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Hello! How’s it going? I’m just here with Mari and some mystery person holding the leash.

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I usually always take Thursday off from running because I usually run Mon-Wed, but even though I ‘only’ ran Wednesday this week I took today to rest it up again. I went on a walk with SR and we spotted a few reminders from a local running group on the ground… “hips!”

hips don't lie (800x600)

Like my hips, nips and chips vlog but not really.

We also saw a guy on a unicycle. You know, it happens.

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Anyway. I have gotten a ton of Facebook messages and emails and comments about the Watermelon Oreos. I just got another one from reader Katie yesterday with the picture below…

watermelon oreos

But the thing is – no one who has contacted me about them has actually tried them. So, I kinda feel like you guys are all teasing/mocking my love of the watermelon. Truthfully, I’ve seen them at Target – right by the cashier too, when you’re all weak from shopping and need a snack! They know how to get ya.

But I haven’t bought them either. I’m pretty sure they’re going to be gross. And I’m pretty sure if I bought a pack and they were still gross I’d eat them all anyway. That’s how I roll.

im hungry maybe

So, I need someone out there to confirm or deny that they are ‘worth it’.

Question: Have you tried the Watermelon Oreos? Are they good? Do you know someone who’s cousin’s brother’s dog sitter tried them? What did they think?


  1. Allison says

    Haven’t tried them, but the cookie dough Oreos were gross. Even my kids wouldn’t eat them and they are the ones who wanted them.

  2. Cassie says

    I have tried them and did not like them at all! :( had a weird flavor to it! So I took them to work! Ha, but no one really ate them so a coworker took them home to her son 😉

    I love trying the new flavors! I love the lemon, coconut, bday cake, and marshmallow ones… I have to take them to work or I will eat them all!

  3. Maru says

    Haha, the marketing is great, i have to admit. Personally, if I got something (food) in my mind, I have to taste it or buy it, or just storing it in a locker room just in case.
    I still regreat not buying enough almond butter ( doesnt exist here in Spain) in my last trip to the US because I thought I wouldnt like it!
    But, have to be honest, I dont think any oreo could be a great adding to anyone diet! (Like a tons of Nestlé Skinny cows I bought in US, i love them,
    but …)

    • Maru says

      Yes! Haha my daugther have just finished the packet ot those filled oreos which brought to the States… Now she is ” crying” since we cannot buy more… :-(

  4. says

    wow i had no idea Oreos were so diverse these days, as to include fruit flavors! i’m so out of the Oreo loop… i don’t remember the last time i even had a regular one. can’t vouch for these but looking forward to hearing your take on them if you try them! have a great wknd.

  5. Rob Runs says

    I don’t like watermelon to begin with (blasphemy, I know) but I still want to try these. The birthday cake Oreos are possibly the best things ever made.

  6. says

    I’m embarrassingly obsessed with the different flavors of oreos. I’d probably buy grass flavored oreos if the opportunity presented itself… but my main rule of thumb is that the fruit flavored ones suck. There are some exceptions (like Berry Burst.. and Banana Split were tolerable), but pass on the fruit. Golden Birthday Cake is my favorite and I also really like the Marshmallow Crispy, Candy Corn and Peanut Butter #thisiswhyIrun

  7. Stacy A says

    My roommate tried them…she couldn’t even finish one whole cookie. She said they were terrible and I took her word for it. Not a fan of fake fruit flavoring.

  8. Jennifer says

    I tried the Watermelon Oreos last summer and really liked them. The cream tasted like Watermelon Bubblicious to me which just happens to be my favorite Bubblicious Gum!

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