Running In Santa Monica California

Hello! I’ve been at a fun event all day in Santa Monica!

surf workout in santa monica

But before I share all that, I want to tell you non-Californians about a great place to run in Santa Monica. I get emails from readers visiting “L.A.” fairly often and many times they aren’t in the heart of Los Angeles, but somewhere near da beach. That’s great for exercising when you are out of town! 

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Last night I stayed at the Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica. It’s right across the street from the beach and super close to the 3rd street promenade.

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The hotel was the usual, but the service was exceptional. I needed a fridge in my room and I forgot something in my car – and they took care of it super quick.

Also, they offer newspapers in the room and I was very very happy to see a familiar face on the cove – Boston Marathon winner MEB!!!

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This morning I woke up and set out for a short-ish run. I didn’t want to get too tired because I knew the day ahead would be packed with exercise!

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Santa Monica is a GREAT place to run because the pedestrian / bike path is awesome. It goes on for miles and miles. It’s super flat. Plus – it’s just something you can stay on and go ‘out and back’ so you won’t get lost!

I just walked around here before the L.A. Marathon a few weeks ago. But since that was the day before the full mary I didn’t run. It was great to get in some miles exploring north of the pier.

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Running in Santa Monica:

The path is formally called the Marvin Braude Bike Trail (according to Wikipedia). It starts in Pacific Palisades and goes south for 22 miles. About 8 of those miles are in Santa Monica. Check out the wiki page for more.

Head’s up: There are bathrooms and water fountains along the route, but if you’re running super early they might not be open.

From The Patch: The best running spots in Santa Monica.

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After the run I wanted an iced coffee, but didn’t really want to hunt down a good one. So, I settled for McD’s and added sugar and milk in my hotel room.

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And with that, my iced coffee connoisseur card was revoked.

From there I got ready and headed to the FiTrends event!

More on that next…

jamba juice fitness event

Question: If you could run anywhere in the world – where would it be?

Question #2: Did anyone watch the Southern Charm finale?! What do you think about that?!


  1. Trace says

    McDonalds coffee is the best! Be proud! And this is from someone who lives in Boston where there is a Dunks on every corner. Blows DD away. Go Newman’s Own!!

  2. says

    ill try to make it quick!
    1. love your hair, awesome wave/curls….whatever it is your doing, what is your secret!?
    2. I have been wanting to make it out to the west coast for the sun and maybe even that running path you shared!
    3. I would love to run again in Disney, but Scotland would be awesome! I have heard that there is a Great Wall of China 1/2? maybe, or maybe im making that up, that would be wicked hard im sure, but it would be fun to try!

  3. says

    Oh man, beach runs are the BEST. It’s great to have water to look at while you’re out there. I love running over bridges, too! Right now my dream is to run across the Sydney Harbor Bridge…the Rialto Bridge would be amazing too!

  4. says

    I actually have run that Santa Monica trail many times when I was working in CA few years ago. I honestly have never been in a better place than right there running by the beach. My dream would be to run in Spain someday since I studied abroad there.

  5. says

    I live in Santa Monica and do a lot of my runs on that path! It is so beautiful and the scenery never gets old! Sometimes I even see dolphins while I’m running and there’s always tons of people for some great people watching.

  6. says

    By the beach with the stunning ocean on one side and the hills in the horizon on the other side and the breeze blowing. Oh man…I need a beach/sea vacay soon!

  7. Ashlee says

    I haven’t tried McD’s iced coffee.. I’m a DD fan for sure, though Panera’s is pretty good. But I just found Coco Cafe (coconut water cafe latte) at Target last night and I think it might be a new addiction. You put them in the fridge, grab, and go.

  8. says

    definitely nothing better than running along the beach at sunrise. I am fortunate to be on the coast (granted the east coast isn’t as beautiful as the west but i’ll take it!). I ran while on vacation in Sedona and it was amazing. I would love to run in Australia or New Zealand. Maybe even run the marathon in Antarctica.

  9. says

    I love Santa Monica! I grew up in El Segundo and used to run, bike and rollerblade up to Santa Monica a lot. I miss it a lot! I live just outside Boston now, so I still get my ocean fix on my runs.

  10. Samantha Bruce says

    Southern Charm.. ummm were you left confused like I was?

    I do hope there is a second season.. just a sucker for another Bravo show!

  11. says

    I love the Santa Monica path but if you go at popular times there are tons and tons of bikers and walkers with bad path sharing etiquette. My plan for this summer is to take as many weekend long runs as possible down to the beach to avoid the heat in the valley and for the nice views (the ocean, not the guys at muscle beach)

  12. Rebecca Maxwell says

    A few years ago a couple friends and I tried to have a drink at the bar in the lobby of that hotel. They told us we couldn’t unless we were guests of the hotel. It was in the middle of the day and not crowded at all. LAME.

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