Diet Soda Is Good If You’re On A Diet.

Hey. Does it feel like Monday to anyone else? I was thinking up a Meatless Monday recipe to post and then I realized I can save it for next week. Good, because I don’t wanna cook right now.

I do want to eat right now though. But that’s always.

i have an eating disorder

After my delicious protein and caffeine packed smoothie this morning I also had a delicious cottage cheese/cereal/mango combo. I’m kinda obsessed with pineapple cottage cheese. My mom says she ate a ton of fruit and cc when she was pregnant with me so it’s fate.

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I am chomping on this cereal  from Erewhon that’s gluten free but still has 5 grams of fiber per serving. That’s the bad thing with gluten free options – most of the time they are really lacking in the fiber and protein department compared to whole wheat options. So, it’s not ideal to switch to g-free stuff unless you have a legit allergy. My $.02.

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Also. Salad. And TV – I’m busted.

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Then, I tried to make oatmeal cookie dough to eat raw. I was just in the mood. It came out good, but not great so I’m working on it.

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I read about a study today that said drinking diet soda can help weight loss (more than just drinking water). Note – the study was funded by American Beverage Association. They divided up people into two groups on a weight loss plan and had one group drink diet soda and the other couldn’t. The group that did drink it lost more weight (both groups lost weight).

It’s not really that diet soda helped, it is that giving yourself an allowance for a treat and not forbidding too many things makes it more realistic.

“Cutting calories and boosting exercise takes a lot of willpower. Trying to simultaneously give up something else you regularly enjoy — such as diet soda — taxes your ability to stay the course. Most psychologists agree that our willpower is a limited resource.”

Either way, there are worse things I could be drinking…

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Question: What’s better – cookies or cookie dough?


  1. Kathy says

    first: did you make cookie dough with swiss cheese??
    second: I would seriously side-eye that study based on where the money came from
    And, cookies over cookie dough always!

  2. says

    That study sounds one sided. Although I would agree that losing weight is hard enough without putting more challenges out there, diet soda is just no bueno for anyone. Since I have it up, I don’t miss it at all. Cookie dough for sure! Wait why did you use cheese to make yours?

  3. says

    Tough call…but would have to go with cookie dough!!

    I used to have a serious diet coke addiction! We had a soda fountain at work which was basically like being hooked to an IV of diet soda. I finally kicked the habit a few months ago.

  4. Mary Beth says

    I’m glad there’s still a diet coke drinker out there. For me, it’s too much to give up the diet coke when I’m trying to lose weight. Hoping that when I get to goal I can get off because that would be best. I did get off for a couple weeks by allowing myself one regular coke a day. I didn’t gain weight. I just love love love the fizz in coke/diet coke.

  5. says

    Tough call, cookie dough unless the cookies are super chewy!!! I love me some diet soda every now and then. When I cut down for figure shows I rely on diet coke to keep my sanity!

  6. says

    toughy- i think cookie dough!

    I really enjoy an occasional diet coke from time to time. esp if im eating a burger or something like that.

    but i really dont agree with that study. there are also several studies that say that it actually does the opposite of what ppl who drink diet coke are trying to do (which is lose weight). it makes you fatter and creates cravings for sweets! i agree with it bc when i drink diet coke…i want bad food and sweets etc. my friend who is addicted to the stuff said whenever she gives it up- she loses weight. i believe it. after reading all of this…even though i drink diet coke rarely. im trying to make it a more of a once of month (if that) type of thing. not good for you

  7. Mary says

    As someone who has enjoyed reading your blog for a while now I am appalled at how you could start your post with something mocking eating disorders. You have claimed to have issues with binge eating and it is not something to be joked about especially on a blog “promoting healthy living”. You have 100% lost both the respect of many people reading and my readership.

    • Molly says

      I second this. I love your blog Monica, but as someone recovering from an eating disorder, nothing pisses me off more than someone mocking them.

      • says

        I apologize, I wasn’t trying to mock eating disorders at all. I think it’s a very serious issue and truly do hope to be a help and example to people recovering from ED. It was a joke and not intended to offend.

    • says

      Mary, I apologize if that comic offended you. I have dealt with binge eating/disordered eating in the past and part of the way I deal with it is making jokes (that’s how I deal with a lot of things). I am sorry if it came off insensitive.

  8. says

    I don’t usually comment but I can’t help myself with this one… diet soda is NEVER okay. It’s poison in a can! If you really want to drink a soda, drink a regular one. Calories over chemicals (even though regular sodas have a bunch of chemicals too… just less than diet)…

    I really really really hope you do a little bit of research into aspartame and diet sodas and come back with another post about how terrible it is for your body.

    But on a happier note I love your blog!

      • Rebekah says

        ME TOO! I have never commented before, but this infuriates me. Diet soda is never ok. And I’d go as far as to say that there really aren’t many other options that are worse. Artificial sweeteners are chemicals, which is disgusting to think about as it is, but as a healthy living blogger who seems to eat healthily in most ways and thinks more about what she’s putting into her body that the average Jane, the mere idea that aspartame or splenda or whatever are made in a factory – and are in no way natural – should appall you just as much as all these other readers. Aspartame causes terrible bone density loss and artificial sweeteners have been linked to cancers and other chronic illnesses. I’m not trying to be a jerk; I’m just frustrated because you have a lot of readers who admire you and what you’ve achieved and you advertise yourself as healthy, yet you’ll post something like this, which can only influence your more uninformed readers in a negative way. Not everyone has a solid grasp on what true health is. It takes a lot of people a long time. So, if you’re at the beginning of your health journey and you read this post from someone who is otherwise seemingly healthy, it’s only detrimental to those individuals. They could go on thinking that diet coke is fine because Monica said so and she’s healthy so I can drink it and be healthy too. Sorry for the tirade, but I think next time (like others have mentioned) you should do more research about studies like this before advertising them as either truth or ok for you or the people who look up to you.

        • Sarah says

          I doubt you’re a scientist so relax- no no one knows exactly how these things affect the body. Monica can eat, drink, promote, cite whatever studies she wants- that’s what all you commenters don’t get- it is her blog. Don’t read. And quit taking yourselves so seriously.

  9. Shannon in Tustin says

    Dough or Cookie–I love ’em all! And to the reader that loves Brownie batter?–my second sweet love :)

    Cannot get on board with the diet soda nonsense. I gave up soda over a year go. Don’t miss it and will never go back. All the chemicals and aspartame are pure evil. No thanks!

    I totally get that some people have it, but not for me at all.

  10. says

    I must say, while I generally love your blog, and I do, I am truly disgusted and appalled by your irresponsible use of an image that mocks eating disorders. Eating disorders and body dysmorphia is an absolute nightmare to live with, as it seriously ruins your entire life. Your physical health, your mental health, and your social interactions with people. As a person who has been in recovery for an ED for several years and has relapsed, seeing someone joke about the situation is not only revolting, but insulting. Since you market yourself in a way that “promotes health” it looks reckless on your part to belittle eating disorders with an offensive image.

    • says

      I hear ya Heather. It was not my intention to mock or belittle eating disorders at all. As someone who has had definite disordered eating issues and sought therapy for it, at this point in my life I choose to joke about ED. I know my jokes can be offensive and I apologize for that.

  11. says

    Diet coke is my lingering vice. I will give it up here & there, and feel slightly better during those times(mostly less bloated), but when I have a craving for tex-mex I always have ice cold fizzy diet coke with it. Kinda choose to enjoy that over other stuff, LOL
    I agree about willpower being a limited resource! Choose your battles, etc.
    As for cookies or cookie dough??? I can’t afford it right now, ha!
    Love your blog more & more. You give me a light hearted shot of inspiration every time I stop in! xo

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