10 Minute Workout–No Equipment Needed

Hola. How’s it going?

I didn’t run today and I feel like an object in motion stays in motion and a Monican at rest stays at rest because I’m not as motivated as usual to keep breathing/exercising/feeding my cat.

what am i doing

I started the day with a pretty walk and my head movies.

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I joke, but I really do think walking is the best exercise for weight loss / stress relief / easiest to accomplish without $$ / great way to sweat with friends…

Then, I came home and did this quick 10 minute workout. No equipment needed. No excuses accepted.

10 minute workout no equipment needed 10 minute workout for weight loss (800x600)

Breakfast was courtesy of Yoplait Greek yogurt and Nature Valley breakfast biscuits – I got a stash from a company rep last week. I added chia seeds because I love when they stuck in my teeth (totally not being sarcastic, I really like it – is that weird?!).

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Question: Do you have strength equipment at home?

Do you have 10 minutes to exercise today?


  1. says

    I love walking, it’s not a crazy heart pumper but it feels so good mentally. I definitely have some strength equipment at home; my dumbbells, kettlebells, and pullup bar. I’m very fond of my workout toys :)

  2. says

    Today is one of the few days in life that I actually don’t have to squeeze my exercise in – I achieved that by waking up at the buttcrack of dawn and heading to body pump for a quick lifting sesh. I’m going to a friend’s Zumba class tonight, and will have to wake up at the crack again tomorrow for yoga. But it’s the only way I can get it in!

  3. says

    I have so much strength training equipment at home! My husband and I invested a lot in our home gym last summer and though there are a few key pieces we are still missing, we have all the essentials! I’ve been doing a lot of yoga and body weight strength training lately and definitely found more than 10 minutes to do that in today, as well as most days! Exercise is important for health and sanity!

  4. says

    yes….and yes! My purple kettle bell, pink 8lb hand weights, red resistance bands and black medicine ball are the most unsightly living room decorations but I keep them there in the hopes that I’ll actually use them. Why-O-Why do I not use them????
    I love stuck chia seeds too =)
    And I LOVE rodeo fences…..they make everything more scenic.

  5. says

    I feel like I need to borrow someone else’s dog whenever I go on a walk. 😉 I’m on a taper week, too, but I kind of forgot to taper. Well. This weekend’s half should be a HOOT.

  6. says

    Nope and even if I did, doubt I’ll work out. Actually physically making my way to the gym forces me to work out coz I can’t really “waste” all the effort and gas going there! But those moves you have are good for in between commercials.

  7. Laura says

    I have a treadmill, a Bowflex and a weight bench at home. All of which I use regularly. I also have a kettlebell and dumbbells. I don’t like going to a gym because of all the germs. Since putting in all the exercise equipment and working out consistently at home, hardly any sickness comes into our household. And we don’t have kids, so that helps!! There are also great running trails and bike trails near where I live, I just need the weather to cooperate to get out there and do those outdoor activities!!

  8. Tara says

    I do have equipment at home that I rarely use. 15# kettle-bell (need heavier) 15# weights, 10# weights, BOSU, 8# medicine ball, jumprope.
    I go to the gym at my office on my lunch break and get in some HIITS.

    In the summer when its nice out, I will set up a monthly-daily workout challenge for myself and do the workout in my backyard before work, in addition to my daily workout. I cannot wait for the nice weather to get here to motivate me this year!

  9. Molly says

    I do not have any strength equipment at home, but would like to get something for when I just have a few mins and not enough time to get to the gym. I’ve been looking into adjustable dumbbells, trying to decide which is best before I fork over the dough. How do you like yours?

  10. Kelly M says

    I do have lots of weight training and cardio equipment at home. However, I still drive 30 min one way to the gym to workout every day because I feel lonely if I’m not working out near others! Sad, I know…

  11. says

    Love the 10 minute workout with no equipment, such a great idea especially if you’re traveling, or just really busy. Thanks for sharing!

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