Friday Favorites–Sunflower Seeds and Sunblock

Happy Friday! How was your week?

Yesterday I took a long walk with SR. She’s been MIA inoculating migrant birds in Spain so it was nice to finally catch up.


Now I’m cleaning my house and getting ready for the weekend!! Boom.

time to clean

Friday Favorites – for May 2nd

1. Andrew Zimmerman. I can’t decide if I want to be him or his best friend, but I want to travel the world eating all the foods with him. Yesterday he was eating poutine and I’ve never had it. I need to though. Soon.

2. Smoothies. It’s hot and I can’t get enough smoothie action!

blueberry pie smoothie

3. Neutrogena Dry Touch Sunblock – it dries super quick so I don’t get it in my eyes when I start sweating 3 seconds later.

4. Ridiculously large visors. I’m going to turn into one big freckle if I don’t get a bigger visor for walks.

5. Pizza.

celery is not pizza

6. Racer back bras. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this before – but I wear racer backs about 92% of the time. Love them. Love that I don’t have to mess with straps.

7. Sunflower seeds. I put that ish on everything.

Winner of the Runner’s World Book – Maggie


Winner of the Camelback Water Pitcher – David!


Maggie and David email me runeatrepeat at gmail!

Have a good weekend!!

Question: What is your favorite thing this week?


  1. Zana says

    Poutine is great! When I used to go to school in Detroit, we would drive across to border into Canada to just get some poutine for lunch!

  2. Rachel says

    You’ve never had poutine? I do to understand that sentence. How can that be possible? (I’m Canadian, which may explain my disbelief.) Get some poutine in your belly ASAP. Then come back and thank all of Canada. 😉

  3. Marie-Michelle says

    You should come to Montréal, Canada for the best poutine! Maybe you’ll be interested to run Rock’n’Roll marathon on September 28th :-)

  4. says

    Ok, as a Canadian, I need to ensure you have proper poutine for your first time. Make sure it has real cheese curds and proper poutine gravy! Though really, the cheese curds are the most important part

  5. Liz says

    This has nothing to do with this post…..but…..

    I was at Target in Huntington Beach yesterday and saw on one of the end caps in the cookie section….wait for it….WATERMELON OREOS. Have you ever heard of such a thing?!? They are like the golden Oreos but with watermelon cream in the middle. Sounds kind of gross to me, but as a long time reader I thought I had a duty to let you know so you can check it out.

  6. says

    I love that bra and how wonderful to not have to see the straps in halter tanks – ugh, yes! My favorite thing this week is the new Ultra Upper Body Circuit I created for myself. I’m still sore – just love it. TGIF!

  7. says

    I got to meet and attend a Q&A session with Ryan Hall. I think that definitely takes the cake for favorite thing this week. But I also won first place in my age division at a local 5K. Yeah, I can’t complain about the week I had at all! :)
    …what is poutine?

  8. says

    Andrew Zimmerman is awesome and funny. He eats a little crazier than I do!!

    I tried Trader Joe’s simmer curry last night and it was delicious! Super easy to add to chicken and makes a great meal. Plus the ingredient list is all real foods! :)

  9. says

    My favorite thing was these homemade “raspberry explosion” cookies I bought at the farmer’s market this morning….but after eating 3 of them I got sick :( They’re really rich.
    Think dark chocolate, heavy cream, almond paste, eggs, sugar and flour.

    So I’ll go with my new nike miler running t-shirt that’s so soft and comfy I bought a second one so i can wear one as non-running attire lol!

    Happy Friday!

  10. Rob Runs says

    I feel the complete opposite way about racerback bras, I can’t find one that doesn’t chafe my left collarbone. Yet I keep buying them in the hopes that, one day, I will find one.

    Favorite thing this week so far has been the Flying Dog Mint Chocolate Stout I had at lunch today. Awwww yeah.

  11. says

    My favorite thing this week is that it’s over. There was a lot of emotionally stressful stuff going on personally and at work this week, so I’m super glad it’s over. Plus I will be up bright and early to meet up with some people for a run. Really looking forward to it!

  12. says

    I love sunflower seeds on my salad! I’m totally addicted to goat cheese, so I put that, dried cranberries and sunflower seeds on every salad. SO GOOD.

    This week I am loving the warm weather!

  13. says

    Ya, I’m totally with you on the straps thing, hate them!
    You haven’t tried poutine? For Real? TRY IT! I would say it’ll change your life but you’ll either love it or hate it. I’ve only met one person who didn’t much care for it tho :)
    I am Canadian :)

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