The Best Day of My Life in Miami

Sunday was the best day of my life so far. I don’t even have words, I feel like the pictures do it justice but I like to blab, so here is the story…

I started the day my favorite way, with a run while I’m traveling. Running around Miami is gorgeous!

We should have run to the Health District, but we ran across a bridge and enjoyed the views.

the health district (600x800) running in miami (800x600)

And signage.

running around miami with my sign (600x800) miami running bridge (800x600)

We stayed at the Hilton in Downtown Miami. Anne was my PIC all weekend and did my runner pose!

hilton with rer runner pose (800x600)

Then, I went back to my room and enjoyed some iced coffee. I brewed it before the run and used the hotel’s ice. Genius.

iced coffee in my room (600x800)

(That is my polka dot wallet in the background. This one is similar.)

From there the group went to the Zoological Wildlife Foundation and my whole life changed for the better. (I was on a trip with Nokia more here.)

Seriously. I love animals. La-la-love. I especially love tigers because I’m pretty sure I was meant to be a tiger but at the last minute God decided to make me a redhead Mexican who loves to run. Close enough.

Anyway. Malia the ant eater realized I loved animals and loved me right back! Her tongue searched for ants in my ear and the pads of her paws felt like huge cold cat paws.


Then, I held a baby gibbon. She was light as a feather and super lovey.

6tag_180514-122108 (800x800)loving the monke (279x496)

And a camel tried to give me a kiss…

WP_20140518_12_43_55_Pro WP_20140518_12_45_00_Pro

But then ate my hair!


The highlight of my entire life was playing with a baby tiger. I love her.

WP_20140518_13_15_43_Pro WP_20140518_13_22_35_ProWP_20140518_13_23_22_Pro

She was in the mood to play so we were playing with her and the palms. Of course when I went to make a video she stopped playing, but I’m glad I lived in the moment when she was playing and enjoyed it first. Ever.


Question: If you could hang out with any animal (and they wouldn’t eat you) what would it be?


    • says

      That sign Dil Do…..OMG hysterical. That needs to go viral or something.
      Baby tiger play time must have been amazing.

      I love LLAMAS! My friends call me SallyLLama. Mainly because I am always giving advice and i have such curly hair that I could probably have yarn made out of it too. so it’s sort of a play on DaliLama and also LLamas. (or Alpacas).

  1. Jessica says

    Heading to Miami next month and I am TOTALLY going to see those animal babies! I don’t really have a “bucket list”, but going on safari in Africa is totally something I need to do in my lifetime. I love animals, and would love to see them in the (pseudo) wild.

  2. Kathy says

    That is awesome! I would have a hard time choosing since I love them all and if they’re babies, then forgetaboutit but I would maybe choose elephants or orang-utans

  3. says

    Amazing! Not sure I’d want an anteater licking my ear but the tiger cub is so cute.

    If you put me in a room full of puppies I would be so happy!

  4. says

    Oh my goodness, I LOVE animals – you’re not joking when you say this was the best day of your life! I love baby polar bears and if I had the chance (and the mom wouldn’t rip me to shreds), I’d cuddle with one all day long!

  5. Amy says

    How sad that you would promote a for profit organization run by a convicted criminal like Zoological Wildlife Foundation. They have zero to do with conservation and have been cited for multiple USDA infractions.

  6. Amanda says

    Hey, I just got a garmin 210 with a foot pod and am having trouble with it — have you used a foot pod for indoor work when you couldn’t get outside?

  7. Caren says

    OMG….I’m so jealous of your fab weekend! For me, I’d want to hang out with a baby elephant!

  8. says

    That’s so awesome!
    I’d pick a giraffe…. so I would need a ladder. I love their eye lashes & spots – so beautiful.
    I’d also go with dolphins!!!

  9. Sandy says

    I haven’t been to the zoo in a long time! Definitely need to visit to interact with all the cute animals. Polar bears are sooo adorable!!

  10. says

    That sign is LOL funny!! Great find!!

    I would totally hang out with a teacup pig all day everyday as they are wicked adorbz. Looks like you had an amazing time!

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