Silent Saturday–The Best Things In Life

Friday Night ‘core work’

silent saturday frid (640x640)

Saturday morning core work…

silent sat 5 (640x640) silent saturday 1 (640x640) silent sat 4 (640x640) pei wei dinner (800x600) eat drink and be merry (640x640) the best things in life silent sat 8 (640x640) silent saturday 2 (640x640)


  1. says

    Don’t get too crazy with out the running now! Do you do other workouts besides running? It helps to have a backup fitness. I love running, but my backup is always spin class. Actually I notice my runs are better the day after a spin class. My legs and core are stronger. Anyway, just some food for thought.

  2. says

    hahah we’re the reason our mother’s drink. Ironic considering they had to go 9 months without it for us (hopefully) !

  3. Charlotte says

    Haha! My mama doesn’t drink, never did. I ponder how she put up with six of us and no margaritas! Your supermans are looking good btw…

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