Facing My Fitness FEAR!

Hello! Today I am on a mission to get to yoga. A new studio opened up pretty close to me and I’m pretty excited to give it a try. I’m extra excited that they have one hour long classes!! Finally.

yoga toes (376x502)

Most of the places around here are 90 minutes and I just can’t.

no time for that

I also have a fun new project this month! I’m working with Propel on their Add Flavor Challenge! The company will be challenging me to “add flava” to my life with a few fitness challenges.

propel water after half marathon (600x800)

A few weeks ago they were handing out Propel Fitness Water after the Irvine Half Marathon! I’m also pretty excited to get my hands on the flavor enhancers and add it to my sparkling water.

propel water after marathon 1 (600x800)

In May the challenge is to…



facing a fitness fear

So, I’ve been thinking about a few of my fitness fears that I want to tackle.

Monica’s Fitness Fears:

1. Hot Yoga – because I’m pretty sure I’ll sweat so so so much I’ll drown and/or be asked to leave. Or pass out.

2. Juggle spiders – because spiders are scary. And I don’t know how to juggle.

3. Run over 30 miles in one shot. I’d like to do a 50 miler. I think. But I know I’ll also hate myself if I sign up for one.

4. Stand-up paddle boarding – last summer in Florida some of my fam wanted to do stand-up paddling. I opted out because I thought it would be really hard and that I would just end up in the water.

Kinda related: I had a very vivid dream when I was a kid that I had to got off this island by jumping into a shark’s mouth. So, I’m pretty sure that’s how I’m going to die anyway.

hello from a shark

How sad! I need to conquer that before this summer – so I’ve decided to try paddle boarding this month.

I know I’ve seen people do it around here when I’ve run at the beach. Now I just have to get to it!!

Since I am putting myself out on a limb here – I want to challenge you to do the same! Will you face a fitness fear this month?

Question: What is your fitness fear? Can you tackle it??

Disclaimer: This post is part of my partnership with Propel. All opinions are my own.


  1. says

    My fitness fear for ages was spinning because I thought it would be too hard and I would die but I’ve tried a couple of classes recently and I absolutely love it! It’s a shame the class I like is £16 (about $27) a go.

    I’ve tried bikram yoga and nearly passed out, its awful so I agree with your fear.

  2. Melisa says

    Anything with heights scares me. So maybe practice sliding down the fire pole at the local playground will be my challenge.
    Paddle boarding isn’t all that hard. You can def do it.

  3. says

    Hot yoga was a big fear of mine for a long time. But once I tried it, I loved it!
    Currently my fear would be swimming. I mean I can swim to save my life but I can’t swim to exercise. I would someday like to do a triathalon but that means swimming…

  4. says

    I have a fear of trying new fitness classes, such as Zumba or something that requires coordination. I don’t go to any, aside from yoga, and I’m afraid of looking like a huge noob!

  5. Anna says

    Two fitness fears: (1) the Abs class at my gym (I know silly) and (2) I’m going for a 10 mile run this month. I tried it a few weeks back and it didn’t go so well but this month I’m going to take 10 miles down!

  6. says

    You should check out core power yoga if you haven’t already. They have awesome hour long hot yoga classes. I’m pretty sure there are quite a few in OC:)

  7. says

    I want to try stand up paddle boarding too! It always looks so fun! I did wind surfing a couple of years ago and fell in the water a lot, but it was a blast!!

    Fitness Fear to face–>hmm-that is a tough one. Doing a Triathlon is my biggest fitness fear. I am not a strong swimmer and something about getting kicked in the face while doing it scares me!

  8. says

    I’ve done hot yoga and it’s sweaty but not bad. I could not get over the stinky smell so my advice is find a good smelling studio. My fitness fear in facing is getting back to half marathon readiness after my foot injury. I’m already doing 10 miles 5 times a week.

    • Brenda says

      10 miles 5 times a week sounds like you are way beyond half marathon ready by my standards!!

  9. karleen says

    ugh, yoga/stretching is not necessarily my fear, but something I absolutely dread even though I know I should be doing it since I run a lot as well…ok…my challenge this month will be to do one yoga class per week. Doesn’t sound too challenging, but it is for me! lol

  10. says

    I don’t really have a fitness fear. After over coming cancer, I have taken the attitude to never say never and get out of my comfort zone.

  11. Monica says

    I did SUPing and fell constantly. But you know what they call it when you fall off a SUP? Swimming. And that’s fun too.

  12. Laura says

    I am trying SUP this year, but in Massachusetts, I will have to wait until July or later for the water to be warm enough when I fall in!! I am doing a fun foam/mud run in June which is a first for me and I am excited about it!!

  13. Shannon B. says

    This isn’t really a fear and it isn’t new this month, but it is a goal I’ve had to run a half marathon…and it is this Sunday!!!

  14. Nicole says

    I don’t really have a fitness fear…have tried everything from crossfit to long distance running to different types of yoga.

    You have to try hot yoga! I teach hot power vinyasa and it is not as scary as it sounds! I’ve also recently reincorporated bikram yoga on run recovery days (I’m just beginning my base training for my fall marathon) and it is a great compliment to long distance running. Trust me…try it!

  15. says

    If you need a paddle boarding buddy let me know! My fear that I want to face this summer is learning to surf but Im terrified and some SUP might be a good intro for me too.

  16. Suegene says

    Stand Up Paddling Boarding – never gonna happen. We went and the kids tried it in Lemon Bay. All 4 kids (my sons and their two lady friends) are athletic and coordinated. #1 son and his girl did fine. (they had done it before). #2 son and his girlfriend – kept falling off AND there was a feisty mama dolphin who was lurking about trying to keep them from her baby dolphin, and they both were fairly certain they were going to be eaten by said dolphin. After watching them, I realized there is just no way ever I will do it.

  17. says

    I haven’t run 10+ miles since my half marathon and I am feeling intimidated now. I want to get back out there and do a long run, just for me!

  18. says

    Stand up paddle-boarding is super-duper fun! I’ve only done it on lakes, not oceans though: there are no waves (or sharks) in lakes, which probably makes it easier.

    I have been wanting to try a spin class forever but I keep chickening out. I love riding my bike and I want to get faster on it; I feel like spinning would be a good strategy. I don’t know why I’m afraid of classes, maybe it’s because I’m a loner-excerciser by nature and the group setting is intimidating. That or the fear that I’ll show up wearing my helmet and everyone will laugh at me.

    Thanks for the motivation to get over my major malfunction! Have fun sup- and yoga-ing! Up here in Seattle they offer Yoga classes on top of paddle boards for a double-trouble experience. Too scary?

  19. says

    So, the next time you come to Florida, email me and I will take you paddleboarding. I have a house in Venice pretty close to your fam, I think and I have a beginner paddleboard and a more advanced one and kayaks and surfboards and a boat, (in case you need more motivation). And, you can help me face a fitness fear and we can run the entire length of the Legacy Trail/Venetian Park Trail which is like 42 miles round trip. from Caspersen Beach to Sarasota and back…. What do you say?

  20. Nicole says

    Paddle boarding is so fun!! You won’t even think about sharks because you’ll be concentrating on standing up straight and staying on the board :)

  21. Tanya says

    Fun reading everyone’s comments on these topics!
    I own a stand up Paddleboarding and it’s very relaxing. It’s not very difficult, if u can balance on one leg u can Paddleboard.
    I Try and get to yoga at least once a week. Like bikram yoga cause it’s challenging but not for everyone. Prefer it in the winter. If u can find an instructor that u like other styles are good too.
    Conquered my fear of trying crossfit, probably next fear is doing an ultra anything
    Good luck with your list, hope the spiders don’t bite!

  22. says

    I am also nervous to take hot yoga….I slipped in my own sweat puddle in the gym today and that was just from running in 65 degrees! haha.

    I’m also nervous to write about doing a race or say what my goal pace is…..

  23. says

    I loved hot yoga!
    I’m going to be facing a fear and signing up for tae kwon do classes this summer. Freaks me out, but if my kids can do it, I can too.

  24. says

    I was so afraid the first time I tried hot yoga but now I am hooked. I want to take this body pump style class but am nervous I won’t be able to follow along since its taught in a different language and all.

  25. Bloismon says

    My biggest fear is crossfit. I am just afraid it will be too hard to follow and I will look kind of ridiculous.
    I tried bikram yoga and I loved it. Shame there is no place to practice it in my city.

  26. Sara says

    About a month ago, I went to a yoga class… on a paddleboard. It was in a pool, so no shark danger, but it was insanely hard. Like, “felt like I’ve never done Warrior I before & maybe even haven’t ever actually stood up before” kind of hard.

    But, it was pretty fun once you got over the fear of falling in. :)

    My current fear is the 6.1 mi leg of a marathon relay I’m running this weekend – it was an extremely last minute decision, and will be the longest I have run in months! But, there will be donuts afterward, so it could be worse.

  27. says

    I recently faced my fear of teaching a barre class. I’ve been training and just this past week i was able to do it. Although the class wasn’t full, I was confident and did my thing. It was wonderful. Good Luck! You might hate hot yoga in the beginning, but it’s so addicting. It is so good for our hammies and legs with our long distance running. You go girl!

  28. says

    Hot yoga is actually so much fun! I had the same fear of passing out before, but you just need to keep your self fully hydrated all throughout. I had the same dream about sharks which is why I just can’t go and swim at the beach like normal people do. It’s good to know I’m not alone!

  29. says

    Stand up paddle boarding looks awesome – I am really hoping to try it this summer. Not afraid of sharks or killer whales, but the water in Seattle is pretty cold so I’m a little bit afraid of that!

  30. says

    Stand-up paddle boarding is not hard at all! I actually did it three different times before I ended up in the water, although my husband fell in several times (my balance is better than his and I have a much lower center of gravity). Anyway, as long as you can swim, what’s wrong with going in the water? I usually would jump in the water at the end anyway! Just don’t go when it’s cold out. :)

    My fitness fear is probably a marathon or spinning. I have done spinning before and know I CAN do it, I just hate it (and the crotch pain afterward!) with a burning passion. And I have done a half marathon, but I just can’t imagine going any farther than that. You and all the other people who regularly do full marathons are amazing!

  31. says

    As the summer approaches I wanted to improve my pull up count so I have been working hard at getting them done. So I guess that would be a fear of mine.

  32. says

    Hot yoga USED to be one of my fitness fears! Then a cute boy asked me to do it with him and I got over that fear real quick. :) I love my 65-minute Hatha hot yoga classes in my hometown. Hope you enjoy/enjoyed your session!

  33. jacqui says

    I recently discovered your site, and love catching up. For some time I have thought about doing an ultra, say, starting with something close to 30 miles. Maybe those of us who are interested should form a virtual support group…….

  34. says

    My fear is cycling. I know it’s weird, but I’ve seen how close cars get to bikes, plus I have no idea about gears or changing punctures or fixing chains. What if I was miles from home and my bike broke? What if my little legs couldn’t pedal me up a hill? Running is much simpler and I love it, but I’ve been asked to take part in a women only cycling event hear my home later this year so I guess I’m going to have to face my fear and get out there! Wish me luck!

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