have seen Dr’s and they have no remedy. I drink tons of water (all I drink all day) and make sure when I work out that I eat before/after. After a workout, I will perspire, but I have never in my life had sweat dripping or running down my face. It makes me sad, I feel I need to hold back and cannot push myself as much as I would like; but atleast I am still getting out and working out.

  3. says

    I’m part of the salty sweater club and my fingers get super swollen when i run. I’m actually thinking of trying (not for my race this sunday because I haven’t trained with it yet) to just carry plain old salt packets and suck em down every few miles. I have tried NUUN and other tablet form electrolytes that get dissolved in water but it never seems to be enough. I notice that in addition to the finger swelling my legs cramp up too. When the weather is warm it’s been said to anticipate your pace to be a minute per mile slower on average….

    As for getting the running mojo back…I definitely meet up with friends for a run and brunch afterward or I’ll go buy myself some new running gear or download some new songs for my playlist.

    I was just talking to my boss recently about wishing I loved strength exercises as much as running and he suggested adding in little strength moves during the course of my run. Push ups or dips on a bench in the park, etc. So that might refresh you….if it’s not just running.

    good luck!

    • The Silent Assassin says

      Sally…for sure not this race. But try taking a peek at Salt Stick ( for future use. I usually take one at mile 4 and mile 8… Maybe its mental. But ever since I’ve been taking it, I’ve never cramped up. And that’s saying something here in AZ

  4. says

    I try a new exercise or meet up with local runners. I’m always inspired by the fellow runners I meet in my area. I also think of each run as an investment in my half marathon training. I want to preform well on race day, so I need to put in the work! It’s always worth it in the end.

  5. The Silent Assassin says

    I think you hit some really good points. Usually my rogue runners group will lift me up. Sometimes, when we don’t feel like running, we walk…and talk and catch up. I like the date run idea, and also maybe shake it up a bit and go do trails or spin class or swim. You could also try finding new areas to run. That works for me. I love the margarita shot blocks, and I’ve also incorporated salt sticks. Btw, being from hawaii, I couldn’t help notice that the pictures above the hotel beds…you can’t quite make it out. But if I’m not mistaken they are hula dancers – 1 male and 1 female with maile lies and haku bands (made of maile). Those are pretty well known pictures. Ok, sidetracked… anyway, yeah, good vlog!

  6. Julie says

    I had the same issue…finished my first marathon in February and was really “meh” about running. The marathon didn’t go as planned so I wanted to run to prove to myself that I could do better, but just didn’t have the motivaton to get going. When I did start running again, I felt slow and sluggish…not a good combination!
    You are absolutely right with your advice. Sometimes it’s good to just sit back and rest, think about things, and get right mentally again. I started doing Pilates and Barre class and some light running to stay active. Honestly, what helped motivate me the most was checking into RER daily! Seriously…reading your posts made me happy and motivated to run seriously again. I’ve got another Half Marathon on my calendar and will start serious training next week and I’m so excited to be training again! Thank you Run Eat Repeat!!
    P.S. The Half is in Huntington Beach in July…any chance you will be running?

  7. Courtney says

    I really needed this vlog today. I ran my 3rd half two weeks ago also, trained all winter in 0-30 (on a warm day) and it was 80-freaking-2 on race day (I heart Ohio). I guzzled water and Gatorade all week. I carried water, drank water and dumped water on my head every station. I swear I walked a mile total, and finished in 2:12. 12 minutes slower than the previous year. 14 slower than I ran the course in training 2 weeks prior. I’m running a half in two days and all I can think about is how bad I sucked a couple weeks ago. Thanks for the great response!

  8. Megan says

    Question #1 was from me! Thanks Monica!!
    I’ve since got my mojo back and I had a really good race in ATL. I cramped from miles 2-5 but other than that is was really good and I actually enjoyed the course. I did another half April 13th and PR’d :) My fiance did as well! Now it’s time for focus on strength training for our upcoming wedding!

  9. says

    I’ve definitely had the salty sweat on long races, particularly hot ones. I’ve gotten to the finish line and had it dried around the edges of my face, on my arms, etc. I’ve also felt like I was on the borderline of heatstroke and it can be very scary, I now make a much more conscious effort to keep hydrated, even when I don’t really think I need to.

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