The Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Fitness Loving Moms

Best Mother's Day Gifts for Fitness moms (800x800)Mother’s Day is only two weeks away! That means it’s way past time to brainstorm what you are getting your fitness minded mom. And those mother runners out there can send this post to their fam for a not-so-subtle hint. Here is a list of the Best Mother’s Day gift ideas… for your cool mom.

im a cool mom

BEST Mother’s Day Gifts for Fit Moms

1. Massage certificate. Workout or not – moms deserve a massage! But, if she also works out, she really really needs one.

cat massage

2. Medal Hanger. SportHooks has a great line of fun ones – plus “Mom” specific hangers. Order asap to get it on time.

stay calm and run on medal hanger

3. Cute water bottle. Help keep her hydrated for those sweat sessions!

If I’m your mom you should get me this:

But I’m not (unless I have a child out there I don’t know about…) so you might consider…

Personalized Water Bottle from Etsy

personalized water bottle

4. New workout gear. Check out her stuff and figure out what she needs and what she already likes. I’m kinda in love with this Yoga Mom tee (maternity). Or this Run Like a Mother Tee…

5. Wine of the month club. Because. Well, just because it’s awesome.

i love this drink mom[4]

6. Herb plants (or fruit). Better than flowers – she can enjoy the sight, smell and taste! Tip: Check you local nursery for easy care options. Trader Joe’s might have some too.

my strawberry plants (800x600)

7. A healthy dinner. Cook her favorite meal. Tip: Clean up after too and make enough so she have leftovers.

paris hilton cook

8. Mile Markers. My favorite running book!

Run Like a Mother is another good option or a subscription to her fave fitness or healthy living magazine.

9. A new yoga mat or gym bag.


10. Gift certificate to her favorite smoothie shop! Bonus points if you take her out for a smoothie and a walk.

pina colada new jamba juice (800x600)

Question: What are you getting your mom?


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  1. says

    Lately I have been buying a bottle of expensive (okay, like $40) wine and drinking it with my mom. It’s a perfect excuse for bonding! I’ll probably also get her a plant since she’s a crazy gardener.

  2. says

    My sisters and I are getting my mom and gift card to a store she shops at often. We personalized the GC with pics of her grandkids, so it’s a win/win :-) I also got her a Run Happy visor, because everyone needs to remember that mantra!

  3. Sarah G says

    That yoga mat is awesome!! I got my mom some customized garden markers and will be getting her a potted plant to go with it. Can’t decide between flowers or edibles but a strawberry plant sounds super cute so I may go that route!

  4. Honore MacCoy-Patty says

    My mom has been gone for 13 years so I don’t get to worry about a present for her anymore (boo!), but my daughter and I will do the Run Like A Mother 5k together. More than anything, getting ‘love you, mom’ from each of my kids (3 grown boys, and 1 teenage girl) is what makes my heart swell. However, if I come home from the run to a clean house (like a crew came in a worked their magic) – I will be over the moon ecstatic!

  5. says

    I got my mom tickets (duh, one for me, too!) to see Matt Nathanson, Gavin Degraw, and Mary Lambert in concert this June. Apparently I love giving gifts to myself while I bestow them upon others. :)

  6. Melissa S. says

    I always buy my mom a hanging flower basket. Every time she sees it , she can think of her favorite daughter, lol!!

    I am so buying the Sriracha water bottle 😉

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