Mother’s Day at My Mom’s

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY MADRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my redhead brother and nonredhead mom (600x800)

I love love love you.

Thank you for not being a cool mom, but being a good mom.

im a cool mom

I swear I mean that in the nicest way.

mothers day card

I’m sure I was not easy to deal with, thank you for not throwing me in the trash.

mom card

After breakfast I headed to my mom’s house to hang out with her. We spent some QT picking avocados.

picking avocados (800x600) picking avocados at home (600x800)

Pick a big one, win a prize.

avocado from home (600x800)

I was in charge of all the food because I didn’t want my mom or SIL to worry about it. But, I kept it easy peasy with chicken burgers on pretzel buns, kale salad (from a Costco mix), fruit salad and lemon bars. Okay. Basically everything was from Costco. It works. Actually my mom and SIL LOVED it. Boom.

hummus and pita chips (800x600) lemon bars (800x600) mothers day spread (600x800) mothers day pretzel buns (800x600)

Time to eat!

chicken burgers and pretzel buns (800x600)

Mom’s Magic M&Ms Smile <- someone needs to pin the crap out of that.

moms magic m&m (600x800)

And I have a HUGE announcement – my niece’s first food is WATERMELON! This made my life.

babys first watermelon (600x800)

All right, now I have to clean up the kitchen for my mom.

Love you!


Question: What did you do today?


  1. says

    My family has a tradition of going on hikes for Mother’s and Father’s Day every year. :) This year we hit Twin Falls in Washington State, then undid all of that hard cardiovascular work by going nuts at brunch. Worth it.

    How nice of you to make lunch for everyone! I LOVE Costco’s pretzel rolls.

  2. says

    We had a lovely weekend starting with grandma’s birthday dinner on Saturday; Sunday was pretty low key – we’re waiting for my bro and SIL and nieces to be back at the end of the month before celebrating. Glad everyone had a great weekend.

  3. says

    Brunch at my brothers house and then we just sat around talking. Nothing special. It was such beautiful weather here…a gift for all the moms indeed. (Just had to fix my autocorrect because instead of mom it kept typing m&ms. Lol. My priorities are whack!!

  4. Melissa S. says

    We had a late lunch at my parents. I have been talking about the Creamy Chicken Lasagna from the Runner’s World Cookbook for months, so that is what we ate!! Delish!!

    That kale salad from Costco is the best thing on earth :) I warm up some rotisserie chicken (from Costco of course), mix it with a little Sweet Baby Ray’s, and toss it tin the salad. Amazing :) Try it 😉

  5. says

    My Mom lives 2 states away but I sent a gift and we talked on the phone. My son and I are celebrating tonite although he already bought me shoes and clothes because he’s a great kid.

    Your Mom is very pretty by the way and you can tell her I said so :)

  6. says

    this is fabulous! mum and i live on opposite sides of the world, womp womp. spent the day with my mil. i love your dress and hair in the first pic!

  7. says

    I called my mom to wish her a happy mother’s day and had a cookout with my future MIL and family. The chicken burgers on pretzel bun sound delicious. I think pretzel buns are by far my fave way to eat a burger! Your meal makes me want to get a Costco membership! :)

  8. says

    I wish we had a Costco here, oh well! Looks like you did it right for your mom yesterday! My husband made sure my day was super special with a brunch he cooked himself and some lovely gifts. Today is a dreary one so we are mostly just hanging out inside watching movies and such.

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