Friday Favorites– What is Gluten video

Happy Friday! How’s it going?

I’m just over here chilling, eating sweet potato tots Smile


Today I have compiled a very important list of my favorite things from the internet for this week. They’re all kinda random, but so am I. So it works. Sorta.

Friday Favorites –

What is Gluten as answered by random people who don’t eat it….

1. What is Gluten??!

2. Avocado on everything. Even cereal. Luckily it’s gluten free Winking smile

avocado on everything (800x600)

3. The Duggars. I have a new found love for 19 Kids and Counting.

19 kids

4. WATERMELON TOTE. I bought a BIG purse to use for traveling back in October. But, I’ve been using it all the time and it’s a little much for day to day. I’m looking for a casual purse to use daily. Right now I’m digging casual ‘totes’ like this one.

I kinda feel like I need this WATERMELON TOTE, but it’s a beach bag – not a purse. But, I don’t think the fashion police will arrest me so I’m gonna get it.


5. Sleep.


Question: What’s your favorite thing this week?


  1. says

    I saw that gluten-free video the other day and I had to laugh… people are crazy. I love when Jimmy Kimmel does these videos. He did one about a year ago about whether people would prefer the affordable care act or obamacare and it was pretty funny too!

  2. says

    Feeling our second baby boy kick like crazy all the time and getting excited for Mother’s day celebrations! Also loving the mini-Ninja my mom sent us in the mail. Best.Blender.Ever!!

  3. says

    Haha this gluten video is GREAT!!! I love how quickly and confidently all the people respond that they don’t eat gluten and then how bewildered they look when asked what gluten is.

    “Russians know about gluten and Putin.” #Awesome

  4. Charlotte says

    I hated avocado growing up, although it is a staple in my culture. Now I love it, and regret that I refused to eat it in my formative years. My favourite thing this week is warm weather in Ontario. Woo hoo!

  5. says

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