My Favorite Meatless Mexican Dishes

Since it’s Cinco de Mayo and Meatless Monday I thought I’d roll it all together in a flour tortilla and make a blog burrito – combining the two!

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But first I need to give myself a little pat on the butt back because I went to yoga today!! Ommmmmm.

I always feel so much better when I go. I am determined to make this a weekly commitment! It’s good for me.

mexican cinco de mayo recipes yoga

In other pat on the back news… I had a carton of ice cream in my shopping cart today and I put it back. Don’t get me wrong – I’m PRO ice cream. But, I need to clean up my diet and I’ve been slipping.

See also: I’m typing this as I eat cereal.

dont judge me

Anyway. Your local Monican is ready to share her favorite recipes that are Mexican (like me) and Meatless (like me on Mondays).

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My Favorite Vegetarian Mexican Recipes:

1. Paloma – skinny cocktail. For when you’re too lazy or drunk to work a blender and make a margarita.

paloma skinny cocktail recipe cinco de mayo

2. Tofu Tacos – only two ingredients to make the ‘meat’ and it’s so good!

two ingredient vegetarian tacos

3. Chile Relleno Casserole. Confession: I like this better than ‘real’ chile rellenos.

chili relleno casserole

4. Mexican Pizza

meatless mexican pizza recipe

5. Ortega Omelet

ortega omelet stuffed with chiles food blog recipe

6. Black bean and corn salad – great for a BBQ or potluck! It’s not an authentic Mexican dish, but it involves salsa which means you can scoop it up with chips, which means you’ll need a margarita to wash it down…

vegetarian mexican dish

7. Black bean and Corn Tostada – video!

Question: What’s your favorite Mexican dish?

What’s your favorite Mexican drink?

Who’s your favorite Mexican Blogger?


  1. Charlotte says

    I would have to say mole is one of my favorite (central) Mexican dishes. I didn’t care for it at first, but my ex’s mom made it when I went to visit him in Cuernavaca and I have liked it ever since. People cannot fathom combining chicken and chocolate, but if it was good enough for Montezuma, it’s good enough for me! :)

  2. Wendy says

    My favorite mexican dish has to be chilaquiles! Mexican drink is agua fresca de jamaica :)
    as for fav mexican blogger, YOU ofcourse!! seriously there need to be more non-white fitness and health bloggers! do you know of any more that you might recommend? :)

  3. Shannon in Tustin says

    Sangria (really good stuff)

    — from the Mexican, non-blogger-mom in Tustin :)

  4. says

    I really do LOVE margaritas. And I want the ones that are frozen, full of calories and sugar and really bad for you…which is why – since I am 49 – I don’t drink them like I used to in my 30s. But I indulged in two last night (a raspberry & a mango ) and they were both delightful! No regrets.

  5. The Silent Assassin says

    Agua Fresca- Jamaica Hibiscus
    Google – “Who’s your favorite Mexican blogger”. (golf clap) Well played my friend, well played.

  6. says

    You had me at Mexican food. This is such a good list of meatless Mexican dishes! Usually if I’m going meatless I just grab a bean or guacamole taco, but I’ll have to branch out and try some of these. I’ll take any excuse to eat more Mexican food!

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