Training for Rock N Roll San Diego Marathon and Suja Juice

Hello! How’s your weekend going?

ready to party

Mine is great because I get to run and eat. It’s kinda my thing.

long run marathon training orange county california (450x800)

I’m also pretty excited that my lil strawberry plants are fruiting! I feel so freaking fancy that I grew actual, edible non-gmo fruit. Someone give me a hippie card asap!!

my strawberry plants (800x600)

we have to protect the forest

I also eat string cheese – string style. But like, 3 strings for the whole thing.

string cheese

So, I did back to back long-ish runs because I have a lot of races coming up in May and if I’m being honest…  just felt like running a lot.

forrest gump and run eat repeat

I made the usual, required stops after my run on Friday:

post run eat watermelon to help recover (450x800)

What I ate before my long run: oatmeal in a jar and iced coffee.

what to eat before running long run marathon training (600x800)

I ran around Orange County and saw some pretty things Smile

running around orange county long run marathon (800x600)

It was a little gloomy and looked like it was almost going to RAIN (crazy) when I started. But, the weather can’t stay bad in the OC because we pay a really high “sunshine tax” so the courts won’t allow it.

running around orange count (800x600)

After my run I drank this Suja Purify Juice. This is very similar to my favorite detox juice from the juice bar, but I love that this has the actual nutrition stats on the back – I’ve always wondered about that.

suja juice after run (600x800)

Bonus: Beet juice is great for endurance exercise. Runner’s World article on beet juice and running.

I’m actually going to be running the Rock N Roll San Diego Half Marathon / Marathon with Suja and I’m really excited about it! I love juice and San Diego and running. Makes sense.

It also makes sense to use this discount code if you want to come too.

rock n roll san diego marathon discount

And I balanced out the juice with some cookies. At least these were gluten free, free of the 7 common allergens and

gluten free chocolate cookies enjoy life (600x800)

On manager’s special.

gluten free chocolate cookies (600x800)

Question: What is the best thing you’re eating or drinking this weekend?


  1. Laura P says

    I’m hoping to get some tacos soon, so that will be awesome.

    Cute strawberries. Watch out for birds! We planted some strawberry plants last year in our vegetable garden and before we could pick any berries the birds took them all! My daughter was very sad!

  2. Andrea says

    More like what is the best thing I’m not eating?! I’m on vacation in NYC so indulging a bit in chocolate cake ,chocolate chip cookies and froyo. Good thing I got in my long 30km training run yesterday before I left. I love reading your blog. I feel like we are the same person. I am in love with running and being active but equally if not more in love with eating. It’s a tough balance to uphold. Wish I loved exercising just a little more 😉

  3. says

    I love reading your blog! I’m a novice runner and your constant happiness and joy about running inspires me to carry on running further each time. (Though sometimes it’s hard living in England where it rains a lot so I do a lot of treadmill stuff!)

    This weekend I was in a little seaside town called Bournemouth and I went to a fish restaurant and had moules, scallops and a panna cotta for pudding. Delish!


  4. says

    I reduced gluten and sugar for a month so no cookies for me but I did have Eggs Royale for breakfast this morning and it was amazing!! Once you get out of the habit of eating chocolate and biscuits, you actually don’t crave it anymore!

  5. says

    I love beets! I’ve never tried them in juice-form, but I also read that article about beets and running.

    Best thing I ate/drank was a dark chocolate covered strawberry, accompanied by a glass of Beaujolais.

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